Google phone Nexus One

What, thought we'd go the rest of the night without more Google phone rumors? Nahhhh. The Wall Street Journal — Apple's Google's PR company — says the fabled phone, now in the hands of a good number of Google employees, will be dubbed Nexus One and sold unlocked sometime next year. HTC again is said to be the manufacturer. Other than that, not a lot of meat there. You may now go about your Saturday evening. [WSJ (pay site) via Phonescoop]


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Google phone is called the Nexus One, newspaper reports



easily deceived or cheated.
Also, gul⋅la⋅ble.

1815–25; gull 2 + -ible

Related forms:
gul⋅li⋅bil⋅i⋅ty, noun
gul⋅li⋅bly, adverb

credulous, trusting, naive, innocent, simple, green., if HTC is making it but Google is selling it, is it an HTC phone or a "Google" phone?

Me-sa think HTC will have it's branding all over it. That would make it an HTC phone, right? But if Google's name is on it, would that make it a "Google phone"? Then again, the G1 was called a "Google phone" because "with Google" was on the back cover.

(for further explanation, see definition of gullible above)

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