Google Books in the UK

Don't take this as gospel, but it looks like certain Nexus S users are able to download the latest offerings of Books and Music from the Android Market.

As of now it's hard to tell if this is some sort of glitch or if it signifies an impending UK rollout, but if you're a Nexus S user in the UK, keep your eyes peeled in the Market and let us know what you find.

More info as we get it, but as always, sound off and let us know if you find it (or if you don't).

Source: Android Central Forums

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RustyU says:

It's already on my UK phone, thanks 'Market Enabler'!

keithz says:

Just got it on my Nexus One in Canada too. No ebook purchases though.

buzduganel says:

Indeed, people do not read enough these days, and I am sorry to say kids do not read at all. I got some books from my local cash for books store for my boy, something for his age and worked for a month to get him interested.

raedchen says:


I am a Nexus One owner from Germany, and Google Books and the new Google Music app popped up in my market today too!

spamlucal says:

I woke up this morning with market showing an update for google books also. The market page works only 1 time out of 10 (9/10 it says "page could not be found" or similar), so to update, like they said in the forums: long press and then select update. After that Books is visible in the app drawer (it was hidden before).

I have an american nexus one and I'm in Spain, so maybe this is europe-wide?. No google music update tho :(

by the way, that union flag looks wrong! real one is a bit different :)

Relmtech says:

Same here. Nexus One in the UK. Get books shows a message saying "Purchases not available, yet..."

jignacioa says:

Same here. I'm from Chile, and I just got google books!

Baz J Scott says:

Nexus S on 2.3.4 in UK and both insalled, cannot find in market though when browsing, they only appear in My Apps

ricardo99 says:

Books & Music here in uk on a Nexus S. 2.3.4 Books was an auto install. Music a manual update. 3 free books with the app too. Nice.

tvf#AC says:

Nexus One here in New Zealand. Google Books came today with 3 free books included including Pride and Prejudice

Grimmy says:

My UK Nexus S Market told me there is an update for Google Books and Google Music this morning. When I selected them, they both said "The requested item could not be found" suggesting that they were not available, however long pressing on the item in the market and selecting update works (as suggested in the forum thread linked in the story).

Now I just need Google Voice (And while you're at it get Amazon to release the App Store here too please) :P

zeebonk says:

Not from the UK and no Nexus: The Netherlands and a HTC Desire. Maybe because of Cyanogenmod?

VyprNoch says:

same here. I am from india and have a motorola milestone running unofficial cyanogen mod 2.3.4 and i have that google books update

muzzy says:

Running Cyanogen 7.0.3 on my DHD and it appears to be on and working (havent got any books yet). Thought there was an issue cos i couldnt see it in the market.

glad im not the only person to get it...