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We're all waiting patiently for the Nexus event coming in a few hours, but Apple had a little event of its own recently, and has released the latest version of their mobile offering -- the iPhone 4S.  We're all Android fans here, but we can't deny the appeal the iPhone has to many people and the impact it has on the mobile space.  Plenty of smartphone geeks love the iPhone, including our good friend Rene Ritchie who cranked out one hell of a review for the iPhone 4S.  You really should read it, even if you have no interest in Apple products, because it showcases the other side of the smartphone buying public.  Most iPhone buyers have no interest in specs, or a long list of features, or even a change log -- they just like it to work as promised right out of the carton.

Rene does an excellent job covering the improvements, like the redesigned antenna and beefed up CPU, as well as the areas where it's still a bit behind the curve -- lack of RAM and no LTE support.  And of course, he takes Siri out for some tests, as well as other new features like iCloud and AirPlay mirroring.  After reading through it, I think this is surely the best iPhone yet.  Even if I would have no interest in using one, I would recommend it to more than a few people I know.  Let's face it -- the smartphone race has basically come down to two major players, and we should care about both of them.  We can pick on Apple users tomorrow, but today let's take a minute and see what so many out there enjoy.

TiPb's iPhone 4S review


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The iPhone 4S review [the competition]


The white version really is ugly. I don't know why in the world so many people were clamering for a white iPhone. It really does make it look old and dated.

Beats me. I have no idea why 'those' people even care about the physical design, either. I've NEVER seen ANYONE use an iPhone 4 in the wild without a full case on it.

Android is for people who want the best out of their smartphone and Apple is for those who want just a smartphone that works and that's it.

Yep, I would agree... I'll add that some people are just too dumb for Android and they need a phone that is made for dummies, simply works, and have not idea what customization means. Frankly I don't see how iPhone users can stand that tiny screen though! Otherwise it's a nice phone but I would take any decent Android phone first...

eh. i consider myself knowledgeable in tech. I have my first android phone right now (Inspire 4G, owned a Pre Plus before this) and im getting kind of annoyed with it. Between random freezing when switching home screens, "Internet" and "Phone" applications randomly not responding and restarting, and taking time to turn on mobile network after wifi is turned off when i leave the house, im considering making the switch to the next iphone that comes out in 2012. (Always hated apple, even own a zune HD)

That's cause you brought the wrong phone. You didn't question the price tag? That would be like comparing a Benz c class to a bmw 760. Why would you compare your $100 android to the top of the line iPhone? Go grab the galaxy s2, then tell me what you think.

Actually, now I think I understand why Apple continues to use glass for the backs of their phones: so that they can sell more replacements.

While the white iPhone may look a bit dated, I think the black one is one of the most attractive phones ever.

Lol apple is for people who want a phone that works! Thats the truth! My bionic has more bugs then the ghetto projects. Also who cares which is more popular. People have preferences. I prefer iphone but the lack of 4g is the deal breaker. Love my DROID bionic though.

If I was an Apple-fan or Iphone user, I'd definitely go for this phone. White's slick & "sophisticated". Would NOT put a case on it. But with the customizations you can do with an iPhone, there really is no need for a white one.

On another note, thank goodness I was introduced to Android...

Yes, the iPhone will work great right out of the box, My SGS2 ran awesome right out of the box as well. BUT because of 3rd party developers my SGS2 now runs circles around any other phone on the market, including a stock SGS2. No iPhone user will ever understand or experience the ability to constantly make their phones better, but they will be in line on launch day waiting for the next upgrade.

Quit with the Iphone shit or I'm outta here. Seriously, i come here to get away from all the freakin Apple news. Androidcentral has been my favorite android site up until now. If your gonna cover other type phones then take the word android out of your url and become phonecentral.com. I wouldn't buy an apple product if u put a gun to my head. But then again maybe you're right. This get to know your competitor thing is maybe a good idea, time to consider androidpolice.com for my android (as in non apple) news, thanks for the idea.

I agree. They try to pass Ads for their sister blogs off as posts someone who visits this site should care about.

Like if it wasn't for Android Central sending us to tipb.com then nobody would know about the iphone.

4 million sold huh?

There are approximately 4 million dumb asses on this planet.

Apple added Siri and dual core on the iPhone 4, changed the name to iPhone 4S and sold it to 4 million idiots.

Apple claimed that it would not work on the iPhone 4 because it does not have dual core.

They were proven wrong when someone ported it over to the iPhone 4 and got it up and running smoothly.

Herd Mentality

The ease of apple is what people like. Its also more kid friendly. But in my opinion android is the best. The limitless amount of customization from noob to tech geeks is crazy. I love my widgets sdcards 4g speed and screen. They can post whatever review on it. Doesn't phase me much its good to have some kinda competition. That's how technology progresses.

Wow the comments I see on here is just ridiculous. I mean really? Are you that big of a tool that you're going to bash a perfectly fine product in the iPhone 4S? I've used Android based phones since the G1 days all the way up to the SG2 (bad ass phone btw) and I can definitely say that the iPhone 4S wipes the floor when it comes to a phone that'll offer and do all the things you want it to do. I can go on and on and argue back n forth with you biased noobs but I wont. All I can say is I'm a technology fan and not a brand fan. I'm also not some geek behind a computer that will come on here to bash another product just because they feel it's inferior to what they currently own. The iPhone 4S has it all - speed, processing power, a great os that'll work right out of the box and the best camera hands down. Again not to say android based devices can't do that for me either because they definitely can but for my OWN personal taste the iPhone 4S is the best device out there right now. Everyone's opinion will differ and everyone's taste is different, but please don't bash on a product you don't even own.

My brother just got the iPhone 4s today to replace his Nexus S 4G. Without a doubt, it is a slick device. But just not my cup of tea. Thing is too darn small, and after only 15 minutes I felt bored because I ran out of stuff to explore. I did some very unscientific tests to see how quickly it loaded web paged compared to my EVO 3D. The iphone pretty much won by a second every time. I didn't take any steps to clean up my EVO to a like new factory state though, so that could have mattered.

But these devices are just so different it is truly a matter of preference. My brother doesn't take advantage of android like how I do. So the iphone was great for him because he just wants a simple way to keep in touch with his friends with things like iMessage and Facetime. He can now use those little Emoticons. No extra apps to download or anything because every one of his friends has an iphone. Just feel bad for him because now he has to invest money into more apple junk with things like proprietary data cables and crap. No more convenient and cheap micro usb cables.

The Siri thing is cool, but we all know that Android has had voice control with google and vlingo for some time now. It will only be a matter of time before someone can give us something like Siri, but better.

Wow this site has gone to hell. Full of apple news and walled garden loving isheep. Good riddance. Don't bother replying. I wont be back to see what crap you have to say. Plenty of other android sites.

There is enough Apple brown nosing and advertising as is. Who the hell doesn't know about the competition? It's in every g*d damn publication and nut swinger blog site. We know it's faster, has a better camera and has Siri than the iPhone 4. It's still breaks from a simple little drop, still doesn't have 4g, still has a crappy browser that can't do Flash, still has no widgets and still is lightyears behind Android in terms of usability and customizability. Nothing has really changed except the hype machine is now in high gear.

I could give a rat's skinny a** about the iPhone 4s. The 'it's the competition' excuse is getting old'. Luckily there are other Android sites that focus on.......Android.