The folks at Degasis.net have offered up 10 free cases to 10 lucky AndroidCentral readers. And let's just get down to it: Leave a comment below and tell us an instance when you wish you'd had a case on your phone. Drop your Nexus One? Send your myTouch on a spill? We wanna hear about it.

The fine print: Cases are currently available for the Nexus One and myTouch lines. Only leave one comment in this thread; we're ignoring duplicates. Contest ends at 12:01 a.m. Saturday. Get to it!


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I dropped my mytouch in a parking lot when i was getting out of the car. i now have a nexus one though and i dont want it to happen again

I wish I had a case for my phone when a friend saw my Nexus One and asked who made the best cases for Nexus Ones. But I didn't have a case, so I couldn't make a recommendation. If only I had a case…

When I first got a myTouch, I got a discreet black ankle sock from my dresser to keep it in (I work in a warehouse, so I don't want the face getting scratched, jeez). Needless to say, taking a little phone out of a sock while working a machine with the other hand is probably a bad idea.
A slip of the fingers meant my phone went to the concrete floor (directly on its edge...) and IMMEDIATELY shut off. A bit scuffed, it worked after a restart, but that scared me so bad that I leave my phone in my pocket no matter what...

the day that i got my mytouch i experienced my first drop on a tile floor. luckily there was no damage to the screen but my phone had some scuff marks on it where it hit the floor. now i have the nexus one and have been searching everywhere for a good case for it!

I usually have a skin and a silicone case to protect my phones. I still have yet to fing a "jelly" case that works for me. Could this be it? I sure hope so!

Well...I left my phone on top of my friends car... SO, as he pulled away the phone apparently flew out and the hit the ground (still didnt know) After getting to the store i couldn't find my phone anywhere or even went back to his car to look under the seats. Upon arriving at his home i see my awesome mytouch laying the street with the screen completely cracked. The funny thing was , nothing else on the was screwed up. I believe the phone slide off and landed vertically and the force from the bottom smashed the glass on the screen. The phone worked but some of the letters and parts of the screen i couldn't touch. So i ordered a new one asap! NOW, this is kinda funny

I DJ at two places on the weekend. Friday is a local dive bar and saturday is a big club type area. As you see I stay up on fridays and saturdays extremely late so on sundays, i try to rest. Early sunday morning I got a call to DJ a new place that night so I couldnt turn it down although i had not really slept at all. I had planned on drinking that night so I just got a buddy of mine to drop me off pick me back up that night. Everything was going really smooth except my phone was dying.....BUT! i was almost done and she was on the way to pick me up. As I wrap up and wait for her I go outside and stand on a high ledge to see if shes coming out not. I jumped off the ledge while my phone slide outta my hand at the same time LANDING VERTICALLY AGAIN!! cracking the screen almost the same way as last time. So, not only am i super tired and ill, im now extremely mad and disappointed at myself at all of this happening, i ended up ordering a new one and all is well now. The funny thing is, this two instances happened almost 2 weeks within each other. I know, Cool story.

Will a case prevent the screen cracking if dropped again (ughh)? im not really sure, but i do know using this case adds extra protection so if there was a fall this would take the blunt of the hit. These are nice cases, thanks for listening!!

-animal krack3r

I take my nexus one to the gym and have already added a couple scratches in the month I have had it. I would defiantly need a cover!!!

I wish I had a case because I can never hear my Nexus One ring when it's in the sleeve that was provided with the phone. This is probably because I have partial hearing loss, or that the speakers on the Nexus One aren't that great. Whatev, man. :)

I was just at a spring training game using qik to stream some video from the game. I dropped my N1, but luckily caught it before it hit the ground... you can actually see the video of me dropping it at qik.com/morganmms - a protective case would have come in handy, fo sho.

Last Christmas, I got a T-Mobile G1. The day after I got it, I was running down my stairs and my phone somehow flew out of my hands. I was frozen in place as my phone hit the wall and then tumbled down the stairs. After it was all over, my phone had large scuff marks all over it, but miraculously it still worked. I have since moved onto the MyTouch 3G and am OCD about keeping it scratch-free :P

I was really hesitant to buy the N1 due to the great amount of criticism it had received. Then I realized, well... buying things makes me feel good, and decided to buy it anyways. The days that came after made my stomach sick with buyer's remorse. One day I wanted to return it, and another keep it. The fear of another better android phone being released was too much to bear.

Finally, I decided to keep it. I drove over to Best Buy with my friend and got myself a nice screen protector to seal the deal.

On my way back home I decided to pick up the mail. It was rainy and the ground was wet. I was finally at peace. As I was getting back into the car, the phone fell out of my jacket pocket and in seemingly slow motion, hit the tar and landed in a shallow puddle.

Our faces grew pale in shock. I picked it up, noticing a scratch on one corner and a slight gash on the other.

There I stood in the pouring rain.

I had bought a screen protector... but no case.

(P.S. The next day a bird shat on my shoulder and my tire exploded on the freeway. Help me.)

last friday, my brother called to chat about some stuff.. on & on & on he went and i started seeing yellow (i drink way too much coffee). so i'm rushing the conversation along while standing in front of the toilet doing the "gonna pee myself dance". i hang up, place my mytouch on the back of the toilet, & whiz for an eternity.. relief! i wash my hands then go for the phone.. like an idiot, i fumble it & in slow-mo KERRRRRRSPLASH into the toilet. ahhhhhhhhhh!!! damn water conservation, "if it's yellow, let it mellow". i fish out the phone with rubber gloves, ick! i dry it off, put it in a ziplock bag of rice all weekend & it came back to life. sadly, the backlighting doesn't work now so i have to use it with a bright light source nearby.

my fiancee tried talking me into an iphone. nope! i wouldn't listen.. i'll use my wounded android until the end of the month then i'm going to pick up a nexus one.

so, i would love a protective case for my upcoming N1 and maybe a flotation device too.

i have been looking for cases for a while but have been reluctant to buy without a try or knowledge of any good case for the nexus one...however i am the only one that i know of with this phone so advice from friends is futile

but i have dropped my nexus one while running on the treadmill and while trying to toss it on the bed it slid off a few times and i cringed while watching it happen...i immediately check to make sure everything is ok but would love to be positive that a small fall will do no wrong with a protective case!

A case to plea for... a case...
in haiku form...

Scratch! Bang! Gorilla!
Protect my Nexus love child
Encase my heart, please.

Dropping it on the asphalt in a parking lot when getting out of the car. I've done this so many times. I really need a case to keep my baby looking pristine.

The perfect case for the perfect phone !

I already have the perfect phone (Nexus One Rocks !!!) so... now I only need the perfect case to protect my Nexus !

Before I purchased my Nexus One, I owned a G1. I had dropped this phone while getting out of the car and it scratched the phone on the edge. Thankfully it didn't break. But it was scarred for life. I have not yet dropped my Nexus One (knock on wood), but I sure hope that if/when I do drop the phone I have a case on it.

I have a newborn and for the past 3 months all she has done is put everything in her mouth. I would like to protect my nice new phone from the slopperz.

I dropped my G1 down some stairs and broke the screen, had to get a replacement Magic. Dropped my magic and cracked the case :( i really need a protective cover!

I need a to have bad a** case to come with my upcoming Verizon bad a** Nexus One on March 23rd. Wouldn't that be the most bad-a** thing together. I know you'll agree with me. You're a bad a** too.

3 years ago i had an iPhone.
and it dropped into the toilet bowl.
The first thing i thought about is to flash down the watter :-)

Plesa help me guard my new nexus from bad things.

thanks :-)

I don't have a great anecdotal story, I just have a need for one of these, to go with my MT3G... Blue one please

I dropped my Motorola Cliq twice the first week I got it. The edges of the device are slightly marred, now. With my new Nexus One on it's way, I'd love to have a good case to protect it from day one.

I once had a nexus one that I did drop

It fell when the balloon that I was holding sure did pop

I cringed as it dropped and held on to the balloon's string

But quickly rejoiced when my phone did ring

My little nexus one has never been the same

Because the crack on the screen made my phone lame

I had my Nexus One in my lap while in the car, I opened the door and stepped out of the car, my nexus one fell straight smack dab on the screen, it didn't bounce or anything it just slapped, before I had time to react I then stepped on my N1 and scratched the screen even more. Bad day, wish I had a case.

So, one day I was lying in my bed and I couldn't find my phone. I stood up to shake my sheets to find it, just as I do I hear my brand new mt 3g land right inside a full cup of coke I had just poured! I quickly took it apart and dried it out. And to this day it works just fine. But I'm sure a case would provide even more protection.

Although I love my myTouch so much I bought one for my wife, my son and my daughter, holding a myTouch is kind of like holding an ice cube. My previous phones had rubberized exteriors and now every time I pick up my slippery smooth myTouch I have an acute case of paranoia, and my daughter feels the same way so it's not just me. I'm currently using a cheap gel case while anxiously looking for a professional solution to myTouch "slippery phone syndrome".

There are extensive reviews on Epik cases by Blackberry users, where the product line has apparently been on the market for some time, and the reviews are uniformly positive. "Best case ever" is a typical remark. If I try an Epik case and it's as good as the Blackberry reviews say, I'm immediately ordering three more for the rest of my family. Holding my breath and hoping for the best...

A few weeks ago my phone fell out of it's case while I was using the bathroom at work. Totally nasty to think of what was on that floor.

had 4 of these for my tour, now that i have come to the other side, wouldnt mind one for my nexus, that way i dont have to go back to my dreaded berry

I would love one, I've sadly dropped mine too many times. Several times just getting out of the car, my brand new nexus one has dropped on hard street pavement. I start getting sad once i see this :( hehe.

well i really wished i had one when i threw my nexus to my annoying little brother.
i dont know what it is but i just throw anything on my hands when i'm mad. luckly my nexus us fine. htc/google did a great job putting it together its strong! :D

Ok This is a true story. I bought my MT3G v1.2 the day it comes out. the following Saturday I am back at TMO with my mother who just bought the MT3G v1 and I decide I am going to buy their black silicone case just to prevent it from getting scratched till I can find something cool. Later that day i drop my car off with my mechanic who is going to fix my brakes Sunday morning. So the next morning my GF drives me out to pick up the car and when I get out I am greeted by my mechanic and we go through the whole thing I pay him cash which is at the bottom of my pocket I get the car keys back and not thinking I place phone on the truck on my GF's car. We talk some more and then I leave and I am driving down the road and start looking for my phone so thinking I left it in the GF's car (she was following me home) I pull into the gas station and she pulls in behind me. Needless to say this is close to a mile and a half down the road and as I walk up to her car what do I see but my phone sitting on the trunk right where i left it. YES I am the luckiest dumb SOB around. but I did learn my lesson.

when I first purchased my magic(canadas mytouch), it was my first phone that needed a case. So I cheaper out and bought a crappy one online thinking that they were all the same. I was wrong, the case was bulky and a pain to remove. I had to use a knife to pry it open everytime I wanted to switch batteries. Sure enough, I dug into hard and made a small gash in the phone. Quality is key, that'd the moral of my story.

When I purchased my magic(canadas mytouch), it was my first phone I thought that needed a case. So I cheaped out and bought a crappy one online thinking that they are all the same. I was wrong, not only was it bulky, but it was a pain to remove when I wanted to do a hard restart or switch batteries. The only way I could open it was to pry it with a knife. Sure enough, I dug the knife in too deeply and made a gash in the phone. Quality is the key. Quality spelt Epik.

I like the Neoprene pouch which comes with the NexusOne but sliding the phone out to check for notifications is a bit annoying, also it easily slips out completely and might fall to the floor. I wish I had a nice looking case instead of the "sock" :)

I'm always worried I'll drop my N1, having a case would help a bit

Don't want to recreate my problems with my old Storm where it would go nuts after a drop

This is what happened to my old phone; HTC Touch Diamond.

I was having a delightful day, just days before my reading week break (like spring break, but in february). I was walking the streets of downtown Montreal, almost ready to start skipping because I was just feeling good.

Then I received a text message. Ah, that jolly WinMo notification sound coming from my right pants pocket made me excited.

So I pulled out my phone from the pocket. And... well, maybe I was too excited. I must've used too much strength. I watched the phone fly about 10 feet ahead of me, flying over people's heads, and landing on pavement HARD.

I think that phone would be alright if the fall was all that happened. It was a busy street, and some businessmen with Blackberrys apparently don't look at the ground when they walk.

When I stopped panicking and ran to pick my phone up, it was too late. Cracked screen, buttons falling out, bent battery. It was done for.

I really wished I had a case for that phone... of course, I hated using that phone, because of WinMo, but it still sucks to see an expensive phone die that way.

And the worst part? I never found out what that text message said. It will always make me wonder, "what if I received that text? Would my life be different?"a

My two year old likes to slide my Nexus One across the wood floor.
It'd be nice to protect it from him.

ive got sweaty palms sometimes, and it will rub off on my mytouch, and it makes these real ugly stains that i constantly have to be cleaning with my shirt, haha. a case would fix the problem real quick!

Once I was hiking in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico and I reached for something else in my pocket and down went my cell phone...bouncing off rocks and roots about 50 feet downhill...needless to say, when I finally found it, it was not exactly in working order :(

I was running across the street to beat the red light and my mytouch slipped out of my hoodie sweater and hit the street making the battery case fall off, i almost got honked at. The phone was okay but i ended up scratching the corner and dinging of the battery case. Its okay though i got the warranty still. I would really like to get a Epik case cause after that incident i ended up going to get a gel case from t-mobile for the mytouch and it sucks, its big and it doesn't stay on and was a waste of money.

So i have been a windows mobile person for a long long time. finally a friend of mine talked me into getting an android phone. i was so skeptical cause it was new at the time and i was so used to windows. i do have to say at first i was a little bit nervous. but as i got used to it and starting figuring my way around the whole thing i started loving it. i currently have a mytouch and love everything about it. So this is where my dilema comes in. I do construction for a living and sometimes i carry my phone with me in my pocket. i usually dont but my boss from my other job has to get ahold of me from time to time. well one day we were digging at a site and i was expecting a call from my other boss cause i was up for a promotion. as it rang in my pocket i went to pull it out and low and behold there i go dropping it into the pit we just dug up moments ago. right on top of several rocks. after twenty minutes of trying to fish it out with sticks and other objects i finally got it. luckily it didnt break but it was severely scratched all over the back and a few small on the front. ( i had a screen protector) i ended up having it replaced and promised myself id get a protector for it. (but i still havent) so please guys help me out if you can. would truly appreciate it. :)

Would be less to worry about when I reach for my N1 on the table next to my bed every morning to turn off the alarm. Of course 1 out 5 times I knocked the phone off the table while trying to feel around for it. A carpet under the table helped but this would look a lot more sexy. :)

I imagine a lot of "dropped in the parking lot" stories have been told. But do any end up resulting in a tire print being left across the battery cover? Yes its true, and the screen amazingly unbroken, however the battery cover was as expected a little loose after that. Rushing out of my car, got half way into the mall when i realized didn't have my phone. Returned to my car to get it. Couldn't find it on my console. Looked on the ground and there it was in the middle of the parking lot. Happy to find it, quickly bent over to grab it and there it was, a true bridgestone printacross the back. How the screen, let alone the phone survived i don't know.

I haven't dropped my Nexus One yet, and I would like to keep it that way. In case I do an Epik Case would be helpful.

A case is a must even for everyday use. What I find is that while I don't drop my phone, just setting the phone on my desk at work or on the table has a tenancy to scratch the back of the phone. The Epik Case would be great for keeping my MyTouch in great condition so when the time comes to upgrade I can sell it for a better price!

Great contest btw...

UPDATE: The paint on my brand new MyTouch 3G Fender Edition is rubbing off from using a soft leather belt case... I really need the the Epik... :-(

I live in New Orleans. During the Superbowl, the day after I got my Nexus One, I realized the need to protect this thing with presidential security. Once Tracy Porter intercepted Manning in the 4th quarter, the bar owner, a buddy who stood in my wedding, tackled me while we were both drunk and very uncoordinated. We went through the front pane glass window of his bar while.....holding.....my........BRAND NEW NEXUS! I wound up with some shards in my back and the Nexus bounced around the concrete and never turned on again. I was mad but my Saints just won the Superbowl and I was woefully hammered. I got it replaced and stayed drunk through Mardi Gras. Now that the hangover has subsided, please give me something to protect my new Nexus before I go through another window. St Patty's day is coming up. :(

I would love a case. I work as a tech director at a church and I have a 4 year old and a newborn baby. I'm constantly dropping things.

I dropped my mytouch3g a couple times now and every time I cringe that something broke. Luckily nothing yet but a case would definitely help that situation out.

My girlfriend and I were leaving a movie a couple of weeks ago and it was raining. We ran to the car and my G1 fell out of the pocket in my hoodie. The bottom part of it cracked and a few days later the screen would not show any images. Only the back-light would come on. I ended up getting a myTouch since I was eligible for an upgrade.

I have been looking into getting a case so that would not happen again, but a free one would be great :)

I am in the usmc, and could really use a case that can take the physical abuse that I go through. I have a nexus one and it is dire need of a quality case. I take my phone everywhere. When I go out to the field I use it as a time piece as well as a alarm clock to get me up at 0 dark thirty. I keep my phone in my left breast pocket and what ever gear I bump into does my phone. I also have my phone with me in dusty/dirt, wet, environments. The case that I use just is not cutting it. My phone is a huge part of my daily life and need a case that can keep my phone looking good, safe for the years to come. Please consider me.


There is nothing like having the same exact phone as your husband. One day, rushing out the door one morning, I grabbed his Nexus instead of mine which means he had my Nexus. We don't have a home phone so our cell phones are a very important part of our life. We were stuck fielding each others calls all day. Talk about frustration! He now has a cover for his phone. I'd love one for mine!

Last month, I was wrestling with my 4 year old and 6 year old sons. They sure get rowdy at that age. While wrestling, my phone slipped from my pocket and fell on the floor. I thought, thats okay, I'll pick it up in a few minutes. Suddenly, my 6 year old body slams me, and his knee lands on my phone. It sure would have been good to have a case for moments like these. I ended up getting a new Nexus One. =)

I dropped my phone just two or three feet. I was getting out of my car. I had my Nexus 1 for about a week. The screen just got some scratches on it, and I was a little dissappointed. Then the LCD started acting wierd and not coming out of sleep correctly. Then it stopped working. So I chewed HTC out on the phone repeatedly, only to find a random post about cracked lcds and digitizers underneath the glass. Yup, I noticed the tiny cracks underneath the glass. I was this close to going back to my WinMo Touch Pro 2, which had withstood drops, crushes, scattering down the road out of a truck, all with just a few scratches. But I really like Android, and decided to stick with it.

Everytime I get it out of the standard issue sock! I need some protection please.

Nexus One if you please!

Happy Nexus One owner seeks upgrade for needy device.
Tired of slipping in and out of the sleeve all day.
Looking for a snappy, long-term commitment.
Respond this address.

I have a nexus one and one day as I was taking out my pants which had my nexus one in my pocket , as I take it out my nexus one falls out slowly out of the pocket it was in the pouch and then it hits the ground as I was trying to get it. The next thing was I realized was that the floor was like rocky (it had bumps) then when it hits the ground I pick it up and look on the left hand corner and it has like dents which sucks because I didn't have a case and it was in the pouch too ):

I probably dropped my Magic about 10 times and it has dents on all the corners. I can't help it I'm clumsy, but I can help it from getting damaged by putting it in a case.

I bought my Nexus One on that first Tuesday it became available and received it the following day. I was VERY excited and immediately hopped into my car and drove to the nearest TMobile store to setup an account.

That night I was hanging out with a some friends and showing it off ~ everyone gathered around as I went the through it's awesome features. A friend asked to see it and as I passed it to him, he was distracted and looked away, only to have it tumble from his grip, bounce off his knee, banged against a steel chair on down to the ground! I scrambled for my prized tool and rapidly inspected it, only to find a small scratch on the lower left corner of the case. OUCH!!

From that point on I've been looking at different cases and haven't found what I'm looking for, until I came across Epic Cases.

It would be fantastic to have protect my Nexus One with one of these great looking cases.

everytime i get out of the car, i end up leaving my phone in my lap and iot falls on the ground. this is exactly how i broke my htc titan years ago at a gas pump. so i could really use a case because im not trying to break this phone in the same away.

Pretty simple for me. Sometimes I put my car keys in my pocket with my nexus and I'll end up with scratches. Worst one was when I lost the leash for my dog and I had to run off to catch him and the nexus flew out of my pocket. Thank goodness the screen is still good, but nicks and scratches everywhere else.

Please pick me, I lost the case that came with my Nexus One and now I walk around with it naked. Its been dropped a few times before but those were only less than a foot but if it get dropped from any higher height, I know that it'll break.

I have A MyTouch and I an currently using the Black and Blue slide case from T-mobile. I am trying to be as careful as possible not the drop my phone. I know it is bound to happen. I could use a little safety net (the Epik Case). The case would save me. Thanks.

I dropped my phone when i was dirtbikinq for my first time. I know if I had a case it wouldn't of been damaqed to the point it was at. I was so distressed that day!