Remember how the leaked "HTC Kingdom" pictures looked a heck of a lot like the EVO 3D we got our hands all over at CTIA? There's good reason for that, it appears, as a leaked Kingdom ROM has arrived via our favorite Chinese ROM dumping ground, and it's clearly labeled as being for for Sprint.

So the Kingdom is the EVO 3D. Cool. Now if only we knew more about the release date, but at least we can get our pre-order on.

Source: 911HTC

Update: So it's not the EVO 3D, eh? How about that.


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HTC Kingdom ROM leaks out, is clearly (not?) the Sprint EVO 3D


I was told here by an HTC Rep in Canada that we would be getting the EVO 3D, but it would not be called "Evo", cause you hear "Evo" you think Sprint. Calling it the Kingdom for other markets makes sense.

Sorry Phil, but I think the "Rider" and "Kingdom" pictures got switched. The "Rider" looks nearly identical to the 3D (other than the red plastic) with the circles around the icons and the camera button. The "Kingdom" pic has no circles around the icons and no camera button. I'm not saying you switched them, because you just reported what 911 had, but I think they messed up the photos and the names.

This leaked ROM could end up being very important if the release version has locked boot loaders. Thats assuming the leaked version does not already have the boot loader locked.

It wouldn't work at all. But what this means is we could get this ported to the Evo even before the Evo 3D comes out.

I tried flashing this on my evo 4g just went back to recovery screen after trying to install, after just nadroid my back up to one of my roms had previously no harm done just wont install.