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A new report claims that the first smartphones using Google's low cost Android One reference platform could launch in India sometime next week, but that the prices for those phones may be higher than the under $100 level that the company first announced in June.

The Economic Times, citing unnamed sources, claims that the prices for the first Android One-based smartphones will be between Rs 7,000 and Rs 10,000 in India, rather than the RS 6,000 price point. The report claims this is due to Google wanting to add more features and apps to these phones.

Karbonn, Micromax and Spice are the three Indian phone OEMs that are teaming up with Google to make the first Android One phones. Today's report claims they got a chance to see one of the devices that could launch next week, which they said had a removable back, a 1700-mAh battery, dual SIM slots and an SD card slot. The first phones could have displays that range between 4.3 and 4.5 inches, along with 1 GB of RAM.

The story also claims that while these phones will ship with Android KitKat 4.4.4 out of the box, they could get an update to Android L sometime in October. What do you think of the prospects of these cheap Android-based smartphones in India and eventually to other developing markets?

Source: Economic Times


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First Android One smartphones may launch in India next week


Actually no. Google is partnering with the OEMs that provide budget phones in India to begin with. This time with One, Google will have more control on how to provide more quality phones out of the three Indian brands for a cheap price.

The ones who will lose in this is Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola. At the end of the day it will matter little to Google since the goal is to expand the Indian smartphone market with Google services installed.

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Ummm...why scrape the bottom for crumbs when you can take the cream off the crop?

The margins on low end phones are not that huge. I would dare to say that Samsung make 2-3 times more selling one S5 than they do selling one Galaxy Avant

In my opinion it's a lot to do with the consumer psychographics as well. People who can afford an S5 or a 5S will buy one; however, if you could apply mid-range features to an entry-level price, it will be worth a check at the very least. I know a few Sony and Samsung owners in India who regretted their purchases once the Mi3 came out.

I imagine samsung makes far more than 2-3 times on the S series than budget phones like the avant.....the S series has been they're cash cow for some time now. Though losing marketshare on the low end has been hurting them badly when combined with lower than projected s5 sales.

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The mid and low end devices provide some economy of scale for the high end phone as well. Certain components like memory, storage etc are common across all phone lines.

If Samsung sell less low end phone, their order for common components may drop and they will have less bargain power with suppliers. This will impact margin for the high end device as the average component cost will be higher. This is what is happening to Nokia.

Karbonn, Micromax and Spice are the budget OEM's who is making Android one ... so don't understand why this would affect them.

This will affect Nokia and Samsung for sure. Motorola has already taken over Nokia in smartphone sales in India

This is huge for android and Google. these phones will be more appealing for new smartphone users.
Nexus is crazy expensive in India. Time for Nokia to say bye bye

I love the fact that android is getting closer to the point where they can offer acceptable hardware and performance on the cheap. Not that I personally would ever buy it......but, anything that will eat into apple's profits and steal potential customers I'm all for!!!! I despise apple

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