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4 hours ago

Pick up an unlocked Moto Z at Best Buy for just $449 today only!


Our friends at Thrifter are back with another great deal, this time saving you $250 on a Moto Z at Best Buy!

Best Buy's Deal of the Day scores you an unlocked Moto Z for just $449, which is a savings of $250 from the regular price. This brings it down to the same price you'd normally pay for a Moto Z Play, but allows you to grab the model with higher specs instead. The Moto Z is powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor that is paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Inside, you'll find a 2600mAh battery that recharges via USB-C.

One of the big appeals of the Moto Z line is the Moto Mods, which allow you to add a battery pack, speakers, a projector and more to the back with ease. This deal is only good for today, February 24, so don't wait too long to make your purchase or you'll be stuck paying the full price!

See at Best Buy

For more great deals on tech, gadgets, home goods and more, be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

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12 hours ago

LeEco is finally adding an app drawer to the Le Pro3 and Le S3


Upcoming EUI update will bring new features to LeEco's phones in the U.S.

LeEco has announced that an upcoming update to its EUI user interface will bring an app drawer to the Le Pro3 and the Le S3. The update will add the app drawer icon to the middle of the dock, moving the Live entertainment app — which lets you access LeEco's content offerings — to the right.

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13 hours ago

LG X Power2 is a phone with boring specs and a huge battery


LG continues to focus on just one feature and ignore everything else in its X series.

LG has introduced the successor to the X Power, and like last year's handset, the X Power2 has a huge battery and not much else going for it. The phone sports a 5.5-inch 720p display, 1.5GHz octa-core CPU, 2GB of RAM (1.5GB in select markets), 16GB storage, microSD slot, 13MP rear camera, 5MP front shooter, and a 4500mAh battery that LG claims will last "an entire weekend without recharging."

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1 day ago

Everything you need to know about Sprint's Unlimited Freedom plan


A complete breakdown of Sprint's Unlimited Freedom plan and everything else you can get when you sign up for service.

In the United States, there are a lot of companies that can get you and your phone online, but most people use one of the four biggest: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Choosing between them can be difficult. Your first priority should be what service works best in the places you spend your time. It's not worth saving $10 a month if the service is bad. Once you have that sorted, you can look at what each company has to offer and the prices they charge for it.

More: Which unlimited plan should you buy?

Let's take a look at Sprint to see what they can give you and what it will cost.

Note: The details of this plan are current as of February 20, 2017.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan details

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data (with certain restrictions)
  • Unlimited data for streaming video up to 1080p
  • Unlimited data for gaming up to 8Mbps
  • Unlimited data for streaming music up to 1.5Mbps
  • 10GB high-speed mobile hotspot with VPN and P2P support
  • Add a tablet with unlimited data for $25 per month

Note: These features apply only to new accounts.

Sprint's definition of Unlimited Data means that after you use 23 GB in a single month, your service can be slowed down if you're in a congested area. You'll hear the word throttled used here but you need to know that it's only a temporary deprioritization of your data connection when you're in a busy area. It may not happen at all depending on how many other customers are using the same towers.

Buying a phone and getting exactly the data plan and extras you want is far easier on Sprint than every other company we've tried.

Sprint's Unlimited Freedom plan applies only to new customers who are also buying (outright purchases or financing) or leasing phones from Sprint at the time of purchase, and credit approval is required. There is an activation fee of up to $30 per line and the Unlimited Freedom Plan requires eBilling. Current customers can call 1-866-275-1411 with questions about changing their plan.

Sprint offers a 14-day satisfaction guarantee and devices purchased on installments are subject to a $350 early termination fee.

Additional lines can be added to a Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan. Every line has the same benefits outlined above and requires an equipment purchase. Here is a pricing breakdown.

  • One line of service is $50
  • Two lines of service is $90
  • Three lines of service is $90
  • Four lines of service is $90

Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan add-ons

Sprint's Unlimited Freedom plan is a no-frills option at a low price. There are few extras and add-ons available if you want international options or a few extra features.

  • Free Sprint Open World Winter Promo: Free calls, texts and high-speed data from Canada, Mexico and 25 other countries in Latin America until March 31, 2017
  • Mexico-Canada Plus: Unlimited calls and texts from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada, unlimited messaging to 180 countries and discounted international calling rates from the U.S. for $5 per month
  • Upgrade your phone every 12 months with a $5 monthly charge

Sprint also offers trials and discounts on some premium services for new customers. Spotify Premium has a 30-day trial available, as does Lookout and Sprint Family Locator. After the trial period, normal monthly rates apply.

Sprint also will offer "unlimited access to exclusive artist content not available anywhere else" now that the company has bought one-third of Tidal, though exact details on this aren't yet available.

See at Sprint

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1 day ago

LG G5 review re-do: The worst Android flagship of 2016 isn't that bad


MWC is just beginning, and LG is slated to show off the G6. Since we're just about to look ahead, I'm taking a look back at the LG G5. This phone was a flop, but now that the price has dropped, it's worth taking a look at again. Well, not too close a look.

I'm Michael Fisher, better known to the wider world as MrMobile, and if I had to recommend a good camera phone for under $400, I've got a new contender. Watch this video and revisit the good (just the camera, which is really good), and what was not (pretty much everything else).

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1 day ago

Korean media says LG G6 will launch on March 10, Galaxy S8 debuting globally April 21


We now have launch dates for this year's biggest flagships.

A report out of Korea's ET News suggests Samsung and LG have finalized the launch dates for their upcoming flagships. The publication states that the Galaxy S8 — which is rumored to be unveiled in New York on March 29 — will be launching globally on April 21, while the LG G6 is slated to become available on March 10 following an unveil at Mobile World Congress later this week.

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1 day ago

Huawei P10 shown off in new leak, EMUI 5.1 and 360-degree camera teased


Huawei P10 gets shows off once again ahead of its official debut.

Huawei confirmed last month that it would launch the P10 at Mobile World Congress. We saw the device break cover earlier this month, which showed off the blue, gold, and green color options it will be available in, and today we're getting a look at the press renders of the Huawei P10 ahead of its official unveil.

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1 day ago

HTC 10 is picking up the Nougat update in India


Nougat update is now available for the HTC 10 in India.

HTC rolled out the Nougat update to the HTC 10 back in November, with unlocked units in the U.S. receiving the update first. The company has since rolled out the update to customers in the UK at the end of last month, and is now making Android 7.0 Nougat available to Indian users.

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2 days ago

Grab an LG V20, Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge for just $360 at T-Mobile


Right now at T-Mobile you can grab an LG V20, Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge for just $15 a month, or $360 full price, which is a savings of more than $300 on any of the phones. The discounts here are instant, so you don't have to wait for a rebate card to be mailed to you or monthly credits to appear on your bill. T-Mobile has already started pushing the Nougat update out to both Samsung phones, and the V20 of course launched with it, so you'll be able to run the current version of Android on either option without a problem.

This offer is only available for a limited time, so if you want to pick one up be sure to grab one now! You can take advantage of this as a new customer, or an existing one.

See at T-Mobile

For more great deals on tech, gadgets, home goods and more, be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

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2 days ago

New leak shows off the LG G6 next to last year's G5


LG G6's slim bezels get highlighted in latest leak.

The latest LG G6 leak shows off the device next to last year's G5. LG has previously stated that the G6 will feature a big screen in a small body, and it's easy to see that from the image posted on Weibo. In spite of featuring a 5.7-inch QHD+ display, the G6 is only marginally larger than the 5.3-inch G5.

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2 days ago

Honor V9 debuts in China with 5.7-inch QHD display, 6GB RAM, and 4000mAh battery for $435


The Honor V9 has everything you'd want from a high-end phone in 2017.

Huawei's sub-brand Honor unveiled its 2017 flagship in China, and like the company's offerings in the past, the Honor V9 offers high-end specs for the equivalent of $435. The phone features a 5.7-inch QHD display with 2.5D curved glass, and is powered by Huawei's latest Kirin 960 SoC, which has four Cortex A73 cores clocked at 2.4GHz complemented by four 1.8GHz Cortex A53 cores and a Mali G71 GPU.

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2 days ago

Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 could be heading to India and Vietnam [Update: Not really]


Update: A spokesperson for Samsung India has confirmed that the company won't sell refurbished units of the Galaxy Note 7 in the country: "The report on Samsung planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphone[s] in India is incorrect."

Original story follows:

Samsung announced the findings of its Galaxy Note 7 investigation last month, detailing that two separate battery issues were to blame for the device catching on fire. With Samsung now recovering most of the Note 7 units sold worldwide, it looked like the device's troubled tale has reached its conclusion.

However, a new report out of Korea suggests that Samsung is looking to sell refurbished units of the Galaxy Note 7 in India and Vietnam as a way to recoup some of its losses. Samsung has recovered 98% of Note 7 devices sold globally, and used 200,000 devices to conduct battery tests, leaving the company with 2.5 million units in its inventory. Instead of disposing the devices, Samsung will fit smaller batteries in the range of 3000mAh to 3200mAh, and sell them in emerging markets.

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2 days ago

Verizon's Moto G5 Plus breaks cover in new leak


The Moto G5 Plus is heading to Verizon.

Verizon has shunned the Moto G series for a few generations, but it looks like that won't be the case this year. According to noted leaker Evan Blass, the Moto G5 Plus will be available on Verizon.

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3 days ago

What is T-Mobile Digits and why do I want it?


T-Mobile's Digits brings phone calls and texts into the 21st century, but at a time when people care little about those things, will it make a difference?

T-Mobile has unveiled a new service called Digits, making phone numbers less reliant on a SIM card, and expanding the simple phone number into the smartphone age.

But for all of its big talk, Digits is a bit confusing, so let's break it down.

What is Digits?

At its core, Digits is T-Mobile's way of utilizing its new IMS (IP Media Subsystem) backend to dynamically direct calls to any device, or store multiple numbers on a single device.

Basically, without the technical mumbo jumbo, it's a way to free the phone number from its legacy place, and to utilize the flexibility data-based nature of Voice over LTE and Voice of Wi-Fi to allow a call to take place, or to be received, in the most convenient place. This is very similar to Google Voice, and to many other Voice over IP services like Viber and Skype, but T-Mobile has one major advantage: it owns the network, and it distributes the phones.

So what can Digits really do for me?

Provided you're on one of T-Mobile's compatible postpaid plans (yes, this is yet another way for T-Mobile to upsell you), Digits can make it easier to manage phone calls in the increasingly inevitable situation you have multiple devices.

The basic idea is that if you receive a call on your traditional T-Mobile number, your phone should ring, along with any device — another phone, a computer, a tablet, even a connected smartwatch — at the same time. You can also make calls from any of those same devices without your phone nearby, and without the need to have a SIM card.

A secondary but for many people equally important feature is the ability to have more than one number available on a single device. So instead of having separate personal and work phones, you can have a single smartphone make and receive calls from two or more numbers.

This sounds a lot like Google Voice

Yes, it does. The major difference here is that T-Mobile is committing to a couple of things that even Google, which creates both Android and Google Voice, can't do:

  • It is integrating Digits directly into the Android phones it sells, working with manufacturers like Samsung to seamlessly add Digits support into devices like the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7 and Gear S3.
  • It is making it easy to do so-called "SIM replication," which allows you to duplicate a phone number onto a second device, such as another smartphone or a connected smartwatch.

This is in addition to the Google Voice-like Digits app that's available for Android and iOS, to make and receive calls and texts from any device, anywhere. There's also a Digits portal on the web for people who sit in front of a computer all day and want to be able to initiate communications that way. And because the app is available natively and through an app, devices with SIM cards from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint — any carrier, really — can access Digits messages. If you lose your phone, for instance, you can download the Digits app onto a friend's device and make and receive calls and texts from there, too.

Like many cross-platform messaging services, call logs and messages also sync in real-time between devices, which is a huge boon to productivity if you don't always have your phone in front of you.

It's tailor-made for Android

Android is the only platform on which T-Mobile can rely to help Digits grow.

Digits is a cross-platform play, sure, but it is tailor-made for Android. Not only does iOS have its own cross-device communications protocol in iMessage, which may mess with Digits' ability to route texts, but Apple doesn't allow for any system-level alterations, rendering one of Digits' primary use cases moot.

Indeed, Android is the only platform on which T-Mobile can rely to help Digits proliferate, but by potentially limiting half of the population to merely an app-based experience, it is almost immediately cut off at the proverbial knees. Still, Digits has a five-device limit, and can easily be tuned to be used on an iPhone or iPad, especially since as of iOS 10 VoIP apps can take over the lock screen like a regular dialer.

The best Digits experience will always be on Android, and initially is only natively available on the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge or Note 5 purchased through T-Mobile.

So should I sign up?

Digits, while free during the beta period, won't be afterwards, and T-Mobile isn't saying how much it will cost.

Digits is an intriguing product, and an example of what it looks like when a carrier turns next-generation core technology like IMS and HLR (which works to virtualize SIM data on the core network) into something that is truly compelling to consumers.

There are a couple of caveats, though: Digits, while free during the beta period, will not be afterwards, and T-Mobile isn't saying how much it will cost. It's likely going to be just a few dollars per month, but users already need to have one of the carrier's postpaid plans such as T-Mobile One or Simple Choice. And only the primary account holder can actually sign up for a second line in order to carry two on a single device; secondary users can merely share their existing number across multiple devices.

During the beta period, which is indeterminate but should go into next year, T-Mobile will ask users to provide feedback on the service. This is a complicated thing, despite its upfront simplicity, and bugs will need to be worked out.

In the long run, though, Digits is coming to market at a time when the phone number is likely the least important aspect of a smartphone user's experience. Data, and the avenues to the internet it provides, is the backbone of the mobile experience. Phone calls and rich texts sent over a carrier network, even one as advanced as T-Mobile's, still feel somewhat anachronistic.

Nonetheless, the Digits beta seems like a great option for T-Mobile users running select Samsung phones on Android, and we look forward to trying it out!

See Digits at T-Mobile

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3 days ago

HTC U Ultra Video Review


For years, the name HTC was synonymous with solid smartphones. If you bought a high-end HTC, you knew you were getting a classy metal chassis, slick and sporty software, and better audio than any other smartphone. But the company's reward for all that quiet consistency was a customer base that slowly evaporated as its competitors cleaned up. So last year it shook things up a little with the well-received HTC 10. And this year, everything's different — except the price tag. I'm MrMobile, and this is the HTC U Review.

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