We've known that Acer has been planning to release more Android devices this year but nothing has come out until now. Say hello to the Acer E110, Acer's latest Android phone. There's not much we can tell you about the device except that it's expected to run Android 2.0 and come with your typical slew of connectivity options. The design is inoffensive and we're hoping that the giant circle in the middle is an optical trackpad and not just a cool looking d-pad. In any case, we'll be sure to hunt down this device during MWC!

[via unwiredview]

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droidweasel says:

i think that is where the gumballs come out.....lol

This one has a complete resemblance with the LG GT 450: The GT540 runs on Android 2.0 (aka Eclair) and comes with all the usual Google accoutrements. Although the design of this phone looks like the 90's indeed. Details: http://bit.ly/lg-gt540-details

Alex S says:

Imagine a trackball this huge. Actually that might be kinda cool

gbhil#AC says:

And incredibly useful. Any phone without a hard keyboard needs a trackball... big honkin Acer trackball FTW! lol.

SittingDuck says:

I hope its a huge D-pad. Have not been impressed by optical pads.

pjames6 says:

Does anyone else feel that the call and end button design is sort of obsolete? I would rather they get rid of these and make the screen bigger. I mean android has an end button built into the call screen.