Evo 4G udpate

Though there is a chance it'll look on longingly when other Sprint Evo 4Gs get the official Android 2.2 update, still slated for release this week. The good news is that what you read above is correct. If you applied the unofficial build that leaked late last week (see our hands-on), HTC's working to catch you back up with an official over-the-air update. Don't know when, but the fact that it has said so -- and said so publicly -- bodes well for everybody. [HTC official Twitter]


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Evo have the unofficial Evo update? Don't worry, your phone won't explode


Well the update has been working great since I updated. Recording videos very smooth, browsing the internet even faster with Full flash. The phones performance and battery life are great. It does tend to slow down a few time when typing, or doing other things, but so far so good. I do wonder what's NEW in the official Froyo 2.2 final build that's not in this leaked version.

I'm glad to know that its just not me with the lag in typing... I'm rather irritated and it takes me back to my hero days... I still feel that were some sort of willing techno guinea pigs... over all... no complaints, the wait isn't unberable

If you had your phone rooted then updated to this up then your safe. Sprint can't see if you previously rooted your phone, only what is currently on the phone when and if you ever need to take it to them.

I have the leaked version and there are definitely some small bugs. I'll be even happier than I am now when the official update is out

Ditto same here. Browser scrolling can be funky at times little buggy when typing and few other things I've noticed. I've got the .3 version ny the way. One thing that is not in my version that I think may be in the OTA version is privacy is missing from my menu settings which is where the backup settings for Froyo is located.

>"Browser scrolling can be funky at times"

Welcome to having Flash objects suck up all your CPU, memory, and battery. And I bet you can't turn it off, either :(

Actually you can. On/Off/On by touching flash object.

Go back to TiPB troll. Come back when you find your other clue. ;)

It is not a troll. What you describe is simply turning off a single object. That is not the same as turning Flash OFF (or even having delayed load). It still has to load the object. It still has to format it. It still has to run it. And if there are several objects on the page, it is much worse.

What I describe is a very valid concern. So YOU need to come back when you find YOUR other clue ;)

I don't really think its the flash, it could be, but I'm not sure. The browser scrolling speed is not as smooth as 2.1 but it might need to be tweeked, and also about typing, while typing this on my 2.2 evo, as I type really fast it lags and I have to stop to let it catch. Are you blaming Flash for the laggy typing? Your point on Flash can not be said true unless the final version of Froyo for evo has been released by Sprint and we still see the same laggy bugs.

You are correct that I didn't KNOW that Flash is what is causing the battery drain nor apparent scroll lag in the browser. But was a guess based on no experience and not enough data.

Fortunately, others have pointed out that Flash *can* be controlled (thank goodness- not sure how I missed that info- Oh, now I know, I wasn't on Android back then).

But if the default is not to delay load/show, it could still account for delay and extra battery usage for those not knowing about it.

What part of flash doesn't load until you click on it don't you get? Its not a blocker that loads the object and then stops it. FLASH does not run until you select to run the object.

Sorry, since I don't have 2.2 yet, I didn't know exactly how it works until others posted links to stuff before I entered the Android world with the Evo. But it doesn't appear that the "touch to activate" is the default. And if people are not in that mode, and they are browsing a lot in 2.2, it very much could contribute to battery drain and choppy scrolling (due to CPU load).

I have had flash and 2.2 on my Nexus One and the browser is still quite a bit faster than my fiance's iPhone 4 Safari Browser. So your arguement means nothing.

My install went well, phone is far faster then before and it tied 2nd to the Droid X on Linpack. If the update releases Tuesday why wouldnt I be able to download it if the since the version number will be different?

I have noticed absolutely no bugs with the leaked version. Besides, I'm sure once the official release comes out (if it is even different), it will be just as easy to download and flash in the same manner as the leaked version

I didn't get the same results when I upgraded my Evo.. My battery life has become significantly worse. I wish I could revert back to the 2.1 software.

>"My battery life has become significantly worse"

Do you browse the web a lot? If so, there is a possible explanation- The precious Adobe Flash that every just had to have. Flash objects suck up all your CPU, memory, and battery. Not to mention being incredibly distracting and annoying when trying to read a page. And I bet it can't be turned it off, either :(

I agree.. the battery does seem a bit worse now and the web browser is indeed buggy. Definitely not an official build. All the talk about people having no problems at all is crazy dude.

Yea my battery life took a hit also. I'm at 7th hours of "normal for me" for me usage and i'm at 30% battery.

Gotta say after using flash for awhile its good when you need it any other time it's gone to much of a resource hog

Which is why the browser will desperately need new settings:

1) Turn Flash OFF (it is completely disabled and tells pages that Flash is not installed) or ON

2) Delayed load (it will tell pages it has Flash, and it will download the objects, but it will not display nor run them until the user touches the object).

3) Temporarily stop running now (it will stop any loaded and running Flash on the screen)

Examples for the last two in Firefox:

And thank God for those two addons. It makes it possible to use the Web again without completely uninstalling Flash (for those times it is needed).

In 2.2 the browser already has these exact settings.

From you're previous comments above it's clear you don't like Flash and are regurgitating anti Flash talking points. You have no idea what you're talking about though.

Per Ars Tech Froyo review:

"When you switch the browser to the on-demand plugin mode, Flash items will not be loaded by default. Instead, you will see placeholders that you can tap to load the underlying Flash content. It works a lot like the popular Flashblock add-ons that are available for desktop Web browsers. This option is particularly advantageous on mobile devices because it ensures that Flash will only chew up resources when you actually want to view Flash content."


On top of that there's an option to disable Flash all together.

I'm not a huge Flash fan myself, but the Froyo implementation for those who want it or when you need it sound about perfect. Seeing as it has the ability to disable it or use the on demand modes.

Boy, i'm glad I wasn't one of the simply just had to have it now and to be the first types. Then again without you we wouldn't know what the issues are. So thanks for being beta testers, something i'll never do again coming from a Pre! I guess we still didn't learn our lesson from the last update...Good things "usually" comes to those who wait!

Actually u can have flash by demand. Go into the browser settings and go to enable plugins. Choose "By Demand". After that the flash only loads when u touch what u wanna watch...

I wonder what they mean by "in the coming days". I checked the Tweet, and it was posted 5 hours ago. If the release is tomorrow, that isn't "days". Could this mean there might be a problem for those who applied the unofficial 2.2 and want the official? Or could it mean there is an expected delay in the 2.2 rollout? Or perhaps it is just unusual wording with no special meaning at all?

Well, I guess that answers part of my own question....it is 9pm EDT and the update is available under "HTC" in the system updates for over the phone. Downloading now!

1) Has anyone heard anything about the release that would bring all of us .3 users up to .6?
2) Has anyone else had any issues with moving apps, or installing apps to the SD card?