Fire Phone comes with free movies, music, and books for Prime members

The allure of Amazon's recently announced Fire Phone is that it comes with access to Amazon's rich library of content, many of which are free for subscribing Amazon Prime customers. Between the mix of free Prime content as well as digital purchases that users can buy a la carte, the Amazon Fire Phone will be an entertainment powerhouse that integrates nicely into Amazon's existing ecosystem alongside hardware like Kindle Fire Tablet and Fire TV.

With Fire Phone, users will be able to use the phone as a second screen for Amazon's X-Ray for movies and TV shows. This means that if you're streaming content on your HDTV using your Fire TV, you can get additional content information on your Fire Phone.

Additionally, it works to allow you to send video to any Miracast device. This is similar to Google's idea with Chromecast, but would require no additional hardware plugged into your TV as long as your set has integrated Miracast tech.

According to Amazon, it gets smarter every time you use and would allow you to pre-cache videos to get instant streaming.

Aside from videos, your phone would come with 1 million songs added to your library if you have Amazon Prime Music. There is also access to 500,000 titles through Kindle Lending Library for Prime subscribers. Other content include those from Audible for audio books, Comixology for graphic novels and comics, Immersion, and WhisperSync for voice.


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Fire Phone comes rich in content


I don't think it's all that similar to chromecast. Chromecast streams the data itself, while miracast makes your phone do it then beams it to the TV. Not all that practical for hours of movie watching.

Or an I missing something about miracast?

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I fail to see how this is different than owning a Kindle Fire. If you have to be on WiFi to avoid data caps, then access to the millions of movies via the Fire Phone becomes meaningless. Why use a 4.7 inch screen when you have a bigger, better tablet?

If you had unlimited 4g, maybe this makes sense?

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