HTC Merge Body Glove case

No, the HTC Merge still hasn't been announced. But a Body Glove case for the HTC slider has been spotted, lending even more credence to the whispers that this Verizon phone has been delayed at least once. When will it drop? Your guess is as good as everybody else's at this point (and likely just as wrong). In the meantime, you'll have to continue to make do with our exclusive hands-on, benchmark tests and video preview. And that's not too shabby. One more pic after the break. [Droid Forums via Android Central Forums]

HTC Merge Body Glove case


Reader comments

HTC Merge case shows up - but just like the phone, it's not yet available


If it has been delayed maybe that will give everyone time to build some accessories, just hope this phone doesn't come out like the incredible and be pushed aside and forgotten by HTC and most accessories wasn't until 7 months later we could actually get a nice dock for our phones.

I was hoping to see signs of the Mecha by Dec. 6 but I guess the Merge is the only thing on the horizon from HTC on big red. I'm holding out, the Merge isn't a bad phone but it doesn't have the wow factor the Mecha/Incredible HD will have.