Android CentralLast week we saw the the first retailer listing for the Samsung Galaxy S3 over on Amazon Germany, and today the plot thickens with a new stub appearing on Carphone Warehouse's "coming soon" page. The independent retailer lists the device, currently acknowledged by Samsung as the "next Galaxy", alongside a diminutive preview shot that's so tiny and generic it's impossible to tell whether it's an official render or not. If nothing else, it has its buttons in the right place for a Samsung phone -- you can clearly see a power button on the right and volume rocker on the left.

What's also intriguing is the slow gravitation we're seeing towards the "Galaxy S3" name rather than anything else. Over the past few days we've seen references to that name exactly -- Galaxy S3, not S 3 or S III -- leak out on Amazon, the official "Unpacked" app in the Google Play Store, and now CPW. Despite rumors that Samsung may attempt to ape Apple's naming scheme with a "new Galaxy S", we think the S3 name makes more sense in terms of branding. A "new Galaxy S" is too confusing for consumers upgrading from the S II, considering how schizophrenic Samsung's Galaxy branding already is across its phone and Tab lines. And a "Galaxy S III" with three as roman numerals isn't as instantly recognizable -- your brain takes a few more seconds to process those pesky three lines and differentiate "III" from "II".

Whatever the case, we're still in rumor territory with regards to much of what we "know" about this device. And we're not expecting that to change until the Galaxy S3, or whatever it's called, is unveiled in London on May 3.

Source: Carphone Warehouse


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Carphone Warehouse outs 'Samsung Galaxy S3' with tiny teaser pic


Serious question...What is it about this device that has so many people drawn to it?? Is it just because it's new?? I just don't get it...

It's Samsung!... Company who produces the Best specs including their own Screens and Best Processors for phones... They're not the top selling Android OEM for nothing. They ALWAYS bring the goods...

That's strange. Every phone they have made to date is crap except the nexus.

That's my opinion. How about you stop confusing yours with fact.

if they were indeed crap they seem to be selling millions and millions of these ''crap'' galaxy devices which only moto and htc etc could be dreaming of at the moment to have those sales figures...also the ''crap'' s2 was voted smartphone of the year by many so what does that make other phones i mean lol even the biased apple site cnet put the s2 as the best phone ahead of the 4s...not bashing you just saying that you may not like the phones but that doesnt make them crap.

Let face facts the Samsung line has always been behind in specs, xenos chips when everyone else had already moved on to better qualcom hardware as well as Omap and like you said a lot of sites agree with you stating but the thought that people that look for high end specs look at this line of phone, its a good phone and nice looking but it is what it is.....

They are selling millions because they are filling the market with them

Best seller does NOT always mean best quality or best specs. Check Nokia for an example, the day they aimed to best selling their quality & specs went downhill

Thanks folks! I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I'm using my modded ThunderBolt at the moment and am eligible for upgrade at anytime. I've had a bunch of friends who've bought Samsung in the past, only to tell me how much they disliked them after a few weeks with them. Probably why I've stayed away...In looking into the numbers, I'd have to agree with IceDree here with them filling the market with a ton of devices. Their 140 devices, 53 of which being Android, trounces what Moto and HTC have out.

what an idiot... who is the top Selling Android OEM by a long shot? Who's screens get the best reviews from users and techblogs? Who's Processors always blow others out of the water?... THE GS2 is still touted as the Best phone last year... no competition. Get a life.

What is it with all the "New Galaxy" name rumors? Has Samsung ever hesitated to use obscure and awkward names for their products? Some iDiot started that rumor and we have to see it on every story about samsung phones from now to eternity?

Uhm don't know where you all get that Samsung has the best hardware. Screens are king but that's where it ends. Moto has the best radios and as far as processors go I've always thought highly of OMAP over everything. You believe the media hype and sales numbers all you want because we all know sales numbers mean quality.....Sarcasm cough cough.

The SGSII had the best benchmarks for months. As for the build quality, everyone raggin on Sammy due to the heavy use of plastics but my phone gets dropped all the time. No damage yet. My daughter dropped her iPhone 4 and that glass back evetyone is so proud of shattered.

Still don't understand how people criticize the build quality and say they copy the style from iPhone in the same breath.

Remember that teaser with the phone falling onto the sheet so we could see the outline? That phone had big, rounded edges, like the nexus. This one doesn't look like that and I'll take the tease from Samsung as more reliable than a random website.

Also, I'm going to guess that the phone won't be black, it will probably be the blue and white colors that we saw in their invite

It's black. Rectangular. No home screen button. Soooooo if Apple release the iPhone 5 with no home screen button I think it will look like this because it's rectangular and black and buttonless. Hmmm will Aplle get all jumpy that it looks similar even though they release afterwards?

Ahhh who cares if this is as good as the GS2 release then it should do really well.

And to all you whiners about the thin GS2 back cover, if you want thin phones, then put up with thin plastic to keep it thin. It doesn't break when you drop the phone so it isn't as crap as you think. Not like using glass as a back material anyway.

OMG! WOW! It is a black slab like just about all other high-end smartphones. Let's start a 1,000 post thread about how ugly it is or pretty it is in comparison to all the other phones.