Samsung widgets (evleaks)A glimpse of what Samsung's next home screen might look like

We're rapidly approaching the time of year when a couple of the largest Android manufacturers are preparing to launch new flagship phones. One of those is ever-dominant Samsung, and in an unusual turn of events prolific leaker @evleaks has come up with an image said to contain visual elements of the company's next home screen design. The shot shows a list of Google Now-like cards for workout info, flights, concert details and delivery tracking.

Today's leak follows the emergence of a similar shot a couple of weeks ago, showing a new-style home screen arrangement with the same font — alongside redesigned, flattened, more abstract icons. That image seemed to show an HTC BlinkFeed-style vertical scrolling list of widgets like those in today's leak.

If accurate, it's a significant leak from a company which usually goes to great lengths to keep its secrets safe in the run up to major launches. It could also represent a significant departure from Samsung's old TouchWiz UI as we've come to know it on the Galaxy S3 and later devices. And while at best these images are likely work-in-progress mock-ups, the possible shift to a more contextual, content-based home screen is also interesting in light of Samsung's move to a magazine-style UI for its new "Pro" series tablets.

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Samsung home (evleaks)


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Fresh leak claims to show more of future Samsung phone UI


Yasssssss BEYONCE!!!!! .... Oh... And good for you Samsung. Some improvement.

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I like it. This new UI definitely looks refreshing, compared to what's currently available. I think Samsung's trying to borrow from Google Now, Blinkfeed, and Windows Phone 8's live tiles.

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When the Note 3 gets the 4.4.2 update,...possibly.

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Not very likely. They usually don't let the older devices get new UI updates, they usually keep their UI with the updated system under the hood. Though. I do hope they'll do it differently this time, this TouchWiz update actually looks pretty interesting.

Agreed, not even google dished out the new launcher to the older phones. Which is fair game by my account, people get used to how things are and have their phone set up a certain way, if you have a new system update and then your phone loads up and its a totally different expeirence, and all your home screens are now empty, then i think alot of people will be upset.

Some blogs that have been watching this for the past few months say it my implemented into Samsung's own OS when it decides to leave the android ecosystem. Eventually Samsung want's to have it's own os, services, and store.

Samsung already have their own services and store. They've been doing that since before they adopted Android. Though, I doubt it's directly related to Samsung wanting to replace Android, as that would affect sales too much negatively. They are after all mainly a hardware company, which isn't making much off software.

Funny, android rockets samsung to ridiculous profits and samsung starts to think about dropping Android. They are getting more and more like apple with all their exclusive to galaxy devices BS. Pretty excited to see a new UI as touchwiz is by far the worst OEM skin out there. I will drop them like a bad habit the second they move from android though.

Samsung can easily make up your lost sale, but it empowers you to say you won't buy their device (as if it will have a significant effect), power to you.

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Some blogs that have been watching this for the past few months say it might implemented into Samsung's own OS when it decides to leave the android ecosystem. Eventually Samsung want's to have it's own os, services, and store.

Maybe not with 4.4, but possibly a later update. It could just be one that updates the UI and not the os version. I figure we'll see touchwiz with kitkat on the note, but a future update will bring the new ui

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Well, Samsung won't go back into semi transparent status bar and green battery after their latest kitkat update for the note 3 /s4 and the magazine UI on notepro & tabpro. This is fake.. unless it is actually TIZEN

Good observation. We'll just have to wait and see. Either way, likely I'm sticking to Go Launcher.

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The last screenshot has Play Store on the homescreen, so it is Android. Even if Tizen had a compatibility layer like BlackBerry 10, the Google apps depend on Google's permission and it only comes to Android devices.

Anything that breaks from TouchWiz as we know it today is good IMO.

Samsung needs to change to entice people to upgrade this year. They can't count on all the S3 owners automatically getting the newest Galaxy.

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Because you cannot see how svelte the phone is, otherwise you would never confuse it with a brick like the 820. Nokia should be ashamed of putting that out as a mid to high end phone. It is comical how thick and brick like that phone looked.

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And that's bad because? At this point all companies copy of each other and make something better. To me that really doesn't matter. In the end it's how a phone runs and feels.

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Key words here being "To me" ... everyone is entitle to their opinion. You may be fine with it, others will not be. Such is life. It's subjective. Me personally... I don't know how I feel about this yet, until I get to actually see it in person and mess around with it. Could be better than current touchwiz, could be worse. As far as looks alone are concerned, I find this more aesthetically pleasing, from what I've seen so far. But that is ME...

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I like the new ui but I get most of this stuff through Google. The question is, who do you want this info from, Google or Samsung?

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Looks pretty cool, but I would like to see it in motion.

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I personally don't like HTC blinkfeed, I've had the S2 and S3 and decided to try the HTC ONE and wasn't really happy with it. So for my next device i'm sticking with the S5. Just hope they have a way of turning this off. Also, hope they keep the physical button on the phone it's one of the things I miss the most now that i have an HTC One.

You people said you hated blink feed on the HTC One yet cheer when you see Samsung doing it? I don't mind blinkfeed or Samsungs magazine ui as long as they can be turned off to use a more traditional home page setup like Htc allowed in an update.

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Blink feed was annoying because that was your only home screen. You couldn't turn it off unless you killed it.

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Only home screen? Long press + choose one screen + set as home + don't swipe to BlinkFeed.

But yes, it's a good thing HTC made it optional.

Looks bloated as hell. I wouldn't use half that stuff and definitely wouldn't want it on my home screen. People act as if Touchwiz is bloated but then get excited when they fill up the home screens with stuff and call it new...

Never and never will like touch wiz. That said, this updated ui looks promising. Maybe just maybe, Samsung got the memo to cut the bloat. Oh wait this is them..... Nevermind. ;-)

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I cannot see this being the new UI for TouchWiz. It's too much like other competitors phones. HTC, blinkfeed, Microsoft, etc .

AC has been incredibly slow these days. This news has been on for ages.
As for that UX, the last photos are actually fake or not android because it was presumed to be kitkat.

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Honestly, I don't mind it at all. I live the added features of it.

I think a lot of people just regurgitate what seems to be popular. "I hate Touchwiz...."
"..... Cause I do"

Most claim it lags or whatever. But to be honest, even if it did lag, it's never been to the point that I've sat here and complained.

I personally don't like HTC sense. But I have reasons that are legitimate.
No menu button.... Sorry I need that menu button lol.

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Dedicated menu button has become an irrelevance in Android OS and it's apps these days.

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Actually no it hasn't. This is why HTC has the 3 little dot menu, but not all apps have converted.
Not to mention it's like Apple with the menu/back button being in different locations. For me, it's easier to have my menu key.

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Well, if that's suits you, got no worries here man

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Wow I'm liking this. I was surprised as hell when they introduced the pro tablets with the new magazine ui. I think samsung gets the hint that some people are just tired of touch wiz. Especially since it's basically looked the same since the galaxy s2. But they are smart enough to know that the features like IR blaster, s pen, and things like that are desired by people.

It would be nice if the older phones got the update but I doubt it will happen. As someone said if people are too used to the way their phone works and then a drastic change like this happens. It might not go over too well. Looking forward to the new samsung. Glad they are trying new things.

Looks nice. It's fresh, and hopefully it's lighter on the system than touchwiz.
If Samsung makes a good android phone with this ui, I'm in

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I wonder if Samsung will integrate ChatOn into their messaging app, or possibly vice versa, in the Galaxy S5.
Part of me thinks that they would integrate SMS into ChatOn, because the new APIs in kitkat show for a default SMS/MMS app selection, so setting ChatOn in the forefront mages sense.
However, I have a feeing Samsung could do the opposite, which would be sneakier and possibly a better way to coerce users into using ChatOn.

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Holy crap... Looks like a Windows phone screen.
And wait till you see what they are planning to do to the tablets.
I read they are going to pork it over big time.
It's going to Samsung store up front and in your face.
Yea Android is in there but it will be bury so deep you just might
not be able to find it.....
yea Samsung.....


Let the hate flow through you....

How about we see a real version before we make any judgments. We should get an idea with the Russian or polish versions that are out there...

The UI cards look like they'd be helpful, although Google Now already offers the info to users it doesn't hurt to have another option of how you want those cards to look. After all Android is about customization freedom and being an open source OS that allows users to own a device that's truly their own. TouchWiz has been due for some design changes for a while too, hopefully the masses find those changes appealing. These images don't look bad but they are rather close to what's already on the market.

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Anyone know where I might get a blueish wallpaper similar to the one seen in the first screen at bottom left?