dbrand custom Xperia Z2

We just wrapped up a pretty awesome round of giveaways here at Android Central, and it's time to officially announce the winners! Not only did we give away some HTC One M8 Dot View cases from ShopAndroid, but two lucky people have won Motorola Moto G and Chromecast prize packs from Republic Wireless, another reader is getting a custom skinned Sony Xperia Z2 from dbrand, and the last winner is walking away with a 64GB Amazon Fire phone. Crazy! So many fantastic prizes. Let's see who won!

HTC One M8 Dot View cases from ShopAndroid

  • danielw5536
  • raymaane
  • tmx31415

Moto G and Chromecast prize packs from Republic Wireless

  • defbehinds
  • trusk

A custom Sony Xperia Z2 courtesy of dbrand and AC

  • ajhall62

A 64GB Amazon Fire Phone

  • yankees177

Congratulations everybody! I'll be in touch in the next week via email with information on claiming your prize. We'll have more giveaways coming up soon, and in the meantime you can still enter this week's Weekly Photo Contest: Utility!


Reader comments

Contest winners: Amazon Fire phone, custom Xperia Z2, Moto G prize packs, and Dot View cases!


Thanks . I've read only some of the text hahahahahha.
For that I didnt saw this XD
Thanks ^_^

Posted from my beast GALAXY S4 via Android Central App

I just won it, Emailed Michelle back to see if its legit! Also I have sprint as my current carrier. Maybe unlock and get rid of my note 2? Contract is up for sprint so its a good time. OOOOOr swappa! HAHAHA

Yaaay! I'll win one day! I know I'm not being selected to win because AC has something bigger in store for me. Maybe something new, shiny, and high end haha. Nexii 6, maybe??? I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats everyone!

Why do I have a feeling that the winner of the Amazon Fire did this: "I won! Wait an Amazon Fire. Wonder how much I can sell that for..."

Posted via Android Central App

I feel like none of the winners ever show up on the post that states they're winners. Just an observation

Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One