Please welcome Garmin-ASUS to the Android party! After promising to deliver an Android device way back in December 2008 and then re-affirming that fact in June 2009, it looks like that Garmin-ASUS Android phone will be shown off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Better late than never, right? No official details on the device has been announced so we'll keep a watchful eye on this Garmin-ASUS Android phone for the time being.

Can Garmin-ASUS hang with the big boys of HTC and Motorola in the Android space? We shall see in Barcelona!

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Garmin-ASUS To Show Off Android Phone At MWC


I don't even see a garmin android phone being succesful now that most new android devices are preloaded with a free version of google maps navigation beta. It is no longer the best choice for mobile navigation because nothing can compete with googles powerhouse. Is their anyone out there actually waiting to jump to the garmin phone, now that the droid and nexus one are public?

I think if the Droid and Nexus weren't both filled with issues then this might be a moot point. As it is though there is still room for competition although Garmin is admittedly late to the party. The formula has been simple for more than 5 years:

Cheap nationwide plan
Excellent network service
Fast Internet
Great phone with great speaker
Good music player
Good GPS with TBT nav
Good+ camera
Application extensible
Open architecture
Sync with Gmail/Live/Exchange/POP/IMAP

And yet it still doesn't exist... It easily could but the hw/sw/service vendors are all hedging along the way. iPhone is close but needs to be open and on every network. Droid is close but camera stinks, footprint stinks, etc. Nexus is close but it was rushed to market and has LOTS of problems... I'm betting Garmin doesn't hit the mark either but they can still play the game...