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The best tools often are the simplest. And that adage rings true for the iStabilizer Mount XL. There's not a whole lot to say about it -- the Mount XL mounts your larger smartphone to anything that connects to a standard 1/4-20" universal thread. Monopods. Tripods. Those little handheld things the kids use to record themselves on skateboards. (That's still a thing, right?)

The iStabilizer Mount XL works by clamping onto your phone. Pull up on the little puller-upper handle thingy there at the top -- it's rubber and it's removable, so be careful not to lose it -- and position the phone inside. Slowly lower the puller-upper handle thingy, make sure the phone's pressed against the back supposed, and you're done. 

You do have to be a little gentle here -- it's not like you're strapping in your phone with a five-point harness -- but you also don't have to baby it too much. The spring-action has enough weight to it that the phone should stay in place, and you get a good feel for how much you'll be able to throw it around.

All in all, a fun little $20 purchase. The iStabilizer Mount XL handles a phone with as much girth as the Galaxy Note 2, and there's a smaller version (sans XL status) for more normal-sized phones.

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iStabilizer Mount XL - for the less svelte smartphone


I have a similar (generic) one from amazon. Very handy for sure. Mine came with an adapter and an 8x zoom lens, which is okay, but I rarely use it. I do like that the mount can be fit to a full size tripod though when you need more range.

I've had a tripod mount and lens identical to this and the design is awful!
If your phone has just the slightest curve anywhere (i.e. is not an iPhone) stay away. It will not rest comfortably - you have been warned.