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The HTC Thunderbolt has been outselling the iPhone 4 at Verizon Wireless locations nationwide, according to the research firm BTIG. 

Their research methodology was simple: call 150 Verizon Wireless retail locations in 22 major cities and talk to the sales people to get a sense of how each device has been selling. 

Here are the results:

  • 61% of respondents said that the two devices were selling equally as well
  • 28% said that the Thunderbolt was selling more units
  • 11% answered that the iPhone 4 was the subject of more sales

Keep in mind that these are not actual sales figures, but rather based on interactions with the people who have been selling the units. Either way it's great news for Android and HTC as the Thunderbolt appears to be an early success. Android has been outselling the iPhone for a while now due to the fact that there are so many Android handsets to choose from. However, there was never one device that kept up with iPhone sales on its own, until now. If you have a Thunderbolt and want to share your experiences or have been considering one and want to know more, please visit our HTC Thunderbolt Forum. [BTIG]


Reader comments

HTC Thunderbolt outselling the iPhone 4 on Verizon, analyst says


"get a sense of how each device has been selling. "

This is total random BS. Come on Guys. There is no hard facts in this What SO EVER.

Yes, very hard-hitting "research" by the research firm.
My favorite part is how they calculated that 11% (or 61%) of 150 people thought anything. Really? 16.5 people thought that?

Actually, i wouldn't totally dismiss this ad BS. Every poll you,ve ever read, though they have a margin of error, are based on random polling of a certain group. For example, Presidential polls have a remarkable degree of accuracy even though their sample size is only around 1000 people. So, as long as your sample has diversity sizes that mirrors the nation, 1000 people can can get you an accurate picture of the habits of 120,000,000 people.

Now, i dont know the methodology that this company used, heck, they could have simply polled all the VZW stores in Texas. But if they were at least half serious about collecting accurate national data, these numbers may not be far off from the rest of the nation.

Man vzw marketing is a beast. My buddy just got one and I told him tbat a much better faster phone would be out in a few weeks but thinks nothing will beat it bcuz of vzw marketing. He always ask me about phones B4 he buys but not this time. All I can say is that he will regeret it.

I'm as much of an Android loving Apple bashing fanboy as anyone else on this site, but even I have to say that posting this does more to hurt the cause than help it. It gives the Apple fanboys something to attack because this thing has some major holes. The iPhone 4 on VZW was released almost 2 months ago, they aren't going to be flying off the shelves at this point. And its not even based on actual numbers.

Well let the iFools tell it and Android sales on Verizon should have come to a complete halt by now as everyone "really wanted the iPhone instead". So if this were true 2 months wouldn't matter.

I know someone in VZW business sales and talk to him about phones a lot he told me that many of his customers were waiting for the iphone just so they could drop AT&T and go to VZW. He had an order of 200 iphones!

not really a iphone fan but as a scientist i have to say that the iphone4 has been out longer and the sell rate might be affected by that since the tbolt just came out.

would pick a tbolt over a iphone4 myself tho.

WTF does being a scientist have to do with any of this? Myself, as a garbage man, also would choose the Thunderbolt over the iPhone 4.

Would be interesting to know the stats if they asked these questions:

1) Point me to the iphone

2) Point me to your best Android phone

3) Point me to your 4G phones

Just be interesting to know how many people picked the TBolt for its merits, or LTE.


I appreciate that Android Central put less spin on this than other sites (cough Droidlife cough), but I still find them a little silly. I've owned both the iphone 4 on Verizon and now I own the TB and there are things I like about both. Come June or whenever the next iphone comes out some Apple blog will post how it was the biggest launch ever, etc etc. To all the fanboys on both sides, I'd ask how do you know who's won? Is it when iOS or Apple closes doors and stops existing, or when Android no longer exitists? Seems like these posts are mostly about making whoever owns a certain device feel better about themselves to give them more self worth. No one has ever been able to articulate what the end game is or how to win it.

dude. I used to be a contibutor to Droid Life, and they've devolved so quickly from a legit news source to stupid fanboy hype-blowing up everything under the sun in an effort to put down other companies-not just Apple, but HPalm, Microsoft, and RIM too.

For me, I became so incredibly bored with Android after having every "Droid" phone Verizon has offered (Droid 1, Droid 2, DInc for a couple of days, Droid Eris, Droid X) and I just decided to get an iPhone-because it was something different. My iPad works flawlessly (unlike the XOOM, or Galaxy Tab), my Macbook works flawlessly (unlike every Windows computer I've owned) and my Apple TV works flawlessly ( frakin' comcast)-so logic would suggest that the iPhone would work flawlessly for me too.

Fanboys need to shut the hell up and grow up. It's a damn phone, go get a life and enjoy the products you enjoy.

Not to be combative, but congrats on the Macbook... but I could never use mine without problems. It always had some sort of issue, it was better than Windows by a long shot, but it still had it's issues.

I switched to Ubuntu on one of my older laptops and it's been the least problematic OS of them all. I believe I just got lucky personally (all it would have taken is for one incorrect bit of hardware for it to go from great to terrible), but it's worked a lot better for me than OSX.

the whole Android community has gotten like that just cocky nonsense and for what? i haven't seen a single line for a single Android phone ever. People are camping outside for days to get Apple products. With about 30 phones on the market and 30 more labled as coming soon you better be controlling market share or your in serious trouble. Pretty soon it will be like the Motorola Razr.

Two comments:

1) Being the fact that there are seriously some sales persons that couldn't pick which phone was which unless it had the name under it this is a complete failure.

2) The Verizon iPhone was the dumbest move I've seen in a while.
"Let's come out with last years technology, under the same pricing structure, a few months before the next generation is the same price...not even having LTE!"

No, the VZW iPhone is a smart move because it will be the "retards" that will buy the device because those "retards" mostly aren't geeks that keep up on phones. VZW is not the retard here.

Just upgraded wifes phone today. She was stuck on a iPhone, which is good for what she uses it for. The rep keep pushing the tb so bad. He almost wouldn't even sell me the iPhone.

I bought my wife an iphone a couple of months ago as well and for her it works great. I also enjoy the fact that I can facetime or skype video with her over my ipad2 and see my kids more often.

This study is stupid. Lets do another one after the iPhone 5 releases. Look at units and rates of sales, not calling stores and comparing two phones that came out at different times.


there will not be an iPhone5 this year :0( , but I agree let's do another study with 100 more phones... no one wants an iPhone anymore! that is a YESTERDAY phone! I would rather have my droid incredible! (moo moo here and a moo moo there....)

Duh????????? Screen size says it all....doesn't it? Its essentially an Evo on Verizon with fast data speeds. i4 is silly technology from Apple who cant get battery life with a 4"+ screen size and can't imagine having a removeable battery. Having a removeable battery wins everytime!

What's up with this rash of iturds trolling Android blogs? I'm guessing because Engadget is under new writers and isn't posting flame war threads anymore.

For the people that think this is April fool's...this story came out yesterday on other blogs. It's not like it even sounds like AF.

If it's real, why would anyone run this story. Really, random calling of random sales reps? Did they factor in how many hours that rep worked vs a rep at another store, so if it were day/night. This has got to be a joke.

why would that matter oh I guess if you worked night and day you could invalidate the study because you would be so tired you would be out of your mind? yeah makes sense. (moo moo here and a moo moo there!)

Why does this site feel like it has to knock iPhone to validate Android? It's definitely a competitor and fully capable of standing on it's own. Bragging about outselling a 10 month old phone is a little ridiculous.

why do some people feel they must defend a phone that is almost a year old and that is a sub par machine and on a locked down system that is manned by control freaks? They are a marketing machine that brainwashes you into thinking you must have one but the phones are crap. No choices. Come on. OPEN YOUR EYES live a little

so are you brainwashed into thinking you need an Android phone because that's what you sound like. Your trying to take away my "choices" (which you seem to hold in high regard) and tell me to open my eyes and live a little. I'm not defending anything it is just getting redundant and stupid to here commenters and writers on this site always have to knock iOS before they can talk about Android. I don't own an iPhone I have the Dinc and am very satisfied with it even though the battery sucks balls. I also have an iPod touch and iPad 2 and honestly the apps on iOS are quite a bit better. Your blinded by hate and part of the problem on this site because your following the crowd in hating an inanimate object.

ha ha ha the iPhone sucks (everyone knows this) and everyone gets upset when people say anything about it.
like the iPhone is a sacred cow or something ha ha ha!
moo moo here and a moo moo there
iPhone! (now attack!)
ha ha ha!

dude if you think the Verizon store is going to talk sales with you, your crazy. some people will believe anything they read.

Gosh why can't people who own an iphone and thunderbolt which both SUCKS just go jump in the lake and make sure you leave your LTE on and take Verizon with you.. Piss on all three matter of fact all iphone users on Ass t&t can jump in the lake too BUMS

A friend of mine texted me to say that she got the thunderbolt over the iphone. She had been planning on getting the iphone for 8 months

*Yawn* TB is pure garbage. The battery life sucks and there are too much puzzle apps spanning in that so called market. 4G is in its early stage and hasn't even reached Princeton area yet. Windows Phone or iPhone for next upgrade