Droid X skin case

If you're looking for a basic case for your Motorola Droid X, check out the Smartphone Experts Skin Case. It has a slim and sleek design that gives your Droid X a simple layer of protection without taking away from the design of the phone, or adding any bulk.

The case is made out of a durable and flexible rubber-like material with a special anti-dust coating. It provides a bit a grip, but not so much that it feels sticky. The phone slips inside, covering the entire rear, top, bottom and sides. Your Droid X's screen is uncovered, but the slight extra thickness of the case helps keep free of scratches when placed face-down.

There are cutouts for all of the Droid X's buttons and ports -- including the all-important noise-canceling microphone on top of the phone. And it looks good, too, with a diamond-argyle pattern, which makes the case -- and your phone -- stand out from all the rest.

The Smartphone Experts Skin Case for the Motorola Droid X is available for $9.95 from the Android Central Store. More picture of it in action are after the break.

Smartphone Experts Skin Case for the Droid XSmartphone Experts Skin Case for the Droid X

Smartphone Experts Skin Case for the Droid XSmartphone Experts Skin Case for the Droid X

Smartphone Experts Skin Case for the Droid XSmartphone Experts Skin Case for the Droid X

Smartphone Experts Skin Case for the Droid XSmartphone Experts Skin Case for the Droid X


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Droid X case review: Smartphone Experts Skin Case


i have that exact same case for my droid x in the same color and i got it on amazon.com. just search droid x tpu and u get a bunch of different patterns and colors for like 6 dollars. Im just sayin'. im not advertising like the clothes people :)

No case other than an invisishield fits in the car dock. That whole removable part to fit a case is a sham. I have a really slim case from epikcase.com (only 4.99) and it almost fits. If there is a case slim enough to fit the car dock then I doubt it would protect yours at all. Just get a case that's easy to slip on and off.

No offense but suckers buy the (overpriced) Invisishield skins. The $25 they charge is outrageous...you can get the EXACT same thing from Bestskinsever.com for $6-9 ;)

I have this case and it's great; got it from Amzer. I just replaced it with a Seidio Active with Holster that came yesterday. I wouldn't have replaced it, but I couldn't find a leather side holster that fits this featured case. (the Verizon DX leather holster is very tight and will probably wear in eventually).

If you like carry your DX in your pocket, you should like this one. It can handle a pocket drop on sidewalk leaving your DX perfect.

I also recommend the Arkon 415 car dock is it will the last holder you'll ever need for any phone. I like it much better than the Verizon dock because my case stays on and the quick release is snazzy. Less expensive too!!

I am considering getting one of the Arkon docks (probably vent mount though) because it will fit both my Droid X & wife's Droid 2. The description says it will rotate to landscape but pictures don't show it. Does it rotate?

I purchased the same case for my Captivate from www.wirelessemporium.com. It fits like a glove and has all the proper cutouts. Amazing thing was I ordered on a Friday night about 6:30 pacific time and received on Monday in the mail (choosing standard mail). Pretty cool. Have received good comments on the smokey argyle look.

Amzer & Epik sell the same exact TPU cases in different colors, with and without the argyle/diamond pattern... Often for a few bucks cheaper. I got a pair of Epik ones (red+black) for my EVO for like $8 or $9 on Ebay, I also bought an Amzer one with the pattern for $9 on Amazon... They're identical. TPU cases rock, they don't need or have any anti-dust covering that I know off, the material itself just doesn't attract any dust at all. It's more slick and rigid than silicone or rubber but still flexible.

got a argyle case for my droid X. its flexible and good to grip. fits perfectly and doesn't take lint....!!!