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Grab a High Street bought Nexus 5 for just £298

A quick heads up for anyone in the UK thinking about picking up a Nexus 5 any time soon; Carphone Warehouse is currently matching Google pricing. OK, so it's only on the 16GB version, but for £298 – actually a whole £1 less than Google! – you'll be able to get one with free shipping or to collect in your local store. 

There's bound to be some killer new devices headed our way in the next couple of months, but the Nexus 5 not only represents the best way to stay on the bleeding edge of Android software, but also one of the best value-for-money smartphones you can get your hands on right now. If this is the one for you, drop by the source link below for more. 

Source: Carphone Warehouse


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Carphone Warehouse matching Google pricing on 16GB Nexus 5


Already have mine (16gb white accidental but good as I always go for black so a nice change.) along with my note 3, brilliant combination.

The nexus 5 offers great value for money and camera is decent after update along with the battery life and speaker.

Go grab a bargain :-)

Posted via Android Central using my and I quote Mercdroid "gift from god Nexus 5" lol

They sold it for £295 I think it was on release day which is where I got mine. Got it sooner than ordering on play plus no delivery charge!

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Is this phone future proof(+1 year)...?
I was just about to order one from ebay thank u android central, i will be walkin over to carphone warehouse and gettin me one...
Oh and any of you guys have experience with broken glass on gs3?
Everything is working fine just the glass is broken...
Should i buy glass or glass+digitizer?

sent from gs3...i need a new phone

Yes the Nexus 5 is worth getting +1 year from now usage. It will be first inline to receive updates from Google.

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