Verizon iPhone X

Apple's iOS on a Motorola Droid X? Wishful thinking on someone's part, no doubt. [Verizon via Engadget]

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Ha! They can't even get Android 2.2 to run smoothly on the DX.

tim242 says:

For the people that have Android, and think they want iphone, all they have to do is get iclone from the market. After about 30 seconds, they will delete it and be the proudest Android owner ever.

Bravozero says:

They've fixed it, now it displays Google Maps on Android. Although it's still not the proper DROID X format...

mjneid says:


mullrat#WN says:

Snicker... in actuality I do like the maps ui from the iphone better. Its too bad there is no ios skin for android. Sacrilegious but it would be kind of fun to look at. It would probably run much cleaner and will definitely have better functionality.

dacp283 says:

Davbak 2.2 runs amazing on my DX.

tim242 says:

Arterialred: ios ui is too basic. I'll take customization over plain any day. Better functionality? What are you smoking? Go back to Tipb. Their bs level has fallen too low.

Wicket says:

haha awesome! The artist making the add either Googled "Google Maps" hit images and downloaded the first one he saw or was a iPhone user and did it on purpose.. either way I lol'd

joebob2000 says:

What a joke. Google Maps isn't even the app that gives you turn by turn audio directions. They must have blown all their marketing money on the word DROID(TM)(R)(C)(patent pending) and can no longer afford a promo copy editor with a brain.

Smokexz says:

Ah now the X is definitely garbage

dthurman says:

I work at an agency, they have no clue and actually could care less. Most will use the iPhone art because they are mostly SteveClones or drink his sweat at every chance they get. I remember they took a picture of me with a football, and wanted to paste a dog in where the Fball was, I do Australian Shepherd Rescue, what do they use? A Pitt, I asked about it and their answer was it's a dog...

Lloyd's all of them, no offense to Lloyd...

Clow says:

My dx runs everthing fine. To all of you that want to trashmouth it.

Clow says:

Who gives a fuck?