Motokey Social

Apparently unconvinced by that other Facebook phone that such as beast isn't really desired, Motorola and Canadian carrier TELUS today anonounced the Motokey Social, with a 2.4-inch touchscreen and big black keyboard. You'll no doubt note the Facebook button in thie lower left, and it's also got five hom screens and two themes, all with links to Facebook.

Physically, it's 10mm thin, has a 3 MP camera and weighs 87 grams. It'll go for $89.99 startin Nov. 21 to TELUS prepaid customers.

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The Facebook phone revisited with the Motokey Social on TELUS


Anybody ever actually use a Status? I thought it worked pretty well, really. It just unfortunately filled a niche that apparently didn't exist.

Just bought one for my wife 17 days ago. She loves it. This is her first smartphone, after 3.5 years on a Palm Centro. She doesn't use any of the built-in Facebook features, but she insisted on a candy-bar phone with full qwerty keyboard, for texting and other purposes. Since I was switching to Android (from webOS), that really limited the choices. So far, however, this phone has been really, really good, and surprisingly fast. Not for a power-user, but for the entry-level crowd, a real nice phone.

seeing how the status didn't make much of a dent, this doesn't look to leave a mark either. especially with a rehash of the droid pro design.

You would figure that the Android Facebook team would get their shit (app) together knowing that there's a dedicated Android phone for their service. The official Facebook app is horrendous!

I don't know what Moto was thinking here. The HTC Status was a complete flop. Maybe they thought Canadians would be into a phone of this stature?

No way is that an Android phone, and I doubt it's even a smartphone. Not particularly sure why there's a posting about this.