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Here at Android Central it's just another Friday. But elsewhere it's iPhone day, with Apple releasing two new smartphones simultaneously for the first time ever. And we're sure some of you will be tempted to pick up the new iPhone 5s, with its optional gold exterior and 64-bit CPU. Or maybe the plastic fantastic iPhone 5c is your thing, with its numerous color options.

We're not here to judge, so feel free to fess up down in the comments. And if you're staying loyal to the Android army let us know which Android phone you're using — or thinking of picking up — instead of Apple's latest.

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Fess up: Who's buying an iPhone today?


Galaxy S4 here, a lot better than either of the new iPhones...

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Never iPhone. Android for life! :-)

It's really funny though how I haven't seen anywhere any tech writers or bloggers pointing out how "Android-like" the new iOS7 is and has become...and I bet all the iZombies think that iOS7 is all groundbreaking and innovating hahahahah...so sad.

Rockin a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit T599 and enjoying every minute of it. :-)

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I was able to play with my wife's iPhone 5s today and I have LG G2, G2 completely destroys iPhone in every category... I actually liked IOS 6 a lot better than IOS 7. Apple butchered the new OS.

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I have a first gen iPod touch. I bought it because I had the blackberry curve 8900 and it was a good combo. I've never played with any of the recent devices. They look nice though.

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Not I nor my wife. We both have iPhone 5s from last year's release. I haven't used mine since getting my note 2 in April. I did update it to ios7 as well as my iPad 4. This Christmas I'm moving to the nexus 10 and giving her the iPad. She really wants my note 2 so I may go to the droid maxx or note 3. Options are nice to have.

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Never. Keeping my htc one and Moto X. Next phone will be the new nexus. Followed by the second generation htc one when it arrives. That's my plan

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Over 500 comments already. What is it about Apple-related articles, that this probably garnered more comments than every other Android-related article over the past week?

To be fair, the article pretty much asks what your favorite phone is, so a lot of these comments aren't about Apple.

Actually who am I kidding, we just love to bash the shit out of Apple and its blind, brainwashed followers.

I love technology in general so I'm not loyal to camps. but I was considering moving to the fruit company. plus I do enough techie work on my day job.

Im holding off till the state of the art iphone 6. I hear they dont even need a battery. Steam power ftw!

Galaxy S4 FTW. even the galaxy Ace 3 is more interesting than the IPhone. iSheep love their iPhones but fail to realize it has Samsung all over it and inside it. including the new A7 chip

Nothing will steer me away from my Nexus 4 until the Nexus 5 is available in the UK.

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Currently have a nexus 4, probably a nexus 5 for my next phone unless oppo does something good with a other 5 Inch or smaller phone running cyanogenmod.

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Currently have a nexus 4, probably a nexus 5 for my next phone unless oppo does something good with a other 5 Inch or smaller phone running cyanogenmod.

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There's literally only one thing about the 5s I like, and that's the camera. Apple has always done really well with their cameras. The camera on the N4 leaves something to be desired, as does the battery life. Here's hoping the N5 and KitKat fix both those!

I'd love it if the iPhone was customizable with a larger screen. I think the gold one looks sick and i I'd strongly consider getting one if they satisfied those two issues ... I love my macbook and will be debating the new n7 and iPad mini ... but as it stands now, it's android all the way in the phone dept. Went from n4 to s4 which blows IMO so getting n5 when it rolls out!

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I still prefer Android for my mobile devices, but I buy iPhone, iPads and iPads for my family. I like the freedom of hacking and I also like that Apple keeps my non-technical family operational. I upgraded our Apple devices capable of handling iOS 7. I guess it is fine and the 5s may be worth considering for my wife. For me, my old man eyes may prefer a phablet.

I will never shell out $600 for a 4 inch anything.

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No apple for me I've have an HTC rezound for about a year and a half no complaints

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Droid RAZR Maxx HD!!! Waiting for the Nexus 5!!! Nothing is better than Android!

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I went in and picked up a new T-Mobile Xperia Z. I got rid of my windows phone. I liked the expandable memory, water resistance and design language of the phone.

I just couldn't go with the 5S no matter how "great" the specs are...

S3 going to note 3, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen & Stephen Curry shoot threes, I'll have 3 phones (+ a rezound), I've hit a decade 3 times, & only three ppl will find this funny!

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Nope....happy with my HTC One !! I may get the HTC One max if it has any worthwhile features

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I'll keep my S4. Now I will be getting the new ipad when available.

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I love my HTC One and think Android is a great OS, but, yes I did indeed order an iPhone 5S today, it's due to arrive Monday, and I'll be selling my HTC One. Why? My reasons, in no particular order:

1- I'm a gadget-aholic and love variety. I'm on T-Mobile's JUMP program, and since I can swap around every 6 months I'm looking at this as a 6 month side-trip to iOS land to see what life is like there. Odds are I'll be back to an Android phone in 6 months, but I enjoy experimentation.
2- While I prefer android over-all, I'm not a hardcore partisan: I think the iPhone 5S looks like a great piece of hardware (screen size aside). iOS 7 looks like a good step forward from iOS 6 and I want to see where Apple is taking things.
3 - When I compare apps on my friend's iPhone 5 to their android equivalents on my HTC One I often find myself thinking the iOS version has a touch more polish.
4 - Its camera looks like a step up from the One's, and I take LOTS Of photos.
5 - Reviews seem to be saying they nailed the fingerprint sensor, and I'm always torn between open immediate access and some form of face recognition/pattern/code for security. If that works as advertised it could be a great solution.
6 - AnandTech's review: some impressive and interesting results there. Not sure how that'll translate to real-life speed improvements, but I'd like to see.

In the end it's NOTHING against the HTC One or Android, I love 'em both. It's my inveterate urge to have a new gadget to play with as much as anything else, and I can always swap back in 6 months.

I like how just about everyone hates iPhone. Funny how you'll are quick to go against a device that pioneered touch screen. Anyhow I know that statement will start a lot of agreement so let me state this fact....2007 iPhone releases.....2008 Android comes to the scene. My opinion is simple. I want a device that is not going to lag out after a mere month or two, a device that has no flaws in its system, a reliable device. Sorry to tell all you Android lovers but customization is not a key factor in a good phone. If it is for you then you have a very low level of what you want in a phone. A phone is not a gaming device and that's what most of you want.....android offers this to you. I prefer the actual Xbox 360 or PS3. Enjoy your low level gaming stations, lol! Apple will always be better than android. Stability people, stability. Do the research and you'll see that no android phone has ever out lasted an iPhone. Sorry to have brought the truth out. Think of me what you want, I don't care about your opinion and your obsession with your devices. Their is more to life that a phone. Get out and enjoy it and don't dwell on your phone, lol.

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i actually just came back to Android (32GB Moto X) this week because of how unimpressive the new iPhones are. not enough improvements to keep me around. bio metrics and a 64bit chip are great, but its still the same tired iPhone. although i will miss the integration, and massive array of 3rd party accessories that comes with it, and that sweet camera. but im happy with my decision to return after being gone a couple years.

All Hail Apple..
To have 64 bit Technology on a Phone... Is Amazing..
This has to be the most Powerful Phone on the Planet.. Wow.

That said,

I own an $89.99 2013 Prism II on T-Mo's $30 buck a Month Plan..
I could not be happier.

Will be picking up an HTC One as soon as my contract on Big Red is up for renewal.

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After owning an iPhone 3gs, and an iPhone 4 after that, I evolved into a GS3 and am now the happy owner of a GS4. No. I would not buy an iPhone. No. I don't like iOS7. My next phone? Probably the Nexus 5, to go with my new Nexus 7 LTE which arrived today to replace my iPad 2

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My HTC One is the phone to pull me away from the iOS world. And I'm damn glad it did.

Sent from my HTC ONE.

I'm currently using the HTC One X, but I would love to have the Moto X (I sadly keep customizing a phone I won't have a chance to have) and would also definitely own a iPhone 5S.

Sent from the depths of Hell.

Think hell will freeze over before I get caught with an iPhone, I do hate everything Apple stands for, and no matter how much I tried to "like" the iPhones they are just too damn small and restricted.

Really enjoying my One(international) and all the tweaks I've made to it :-)
Nicest damn android phone ever made if you ask me!

Sitting here flashing the latest nightly CyanogenMod thinking of all the people at work that just upgraded to iOS 7 and screamed in horror while trying to abort/undo their update even though I told them iOS 7 is a true eyesore...

Truly happy with android and dabbling a bit with WP8, and trust me it's not half as bad as people trying to make it (except for horrible Google experience)

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Never gonna get an iPhone :P
Things are so much better off with Android; to me, even using a "low quality" Android phone still would beat an iPhone. I myself just can't stand the jail-like iOS - even the new one (albeit it is a pretty big improvement from the previous iOS's!).

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Yeah I have the Note 2. There is no way I'm trading it for an iPhone 5S or 5C. My last gen device is way better than these at everything except for:
Locking down my device
Being smaller and more pocketable. But to be honest, I really like the size of my Note 2.

I'm looking forward to the Note 3 or the Z1 or the Nexus 5. I can't decide yet. I'm waiting for some proper reviews for the Z1 and the release of the N5. So... Android for another year. Who knows! Maybe Apple will launch something good in 2014. If they do launch something really good, I will have 0 problems changing to an iPhone. But that hasn't happened since the Galaxy S2 was launched. Been on Android ever since.

I just switched over from the Galaxy S4 to the HTC One. And oh man, I don't think I could ever go back to another Samsung product.

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Regarding topic/question:
When hell freezes over!

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You fandroids are amazing. You first ignore or ridicule Apple's design choices and innovations, and the moment it's samsung'd you completely forget about the originator of those innovations, and in fact start bragging about the copied features in spec-terms, as if those specs alone would actually lead to a superior user experience.

Fingerprint, M7, 60fps, iBeacon, A7, 64-bit.. don't they excite you? Don't you think these are big steps forward, for all of us? I say all of us because sooner or later, you'll get those as well.

Now, I'm sure there are those in the crowd who're saying - wait a sec, Apple wasn't the first to bring fingerprint into a phone. Yes, probably Motorola was (?). But do you know that Motorola seems to be laughing at this very idea of putting fingerprint sensor in a phone now! The fact is, Motorola never believed in this technology or the idea, let alone perfecting it. There's a difference between innovation and shooting in the dark. And now as always, since Apple has shown the way, rest are sure to follow. There were fingerprint sensors before the iPhone 5S and there will be fingerprint sensors after the iPhone 5S; the difference - people would actually start using it now. You'd probably remember that there were smartphones before the iPhone and tablets before the iPad, and how they looked and functioned until iPhone and iPad came along. Apple's contribution is to show the world how it is done, and that's what you need to thank Apple for.

And before we get into a flame-war, let me make one thing clear - while I am obviously an Apple fanboy, I'm not a bigot. I say what I see. I thank Google for its maps each time I need to get somewhere (reliably), and I thank Google for its search and mail revolutions.. yes, revolutions.. Google just re-defined those categories forever! It's another thing I don't use gmail because I hate its UI and ads but I don't say outlook or iCloud is so cool and Gmail sucks. We owe it to Google for re-inventing those spaces. And as much as I loathe Android, it has empowered people who couldn't afford Apple products, and it is keeping Apple on it's toes.

My only request is that please be objective and open with your appreciation of innovation you see outside your camp and before you start comparing a true innovator and leader with petty thieves and laggards, realize that Android or Samsung owe their existence in the smartphone/tab space to the iPhone just as Windows and PC-makers owe their existence to the Mac.

blah blah blah - PS I was using a fingerprint scanner back in 2001 on my Ipaq (Pocket PC) so it doesn't excite me. It's a gimmick.

I came from apple and won't ever return. Android for life. As a matter of fact I'm getting my wife and kids off the iPhone and upgrading them to Androids. They got jealous over time seeing what my GS3 did and how much better Android is. Have a great day and just my 2 cents.

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I'm hoping for the next nexus phone release, current phone is HTC windows 8s phone and its dreadful, I own a nexus 7 and wish I got the nexus 4 instead of my current phone.

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I also have the HTC one and outs the best phone I've ever had, though not perfect. Wouldn't bother with the iPhone 5s bit of the 6 has a big, fat screen and mega battery I could be tempted. One max looks nice but so does the note 3, although does it still suffer from an unreadable screen outdoors?

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I like iPhones android and blackberry. So I'd love to see one. However, happy with Android and looking at the Note3 in the future.

I already own the greatest phone off my time, the Galaxy S3. I'll pass on the iRush :)

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I am currently using an unlocked Galaxy Nexus, and currently deciding between an HTC One, LG G2, and a Note 3. Waiting to see Note 3 reviews to narrow it down.

I have my feet in both camps I have had iPhones from the 3-5. Nothing tops them for music ...
I love android too I currently have note 2,galaxy s4 HTC one ...which is my daily driver...but the note 2,is the only phone which gives me a full days use without having to reach for the charger..
My HTC one is so well built and is buttery smooth to use without any lag whatsoever..
Wish I could say the same for my note 2,
I wonder by using the the same sd card as I use in the s4,maybe causing issues ...
Anyway issues aside I have just preordered the note 3 ...should be here by Wednesday...I just can't go back to a small screen such as on my iPhone 5 ,just can't read it anymore ..(sad but true)..I'm not gonna slag apple off because there phones are really well built ...just a shame they don't wow us anymore..

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I just bought the Nexus 4 16gb and I love it. I used an iPhone 4s for work and couldn't stand it. Android all the way.

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I wouldn't trade my Note 2 for the new Iphone in a trade. Android actually lets you decide what look you want. With Iphone it like living under a dictator.

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I'm staying loyal to Android because Apple didn't make iOS compatible with my 4th Gen iPod touch

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Switched from jb iphone4 to SSgS3 about 5-6 months ago. Swear to god never been happier. Although jb is a hell of a lot easier than rooting I haven't found a need to root yet. I'm sure its coming though.

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Nah, been there done that. Had the first four Iphones and got tired of IOS after the 4. I still have a 3rd gen Touch and a Ipad 2 (downloaded IOS 7, it's OK I guess)and they serve their purpose.

Still loving my GS3. But I'll probably wait until the new Nexus comes out or see what HTC and Samsung have up their sleeves in 2014.

If Apple would of come out with an Iphone with a bigger screen I would of been intrigued. But they didn't, so I'll pass.

Will android 4.4 kit-kat be designed to run on 64-bit cpus is the real question

Google your turn to pick up your game

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I gave my girlfriend an iBone this morning does that count?, This is a silly survey of who might or might not buy a phone, We are in a constant state of argument on these thing?, it reminds me of Ford & Chevy wars of my teenage years or sports of any kind!, don't get me started!....silly!

Added 7500mah battery, 64GB SD card, full HD 5 inch screen, unlimited customisation options, download torrents and much more.

Why would I leave my S4 to go back to iOS?

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I've been planning on getting the Moto X for months, finally due for my upgrade on October 1st. However, I am VERY tempted by the iPhone 5s. I am someone who likes a nice slim and one-hand-to-operate phone. Don't know what to do...

my daughter and I are using nexus 4 (she's running PA, I'm on AOKP). my wife just traded in her iPhone 4s for a HTC One (stock).

Let's see here. I got my Samsung Galaxy S 4 on 9/6/2013 and after 2 weeks of testing it, I actually like this device more than my iPhone 4S. I'm glad I made the switch and will not be going back to iPhone. Apple is starting to disappoint me and they are starting to fall.

Gave my GNex to my daughter. So sick of no updates, slow performance, low quality apps. But worst of all is the clumsy size of the bigger and bigger android phones. How big to the icons have to get for Pete's sake? I's much rather have a 4" iPhone that is easy to use than a clumsy slippery plastic S4.

iPhone 5s all the way. It blows away the S4 even with Samsung's special benchmark cheats.

I just picked up an iPhone 5 a few days ago. I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 for almost a year before I got tired of it. I don't know what it is about some Android products, but I just couldn't get over how things just slowed down so much. That didn't happen like that on my iPhone 4 (which I had for two years).

Still using SGS2,which has been quite good for two years. Next I'm going for ASUS PADFONE INFINITY (new edition). Should answer my need for phone and tablet.

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Traded in my G2 for the 5s. The 5s was a better choice. This thing is blazing fast and smooth.

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Looks just like the first one I had six years ago, just stretched a little taller and still with the same ugly icons. If that was a makeover then I'm the king of the world. I'm very happy with the Android OS and my HTC One and I don't miss the dropped calls at all.

I considered the iPhone 5s but I can't get over how just feminine it feels in the hand. It boggles my mind how grown men can carry around a device that looks as feminine as it feels. I understand women with it, and even little kids (it seemed thats who the new iOS is catering to no?) but for grown men to have it ... it really boggles my mind.

I updated my iPad Mini to iOS7 and I cant believe it. Their screens are made for the type of icons they used to have (nice and 3dish or whatever) why go with something flat and that makes the product look cheap? It is almost like i downgraded my iPad haha it just looks so boring and childish. IOS7 looks like a cheap attempt at copying an Android OS but them trying too hard to make it not so obvious... it really is incredible.

The thing that pisses me off the most about all this Apple hoopla? (The Horrible OS, the nearly identical phone released, the cheap bust iPhone Cs etc, the grown adults lining up days to get one instead of waiting a week etc) that as long as these people exist that will never criticize anything Apple ... and they just slobber over anything and everything Apple... is how long Apple will keep from changing things up and actually "innovating" ... why would they come up with stuff if they know these people will eat up ANYTHING they bring out even if it is subpar or horrible compared to the competition? That is what is annoying about these people. The amazing thing is that these people are ridiculed nationwide now and they still dont see it. They are like a joke cult or something. Why did Blackberry die? Because of these same type of people. YESMEN who are afraid to ever point out the negative in a product and the same type of fans on the product who rather than be real they rather be loyal and never say one negative thing about the product. SMH

You denigrate grown men for carrying a "feminine" looking device yet you own something called "Mini." The irony of it all.

I'll probably upgrade my wife from her 16 GB iPhone 5 to a 32 GB iPhone 5s mostly because I should have gotten her a 32 GB to begin with but I was being cheap. Now she fills her phone way too fast, so I'll get her a 32 GB 5s.

After owning an iPhone 4s for two years, I upgraded to a GS4. My wife is happily using the 4s. I'm very happy with the Android system . After seeing what my friends could do with their HTC'S and Samsungs, Apple's limitations annoyed me in the end. And with a larger screen to look at, I can put away my magnifying glass!

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Er ...I don't think so.. just had my Samsung galaxy note 3 delivered..2 days before release...way to go Samsung ...way to go car phone warehouse...that's wot you call service...
Apple take note ... Samsung make enough stock to meet launchday targets ...shame you don't ....
I phone 5 was my last ..

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Just bought one on Saturday (64gb Gray/Black) for my wife. She won't leave the iPhone and her orig iPhone 4 served her well - time for her update.
I'm very happy with my HTC One (32gb) but I wish I would've waited for a 64gb Developer Edition.

Wish I had the HTC One or Moto X but I'm pretty happy with the Nexus 4, extremely smooth, never hesitates. I can't imagine why anybody would pay $650 to buy Galaxy (with their lagging barbaric piece of software) or iPhone (can't really do anything).

Ordered a gold 5S at launch for the girlfriend to replace her Galaxy Nexus.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Apple just has the better ecosystem.

And while I use stuff like Tasker, her iPhone will complete her Apple ecosystem and let her work and move media seamlessly around.

I ordered the gold 32 gig 5S, IOS7 has become very androidish looking so i'll play around with it. I will keep my HTC One in case I don't like the Iphone. I'll sell the Iphone and make a few bucks on it.

I already switched to the iPhone 5 and haven't looked back. Enjoying lag free smartphone experience.

I'm using a galaxy s3 and contempt with it. I recently went to a concert and tried recording parts of it, but the audio was terrible. On the other hand, my friends who are iPhone owners, they recorded as well and the audio was beautiful. I'm sticking with my GS3 until my two year contract is up, but I don't know what phone I'm going to want by that time. The iPhone 6 would probably be out by then

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All these smartphones have their ups and downs. iPhone 5S is managing to hold record for fastest smartphone to date. Next is LG G2. Yes it's not much more different in terms of external looks to the iPhone 5 but no competition from android so far. More then likely there will be 5 androids to compete with one iPhone. Good luck !!!

Oh wait. Not to mention the resale value of iPhones. My 16 GB iPhone 5 literally paid for my 32 GB iPhone 5S. Can't say the same for androids since there's a new one weeks away from the prior release.

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