iPhone, BB and Android perceptions

An amusing graphic has shown up that presents the various perceptions we all have across the smartphone space. It presents iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users and how they see themselves and how they view their competitors. I'll let the picture speak for itself. How accurate do you find it? [C-Section Comics via BBCool, IntoMobile]


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How Android, BlackBerry and iPhone users see one another


This is hilarious. I laughed at every single drawing. Whoever came up with this is a comic genious. Great stuff!
The only thing I would change is I would put some Oakley sunglasses on that Einstein. I feel smart and cool. (Epic 4G owner)

spot on lol...i'm guilty myself as feeling more intelligent than other smartphone users hahahaa

I love the complete change to a dinosaur...

I roll my eyes at how many iDevices there are on the CTA going home. Since I cant judge people on what device or computer they have, I judge based on how their desktop looks...

Cute... A guy at work recently told me I didn't "seem" like an Android "freak" (he's an iphone user)... we will definitely get a laugh about this.

Pizza man because they don't see Android as being good for business. They think it's more of a teen fad type thing i'm guessing.

haha... love the pizza dude reference... i just got on android from blackberry and i think the blackberry one is spot on

Pizza guy is because they think we are all college kids trying to make it through school. The other hypothesis I have is that since all pizza drivers are pot heads we are all pot heads....wait, what were we talking about? Did someone say something about pizza?

I think the pizza guy is supposed to be dressed up like Mario, meaning android users are college-pizza kid-gamers...

just a thought.

I think you're right. He's not a pizza guy, he's a guy who ordered pizza and is ready to eat it and game all night. Or maybe we should go ask the fokes at Crackberry.com.

Given that the android user is something so generic and nondescript, I'd say the artist probably has one.

Or maybe he's running winmo 6 and hates everyone.

I think the Pizza guy means that Android users are viewed by Blackberry users to be low-wage earners, since they think themselves to be successful high-flyers.

BTW, I think the hand holding the phone on iPhone cultist should be changed to an IOU, since they seem so willing to pay their annual dues to their great leader, Sata.. erm... Steve Jobs.

Android phones have four functional buttons compared to the iPhone's one functional button. To an iPhone user, you need a PHD to operate an Android phone.

They forgot Palm users too lol..

I think they got wrong "What an iphone user looks like to an android user"

Not a grim reaper, but I don't know how you depict a drawing of a noob.

Love how you are a trendy girl if you have an iPhone. I guess the artist is trying to say no real man uses an iPhone...not that I disagree.

I think the pizza one means, well first, that bb user see iphone as lil baby, & we just young teens trying to pay off our phones

Evo user here. & loving it.

Yeah, I think the pizza one is a reference to iPhoners and Blackberry users as thinking of Android users as either kids who don't use or can't afford a "grown up" platform like the business-savvy Blackberry or the fashionable but expensive iPhone. I can't count the number of times people have mentioned that Android is for people who can't afford iPhones or how anyone who had their choice would have an iPhone if they had it on their carrier.