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4 years ago

Virgin Mobile announces the Kyocera Event for just $79


Virgin Mobile and Kyocera have teamed up to offer an extremely low-cost Android device, the Event, for just $79.99 without a contract. Now you can't expect high-end specs at this price, but the Event shouldn't be a complete slouch. We're looking at a 3.5-inch HVGA (320x480) display, a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM (SDcard expandable), a 3.2MP camera and it's all running under Android 4.0. The software looks very slightly skinned as well, which is nice.

The Event can be purchased for just $79.99 without a contract, and paired with one of Virgin's plans that offers unlimited data starting at $35 per month for 300 minutes. This device would be a great option for a frugal first-time smartphone user.

More: Virgin Mobile

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4 years ago

HTC One goes up for pre-order on Expansys at £519


It was only a matter of time, but we thought it would be a little more time than this. Expansys is following in Clove's footsteps today and has just put up the HTC One for pre-order at the cool price of £519. Both silver and black varieties are available, but only in 32GB capacity (as expected). The pricing looks about the same to what Clove is offering the One for SIM free in the U.K. also.

Expansys also has pre-order placeholders ready to sell to U.S. customers, with both colors and capacities available, but there isn't any pricing information just quite yet. Three of the four major carriers in the U.S. have announced availability as well, so it looks like folks stateside will have several options when it comes to buying this device.

Source: Expansys

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4 years ago

Watch the HTC One London launch replay


Peter Chou, Scott Croyle and a host of other live from London for the main event of the HTC One launch.

More: HTC One forums

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4 years ago

From the forums: Top HTC One discussions


In case you missed it, HTC announced a new phone yesterday, and the Android Central forums have been busy with discussion about everything from the shiny all-metal body to the new "Ultrapixel" camera. Here's a quick breakdown of some the best threads so far --

More: HTC One forum

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4 years ago

HTC One launch day wrap-up


We're coming to the conclusion of our HTC One launch coverage, so now's a great time to get caught up on all the launch day goodness that we've published over the past few hours. Whether you want to check out hands-on video, in-depth write-ups or just the basic details, you'll find everything you could want to know about HTC's 2013 flagship linked below.

HTC One announcement

The key details of the new HTC handset.

HTC One preview

An in-depth look at the next big thing from HTC

HTC One specs

Snapdragon 600, GBs, Ultrapixels, and more.

HTC One carriers

Find out who's selling the HTC One in your country.

HTC One hands-on

We go hands-on with the new HTC One in New York.

Video walkthrough

An HTC One walkthrough from London.

Special AC Podcast

Alex and Phil talk HTC One in a special Android Central podcast.

HTC One Discussion

Hit the forums for friendly HTC One discussion.

HTC One UK pre-order pricing

How much you'll pay for the phone in the UK

Official HTC One accessories

First look at cases, docks and chargers

HTC One $100 upgrade deal

Upgrade to the new HTC One, get $100 for your old phone.

HTC One event liveblog

Relive our live coverage from New York and London

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4 years ago

No, there's no red HTC One


Hate to burst anyone's balloon, but -- well, that's what we do around there. For a little while today, there was a red option listed for the HTC One on HTC's website. We're told that was there in error, and it's since been removed.

So you can get any color of HTC One you want, so long as it's silver or black. Doesn't mean we might not see any colors down the road. (We have a feeling that red color was there for a reason, even if it wasn't supposed to be there yet.) But for now, it's silver or black only.

Source: HTC; More: HTC One forums

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4 years ago

This week's sidebar poll: Which U.S. carrier will you be getting the HTC One on?


HTC is billing the HTC One as the best smartphone available today. CEO Peter Chou said as much, and it's evident he believes it. We can't argue with anyone who agrees. It's packing an all-new next generation chip with the Snapdragon 600, has what looks to be an excellent camera, and amazing screen, and a sexy all aluminum chassis. The software side looks plenty innovative as well, and I can't wait to try out the Zoe features. In short, we know plenty of you guys and gals will be picking this one up.

Since the majority of our readers (hey, that's you!) hail from the United States, this week's sidebar poll is about US availability. Verizon was notably absent from the race to tell us all that we can buy an HTC One soon from our carrier's stores. We're not reading a lot into that by the way -- Verizon will be Verizon and do their own thing in their own time and the HTC One may show up there, Droid name in tow. Or it may not, and they end up with something completely different. Wait for an announcement before you blow a gasket.

Having sad that, we want to know who you plan on buying your HTC One from if you're going to buy one. When we have questions that only you folks can answer, we run a poll. Find it in the sidebar to the right, or just click past the break.

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4 years ago

HTC One: The U.S. radio frequencies


HTC"s plopped up its U.S.-specific HTC One specs list. Of particular interest to us here, of course, are the U.S. carrier radio frequencies. (OK, of interest to those of us who worry about such things.)

So, without further ado, here are the radio frequencies for the HTC One in the United States:


  • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


  • AT&T: 850/1900/2100 MHz
  • T-Mobile: 850/AWS/1900/2100 MHz
  • Sprint: 700/AWS MHz


  • Sprint: 800/1900 MHz (BC0/BC1/BC10)


  • AT&T: 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz
  • T-Mobile: 700/AWS MHz
  • Sprint: 1900 MHz

Source: HTC; More: Complete HTC One specs

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4 years ago

HTC One video walkthrough in London


Hopefully you've already checked out Phil's HTC One hands-on impressions from the press conference in New York. But that event was just half of the HTC One launch story, as the manufacturer held a simultaneous event in London, attended by CEO Peter Chou, design lead Scott Croyle and others.

Naturally, we got some hands-on time with HTC's new shiny after the presentation, so check the video above for another perspective on the handset. You'll find five minutes of footage covering the design, BlinkFeed, the Ultrapixel camera, HTC Zoe and more.

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4 years ago

Special-edition podcast: The HTC One walkthrough


We're only just beginning with our HTC One coverage, folks. There's a whole lot to go through, between BlinkFeed and BoomSound and Ultrapixels and Zoes and everything in between. And we've got a podcast all ready to go to walk you through the finer points of the HTC One.

Before you listen, we recommend the following:

And with that, have a listen to our special-edition podcast, featuring the HTC One.


And be sure to swing by our HTC One forums with any questions you might have.

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4 years ago

HTC One available to pre-order in the UK SIM free


All eyes have been on HTC today and what a beauty the HTC One looks to be. Here in the UK, Clove has already opened pre-orders for the device which they are expecting in stock on March 15th. The HTC One will set you back £425+VAT SIM-free and will be available in Silver or Black colors with 32 GB of internal memory.

That may sound a lot of money, but as more and more of us seem to go down the SIM-only route instead of a 24 month contract, the maths work themselves out.

Head on over to Clove to get your orders in. I suspect the HTC One could be slightly popular! If you missed our earlier hands on with the device you can catch up here.

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4 years ago

HTC One's designer talks about balancing engineering and emotional priorities


HTC posted a great blog entry about their thinking behind the construction and design of their shiny new HTC One. Designer Thomas Chien gushed openly about how good the One feels in the hand, but also touched on how tricky it was on the engineering side. Obviously an all-metal body (a first in the smartphone world) could cause some pretty hefty reception issues, but without going into too much technical detail, Chien sounded confident that they had created a phone that feels and functions great. Their tagline here is that "feeling is more important than physics", and certainly sets the scene for how the design and engineering teams work together at HTC. 

What do you guys think of the overall look of the HTC One? How much will you need to actually hold one before making the decision to buy it? 

Source: HTC

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4 years ago

First look at the HTC One cases, charger and dock


To compliment its stunning One smartphone, HTC introduced a handful of accessories this morning, including a variety of cases tailored specifically by the company for the device. HTC seems to have caught onto the fact that hardware only tells half the story for consumers, and phones with a rich accessory ecosystem are almost always more appealing to the average customer. 

HTC has played around with these cases and each has a unique draw: the kickstand case harkens back to the EVO era, while the flip case is reminiscent of one of the cornerstones of Samsung's sales strategy. There's also a three-piece case which will come in a variety of color combinations for maximum personalization.

In addition to cases, there's also a handy mobile charging system (a bite-sized box to carry in your pocket for a quick re-up) and a dock. Unfortunately, these items were behind lock and key this morning, so we cannot report on the charger's capacity or if the dock's specifications.

No word on availability or pricing of these accessories just yet, though we're willing to bet they'll be ready in time for the One's launch late next month. Hit the break for the full accessories gallery.

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4 years ago

HTC One hands-on


It's been quite a morning here in New York, and after weeks of leaks, anticipation and rumors, the HTC One is officially official. In case you're waking up late, we're talking about a design overhaul here, complete with metal chassis, 4.7-inch 1080p display, and Sense 5.0. The highlights here aren't so much the specs-- though the Snapdragon 600 chip and 2GB of RAM are nothing to sneeze at-- as they are the features HTC has built from the ground up, including the Ultrapixel camera complete with "Zoe", Sense 5's new BlinkFeed homescreen experience, and BoomSound. Hit the break for our initial impressions.

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4 years ago

Sprint promises HTC One availability too


AT&T and T-Mobile have already announced that they'll have the recently-announced HTC One, and Sprint is hopping aboard too. They're equally skittish about date and pricing details, but you can always sign up for availability notifications here

It's great that these three are offering it and all, but what's going on with Verizon? Why no love for the HTC One? In any case, hit the jump for the full press release, or scope out our preview at the link below. Any Sprint customers itching to upgrade to this bad boy? 

Complete HTC One preview | HTC One forums

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