Half of mobile gamers use phones and tablets as primary home entertainment conso

A recent survey of U.K. and U.S. mobile gamers by PopCap shows that around 50% of respondents preferred their phone to PC, console, or dedicated handheld gaming console (like a  PSP or Nintendo DS). Tablet owners ranked a bit higher with 57%. Despite the portability that tablets and smartphones offer, 69% reported to play on their phones at home on the couch (78% among tablet owners), 41% while watching TV (52% for tablet owners), and 57% while in bed (51%). 10% of the 602 American respondents had played mobile games while in a place of worship, driving a car, and/or while watching a movie at a theater. The survey's sample size was a little over a thousand-strong - take that as representative or not as you will.  

With stuff like Ouya coming out of the woodwork, I'd be interested to see just how much Android manages to displace the traditional console gaming industry and which players are savvy enough to get with the times. So far, EA has done a great job of adapting to and addressing the mobile market, meanwhile Nintendo has been vocally against the app store model.

Will players really take to switching to mobile full-time, though? I know I've definitely spent less time on my Alienware since getting really involved with mobile games, but what about you guys? Is your Xbox getting jealous of your tablet?

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Half of mobile gamers use phones and tablets as primary home entertainment console


Surveys are surveys, they mean very little in the main but the idea that anyone is playing games on their phone whilst driving just staggers me.

I mean its bad enough texting or making calls but endangering yours and other peoples lives for the sake of a game that you can play any time is quite frankly insane, maybe they need to introduce intelligence tests into US driving tests as clearly there's a few far too below average IQ folk driving about over there.

Did you even read the title of the article let alone the article itself?

1. This is a survey of the US and the UK (Taking an ill advised stab at only Americans is your fail #1)

2. This is about HOME entertainment and mentions absolutely nothing about gaming "whilst" driving". (There is your fail #2)

3. Speaking of below average intelligence I think the scholar Ice Cube was sending a message into the future for you when he said "You better check yo self before you wreck yo self" (drops the mic and walks away)

I think it is you who have not read the article! READ AGAIN smartass

"10% of the 602 American respondents had played mobile games WHILE in a place of worship, DRIVING A CAR, and/or while watching a movie at a theater."

I think that is a little bit crazy no phone or tablet can come close to my xbox and I would never ditch it for a tablet don't think I ever will

Thanks to the popularity of smarphones it seems as if people lost their common sense. As for me 25% is on my phone 25% tablet 25%PSP 25% Xbox. For me it just depends where I'm at and what I'm in the mood to do... At times I really wish I wasn't so much into technology...

Quote: "At times I really wish I wasn't so much into technology.."

Feel free to send any excess my way.

As long as I can't crack the whip and lick some ass in Dead or Alive Ultimate or Dead or Alive 4 on my tablet, I won't be getting rid of console gaming.

Nah, I don't think the Mobiles will replace the consoles ... not yet. I would love to have the entire Grand Theft Auto series in my phoe one day :)

Back to the real world, I think mobile gaming is a temporary filler when you don't have access to an Xbox or a PS3 , I suffer this issue since I'm a recovering Gameaholic (I'm a college student who goes to college in another country & don't have access to an Xbox 8 months a year & have to rely on mobiles that time)

But Mobile Gaming is a great time "fillers" ... especially if you are waiting for someone , but playing while driving is RIDICULOUS

Honestly, yes. The mobile games hold my attention for less than the console ones do, but I find myself sitting on the couch playing them instead of the PS3 or XBox in the past several months. And then I end up getting my gaming needs out of the way and find myself up and about doing other things a bit more active and social with people.

I believe that Nintendo went in this direction at some point as well. It's not about exuberant graphics and power all the time. It's about content and creating something that users find interesting.