Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s

Does the rumored larger-screen iPhone 6 with new software features have you curious?

Now that we have a pretty good idea of when the iPhone 6 will be unveiled (September 9th, if you hadn't heard) and released closely thereafter, people have already gone deep into discussion of whether it's going to be a worthwhile device to pry you away from the one you have in your pocket right now.

A big thread in the forums started by Davyo is already picking up a little steam by asking the question of whether the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 6 is worthy of "ditching" your fresh new Galaxy S5 for.

Considering that the iPhone 6 is expected to bring a larger screen size more in-line with modern Android devices, and the fact that iOS 8 is finally loosening the grip just a little bit when it comes to app intercommunication and third-party keyboards, the question isn't as crazy as it used to be.

Whether or not an iPhone update will be enough to tempt you away from your current phone is a tough one, and even more so when you consider that most folks who have a Galaxy S5 are only a handful of months (at most) into owning that device. Is this question in your mind right now as we get closer to an iPhone 6 announcement? Join the discussion in the forums!


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Can the iPhone 6 pull you away from the Galaxy S5?



+1 to lose freedom, widgets, IP67, replaceable battery, HDMI connect, 144gb storage, IR remote, USB copy any file everywhere etc etc etc etc etc for ............


I don't know, for bigger icons? :)

the limited world for limited iToys, no wonder

ps: SGS5 does not lag (the biggest and only argument for limited brains)

I was a galaxy, s2,3,4,5 owner...thought the same...the S# does not lag, ya'll are crazy. I picked up other devices in the store and used them for a little while and saw no difference. I now have an HTC One M8 and I'm telling you there is a speed difference that is noticeable. When I now use an S5 or other android devices I see the lag. It is just relative to what you are used to. However, the S5 is a damn good phone and I'd use it any day if I did not have my M8.

iOS 8 Has widgets now so why your listing that I have no idea. I have never personally needed to replace my battery and you can get extended warranty to cover the battery for the iPhone. IR remote is cool but not everyone uses that feature. Who knows if the new iPhone is water resistant or not? HDMI connect is cool I'll give you that and the USB copy but the rest of the features you listed are your opinion. I personally work at a mobile store and I will tell you that yes the S5 does lag after a bit of time. I have had customers come in complaining about it and had to reset the device to fix it (Temporarily). Actually every android I have ever owned lags at around the 6 month to a year mark. I love android and I love the iPhone and each one has its advantages. For me the new iOS 8 has added features that I have wanted on there platform such as the widgets and 3rd party keyboards among others. It's enough for me to go back to having an iPhone for a little bit. I'm sure I'll be back to android in the future because as a tech guy I enjoy both and love both for there advantages.

-1000000000000 I think Samsung has improved TouchWiz amd I actually like sure it's a little laggy especially in the gallery but I love my s5 and I am surprised there are so many haters

Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or Galaxy S5

Maybe Samsung has improved TW. But understand that I found it so atrocious on my GS3 I'll never try it again.

Posted via my tricked out Moto X.

My Moto X hasn't lagged ever. It's way faster than TouchWiz...

Posted with my Nexus 7 2012 or Moto X via the Android Central App

Moto X doesn't lag, but just has a crap camera and barely passable display.

TW might suck, but you can fix that yourself by installing a ROM or even Nova Launcher. Lag is all gone then. However, you're forever stuck with the bad hardware in the Moto X. You can't do anything to make that better...

I've actually been very happy with the pictures I've taken with my motox. This phone has been by far the best Android experience I've ever had.

Posted with my MotoX, no case needed.

I'm just not very impressed by it at all and apparently it hasn't impressed many others either because it hasn't really sold...

My best friend has had the X since it came out. For me the puny 720 display and shotty camera far outweighs the benefits of a smooth UI for the reasons I mentioned. Like I said I can make the UI smoother on just about any phone, and who cares if your app drawer or gallery opens 2 milliseconds faster lulz? In this day in age with how fast phones are any type of lag is very minimal and rally isn't that bothersome.

I'd much rather have a killer display, better battery life, water proof/resistant, great camera, options to go into a true power saving mode, etc. type of phone as opposed to a phone that doesn't have this things but can scroll between home screens somewhat faster...

Compared my GS3 to My dad's Moto x, since they are similar in specs and hands down the X is way faster and has no lag compared to the GS3. As durable as my GS3 is for it should be destroyed by now for as many times as I have hard dropped it, enough for the battery to fly out on occasions, the thing still works and has no scratches on the screen. But TW is awful and unless Samsung comes out with a Vanilla device for verizon as well, I'll never buy another device with TW. I even waited a whole year just for the Moto X 2.0 because I figured it would be bigger and have a major spec bump.

I'd be willing to give the next variation of the Moto X a try if it has what I want in a phone, but the current Moto X isn't what I'm looking for at all.

For me personally, the display, battery life and camera are 3 of the biggest factors I look at when getting a phone. The current Moto X falls short in 2 of those 3 categories (display and camera) and in regards to the 3rd factor, the battery life, it isn't anything to wow at but it's decent enough. Which is pretty weird considering the Moto X should have better life considering that Moto claimed they went with a smaller screen with lower resolution for this phone so that the battery life would be more stellar and it really isn't. It's pretty average. They basically gimped the display for no reason it seems then..

Don't get me wrong, I think the Moto X is a decent enough phone, but I don't really get all the hype over it like it's the best thing since sliced bread just because the UI is pretty stock and smooth. It has a lot of major drawbacks to it too though. Glaring shortcomings. It was a good initial attempt at a flagship for Moto. No doubt. Definitely overly hyped though. There's big reasons the general public aren't into it. It's simply an unimpressive phone. No way in the world Average Joe or Jane walks into a store looks at it and goes, "Man, I have to have that." Hopefully the next variation will be all of what people sell it to be and more. I'll get one then and maybe even get another for my girl...

Does it remove the crappy fonts in settings,does it disable ALL bloat apps without root?Does it reskin the notification panel to stock?does it change the dialer which honestly looks like Android gingerbread era design?NO

Posted via Android Central App on Google Nexus 7 2013

Fonts can be changed with other apps, don't care about bloat apps if I don't use them they have no relevance and I don't use the dialer too much I use voice calling

Exactly what I do. I rooted my Note 3 installed Nova Prime and Apex then got rid of touchwiz and seriously debloated the phone, except for the S-pen apps. It is crazy fast with killer battery life. Nothing else even comes close.

Posted via Android Central App

You have to do all of that to enjoy a phone.... No thanks...I've done everything you guys have daid for years on Samsung Gs3 ,Note 2, moms Gs4 and she has a Gs5 now and even last night i was helping her with her phone.... Its sluggish!!!! Why should u have to install root and bla bla bla...?? Id take an iPhone 10x over a Samsung sorry... But before either I'll keep my M8 or get a G3.. Or die waiting on Sony

Posted via Android Central App

Dp you really stare at the TW UI in the dialer or sms app 24/7?
Seriously I never understood the whole "but launchers only change the homescreen" argument

Posted from my SGH-I337M

We live in a day and age that when you don't like something you're a hater.... Smh...
I remember when a hater was saved for the times when someone disliked something for no reason... I a long time Samsung user until after the note 2 well tell u there are plenty reasons not to like Samsung Android phones..

Posted via Android Central App

There is minimal lag on the s5 when opening some native touchwiz apps such as the gallery and camera.....but that phone is a straight up beast, it absolutely flies. Anyone that says otherwise either hasn't used it, or is listening to the wrong one can slow down the 801, not even samsung, lol

Posted via Android Central App

Trust me I've seen all of I said, native apps such as gallery, dialer and camera, open 1/3, to1/2 sec. Slower than the m8 or stock for instance.....basically any app you can find however launches simultanously....( minus slower animations of the GS5 which can be corrected in developer options as I'm sure you know)

Btw, I own both the m8 and the gs5, and yes, the gallery, dialer, and camera take slightly longer.....other than that, it's the same goddamn hardware, jackass !!!! You're splitting hairs

Posted via Android Central App

So you've seen Moto E (Dual-Core/Stockfish Android device) vs Galaxy S5? Samsung really needs to up their A game the issues are inexcusable at this point in the game.

Ya, that video went viral with that English kid running the speed tests....and if I remember correctly it was native apps like the dialer, gallery, cammera...and I think google play if I'm not things for sure, there is slight lag when opening (some) native touchwiz apps when compared to alot of hardware, especially when if its close to stock....but it's to the point of minimal.....and who gives a shit about 1/4 a sec. Anyway? Only hard core nerds care about that shit......

Posted via Android Central App

I am a hardcore ocd nerd. I stick to stock Android basically because Google is the maker of Android and I'm of the opinion that they do it better than anyone else. Google+ didn't fare too well in that video on the S5. I don't hate Samsung but I am disappointed in their choice of build materials and their utter lack of software chops. That being said to each their own.

It's because Samsung sells 80% of Android phones and people like supporting the under dogs. Most haters have not owned a Samsung before, but like to jump on the bandwagon and join the other idiots in running Samsung products down. Does not bother me in the least, as I do own a S5 and love it.

I wish my battery life on my 1+ was as good as s5. My friend can use his for hours before it dies... On 40% with 3 hrs on screen. I played candy crush yesterday and my battery went down 15% in a few minutes. Something is wrong with that app.

Posted via Android Central App on OnePlus One

Hell, I'd take an iPhone 4 over an S5, and this is a man who has owned every nexus phone to date except for the original.

This comment, makes any future comments you make suspect because you have shown a remarkable lack of intelligence in trying to slam a phone you do not like. Think before you type.

As the saying goes
"Never say never"
I am curious to say the least to see what iPhone 6 brings, but they wouldn't have to try to hard to get me away from something like the SGS5 (not a phone for me personally)

Like I said in the forums, if I was going to buy an iPhone because it's getting specs that Samsung has enjoyed for the last couple of years, I might as well stay with Samsung.

In my opinion android will always be more advanced then iphone no matter what they do a lot of stuff the iphone 6 is just getting android been had in there old phones.....

Posted via Android Central App

What specs? The iPhone 5S has a 64-bit processor, dual tone LED flash, and touchID fingerprint scanner. Right after that happened, Samsung ripped off the last two features (very poorly) and literally couldn't do anything about the 64-bit because nobody saw it coming. Now all the chipmakers are scrambling to answer.

Oh, I guess you mean pixels and ram, like every other computer-illiterate idiot here.

And the s5 is waterproof, also has a fingerprint reader, a heartbeat detector, TV controller, removable battery, LED indicator, and more.

Posted via Android Central App

Since we're being 2 years old and calling people names.... You and your s/o in the pic could afford to lose a few pounds.

See how constructive comments can be. /s

Posted via the Android Central App

So I have a s5 and I really want to know what the hell your talking about? Oh and by the way apple wasn't the first with the fingerprint scanner... Apple will always be number 2 get used to it...

Posted via Android Central App

Oh you mean the 64 Bit chip that has no real use other than to fill up space on a spec sheet an look pretty? It's ahead of its time yes, but it offers no real advantage for the consumer currently over the impressive 32 bit chips being put out for flagships these days.

Posted via Android Central App

Oh, right. Those are killer features right there. Call someone illiterate after making a stupid point. Brilliant.

Posted via Android Central App

Considering that very few, if any, apps support 64-bit architecture, big f'ing deal. How many iPhones are waterproof and dustproof, have a removable batter, heartbeat sensor, and an IR blaster? I'll give you a hint: none.

I'm rising above hate and not resorting to namecalling in light of Robin Williams's death. I suggest you do the same.

First if why do you need a heart beat sensor. Secondly removable batteries are or soon will become a thing of the past, I get along fine on my nexus 5 without a heartbeat monitor or a removable battery.

Posted via the Android Central App

Your the only one. The battery sucks on the Nexus 5. That and removable batteries are gaining again in popularity not going away

Posted via Android Central App

And you always come to save the day. You always bring up valid points. Removable batteries are great, why be a slave to a charger.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

The battery isn't bad on the Nexus 5 at all. It certainly isn't horrible enough to stand the "toddler focused, Froyo looking interface" on all the skinned phones. My eyes burn just looking at the Galaxy S5 font.

Posted via Android Central App

Apple sure aint the first who made a vingerscanner in their phone.

Posted via the Android Central App

I think Apple is the only one with a Vingerscanner.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Fan boy!..Why are you here? Oh wait.... because after using an iPhone for an hour you have exhausted all of its features and therfore are now bored. Meanwhile most of us here are watching videos in dual screen mode while responding to comments. (Hahaha ...Dogs on skateboards are funny).. Oh sorry. Any who. Enjoy our site. .

Posted via the Android Central App

Nobody saw it coming? I'm pretty sure Samsung is the company that manufactured all of those chips so wouldn't they have known it was coming? LOL

That's a silly reason. IPhone specs might not match top of the line android phones, but real world performance shows they are fast as hell. (Search Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5s).. I wouldn't get an iPhone because I like the android os way more. The iPhone screen still looks amazing even though it has a lower pixel density than than the s5 or g3.

Posted via Android Central App

You must be referring to the Moto lag on my ancient Droid Razr, because there's sure as heck none to be found on their latest offerings

Posted via Android Central App

Hell no, I don't rock Samsung but there is a reason I'm reading android central. The iPhone is a useless piece o crap. The fact that u can't download torrents kills it for me right now. Great u can surf the net, make phone calls and watch netflix, so can the fire phone? Like I said useless !!

Posted via the Android Central App

Um...can't download torrents? Wife been doing it on hers for almost a year now, and she knows nothing. Just saying...

Posted via Android Central App

Lol.. Anything can pull people away from touchwiz. Everyone complains how slow and laggy the Samsung phones are after just few days. For people who say they don't have the lag, then other phones will feel more smooth.

Posted via the Android Central App

This. I can't stand touchwiz. It's brutally ugly and slow. Its also why I traded my galaxy s4 for the moto X

Posted via Android Central App

Well, OK, I'll try a new lunching partner tomorrow, but I'm not sure how that's going to help with screen lag.

Posted via Android Central App

Smoother, not more smooth. And I don't get the lag claims about TouchWiz. I have a s5 and there is no lag. Yes, TouchWiz is ugly, but not laggy

Posted via Android Central App

I'd agree with older verisions of TW being laggy but they haven't used the newest version. It's just something losers hate on to attempt to get attention from people that like good phones.

No, it's still laggy even on beastly hardware. Be forewarned it's like that sound someone else hears and you don't, so you try to hear it and once you do you can't ever stop hearing it. Be thankful you don't notice it and enjoy your device. FFS a launcher does not fix Touchwiz. It makes your home screens look better. That's it. Touchwiz is DEEPLY embedded in a Sammy device. At least the Notes make some better use of it though.

Hey... Remember when people were saying the SAME shit about sense? I swear this is getting old. Seriously.

Posted via Android Central App

TouchWiz is nice and smooth on my Note 3 but if it's not to your taste you can always change the launcher. I'm running Nova Prime on both my Note 3 and Note 10.1 2014.

Posted via Android Central App

Changing the launcher removes about 10% of touchwiz on your phone.There's still the crappy fonts you have to deal with in notification panel and settings menu and you still have to disable unneeded apps which are like 20+ in TW

Posted via Android Central App on Google Nexus 7 2013

"Y disable them if u don't use them anyway"

Dafuq I just read.If I don't use them I certainly want to disable them coz they are eating battery and RAM unnecessarily

Posted via Android Central App on Google Nexus 7 2013

I'm in no way defending Samsung considering it's the only company I've dealt with since coming over to Android but I have to say something.

I own the note 3 and will eventually own the note 4. I don't like touch wiz and that's why I have the Google now launcher. Should I not enjoy my phone because the manufacturer sucks at making a skin for the phone? Do we not have other options? Am I missing something?

Posted via Android Central App

exactly thats tha point of android if u dont like a feature or font or a ui u can change it at will and u have multiple options for each

Unless your carrier and/or manufacturer lock the device down to the point you can't do any of that. Not to mention doing any of that will void the warrantee. I decided I wanted a phone that had a great experience out of the box, and doesn't have an ugly UI. So, I ditched my Galaxy S4 and bought the lower-speced Moto X. And guess what... Despite having a slower processor I don't have any lag because stock android isn't a bloated mess like touchwhiz.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

iOS will never pull me away from Android. Not unless there is a major change in Apple's philosophy of software management. Plus I love my moto x too much. I suppose the X+1 could entice me to switch.

Posted via Android Central App

I hope apple puts some real pressure on Samsung. Between a really good showing for the ip6 and LG coming out with good phone after another, hopefully Samsung will feel the pressure to step up its game.

That said, nothing I've heard about the ip6 sounds good enough to drop me into the apple ecosystem.


Doubtful many Android enthusiasts here on AC will be converted. Nevertheless, Apple is going to shake up the industry again with their new and highly desirable iPhone 6 and iWatch offerings.

That's a good thing.

Samsung's market share will continue to plummet as other OEM's out innovate in design and functionality the stayed and stale overpriced and cheaply manufactured Samsung offerings.

Nope. I'm happy with my s5. IPhone have always been too restrictive as far as customizations. I'd rather not have to jailbreak my phone and void my warranty to customize my phone. I'm happy with android.

Posted via Android Central App

I think the better question is will it pull Android users in general to iOS? Like you said in the article, anyone with the Galaxy S5 has only had it for a few months. I think anyone reading Android Central that purchased the Galaxy S5 already knew that the iPhone 6 was coming with these features, and they probably didn't care, otherwise they'd have at the very least waited to buy the S5 until they actually saw the iPhone 6. We all like a new phone, but I think there's only a small percentage of users who are going to change phones after 6 months. Now Android users who have devices from 2013 or 2012 are another story, and are more likely to have been holding out on an upgrade until they see the iPhone 6.


Less people are loyal to Android than we tend to believe. Also don't dismiss or forget about the Apple marketing juggernaut.

Already gave Google all my information, not sure I want to go through the same with Apple, not just yet....

Posted via Android Central App

I wouldn't give my money to Apple, but if for free, yes I would chose iOS interface over Touchwiz.

I have known a few people that went back to iPhone after using Galaxy due to complications with its interface and Samsung bugs.

Hi - you do know there's more than just TouchWiz right?

I have it on my S4 but never have to deal with it!

Let's just say I have CyanogenMod installed on every Samsung phones I owned (up until I stopped buying their phones all together). Even if you installed a different launcher on stock Samsung, you still deal with the slow speed due to bloated firmware and Samsung Knox restrictions/battery drain.

Just root it and Knox goes bye bye. It did on my Note 3, as did touchwiz and all Samsung AT&T apps.

Posted via Android Central App

Rooting a Samsung phone cannot get rid of touchwhiz. It is baked into the OS and the only way to get rid of it is to unlock the Boot loader and flash a stock Android firmware.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

I love my s5 no phone is better then it in my opinion all the iphone 6 is a s4 with an old android update on it I don't know how people don't notice this lol the specs on the iphone aren't even better then the s5 so why would I switch my phone is way better lol its still the same layout since the first iphone its a boring grandma phone

Posted via the Android Central App

I had the first iCrap Device launched on 2007 and i told to myself from that year that i´ll never will get an iCrap again. I had BlackBerry before jumping to Android. I'm fine right now with my S4 looking forward for the Note 4 or the S5.

My S5 will be replaced by a Note 4 or the next Nexus.
I like iOS on my iPad. I am not interested in a phone running iOS anymore.

the iphone6 is pulling me away. i love android, but i'm sick of high end phones having to be huge. a 4.7" iphone will pull me right back in i think. i do like the android OS better, but the phone has to fit in my hand and pocket or I can't use it at all.

i'm on a moto x right now, but have had the galaxy nexus, gs3, and gs4 as well. my last iphone was the iphone 4

iPhone-only user here. This article came up in my Zite feed. Normally I wouldn't post, but I think a lot of you are straight up missing the point as to why some people prefer iOS over android. Like many iOS users, I too have been tempted by larger phones, more customization, and more choice in general in the Android world.

Here's why I stick with iOS regardless of the temptations of Android:

Security - Say what you want, the way Android handles security and malware (or rather DOESN'T handle it) is a big problem for me. The fact of the matter is that almost all phone malware is on Android. No thanks.

Integration: I'm a Mac user and following the mess that is Windows 8, I can't see myself jumping ship unless it's just a gaming PC. iPhone and iPad integration with Mac has always been amazing and with iOS 8, it'll likely get much better.

Ecosystem: I'm already locked into quite a few apps on iOS and would not look forward to losing apps that are either not available on Android or that are inferior on Android.

User vs 'Mechanic': I want my phone to 'just work'. When it doesn't work, I want ONE place to call to get it fixed. I want my phone to be 'invisible' and not an obstacle to getting things done. It gives me no joy to constantly tweek or fix my tech.

Anyway, that's just one perspective from one iPhone user that might help explain why some of is prefer iOS to Android. Let the river of insults and abuse commence.

I get that point of view. Other than this, most people reading this article on this site know enough to make an informed decision. Many other people just try either Samsung or Apple and just stick with it because they only use their phones for texting, social media, and maybe some popular games. It doesn't matter to them as long as it works.

I agree with you on every aspect. But for hiccups and giggles I did a test. I wanted something a little bigger screen wise so I bought a Note 2 off eBay to try. Well after using the Note 2 for 2 months and Google Services. Mostly maps and music (but i have been using more Drive, mail, calander etc) it will be hard for me to go back. I have a 5s and I do like it and have been switching back and forth a little for testing purposes but lately been staying with the Note 2. Customizations is something I didn't have before and truly I like it. I'm new to android and I saw a story about Google launcher. (And just read about more) So I tried the launcher and I fell in love. Google's voice (sorry I'm new there is a correct word for the product I'm sure) I find more reliable and consistent than siri. There are some apps I am going to miss, but I'm sure there are some on android that will take it's place. I also have all Apple products in my house and find my Note 2 to fit in just fine. As for what's coming out. I'm going to take a hard look @ both the new iPhone and Note 4. Like others have said "bloat programs on the Samsung is annoying but I just turned them off and I'm ok with this. I find the Note 2 a very capable phone for my needs and still learning about Android and other options I have not just OS wise, phone wise also. I really like multi widows and finding more uses for this feature. I still have my iPads and Mac's, but I'm really liking the android experience and looking forward to learning new things. Widgets I find very useful and have come to using them more and more. This community of android users has helped me a lot and there's so much more to learn.

Posted via Android Central App

It all comes down to size (she said) they all do the same but it's what fits the hand and pocket that wins out in a modern phone. They all basically do the same these days.

Got a contract with 3Uk unlimited calls, texts, data for less than £40 on a unbranded Nexus 5, I would never get that price for an unlimited contract with an iPhone. That alone is the deal breaker for me

Posted via Android Central App

I'm considering iPhone 6 mainly because of os updates. Hear me out.....

Previous phone, Razr Maxx HD, now out for just over two years, will get no more updates.

Current phone, LG G2, will be very lucky to get updated to 4.4.4, yet alone Android L. Not even a year old.

By way of comparison, the iPhone 4 released in 2010, has finally received it's last update. It shipped with ios 4, got 5, 6, and 7.

I'm not pro-any OS, I'm just tired of my phone being left behind in a year or two.

Posted via Android Central App

By that logic, getting a nexus device will benefit you equally seeing as they get updates straight from Google.

Posted via Android Central App

That is an excellent point as well. Sadly, where I live Verizon is really the only carrier option, thus no Nexus for me.

Posted via Android Central App

No, it's a terrible point. Since I bought my Nexus 4 two years ago, there have only been two updates (4.4.3 and 4.4.4) to address bugs.

There have been ten version updates of iOS 7, and counting.

I had a iPhone 4. Yes. They do get updated. Unfortunately, I never had Siri and its limits of the hardware become an issue. Add to that the lag that manifests from said updates. As well as the battery drain and it isn't so hot after all. I've had my HTC One for a almost a year and I've already had three updates and it has improved my user experience every time and hasn't impacted battery life and Android L will even take it a step furthur. I would never get a Samsung. But it would take a lot to get me back on to an iPhone. I might even try Windows if they ever get their act together before Apple again.

Posted via Android Central App

But. The IP4 didn't get the full update. It got a cut down version of what the new flagship got.

Posted via Galaxy ace plus running Speedmod 2.5 with Xposed

I could never switch to ios its boring and can't do what my galaxy does I've had galaxy since the brand started it gets better with each phone iphone just does small changes I honestly don't see the hype in an iphone it has so many limits of what your allowed to do with it

I may get the larger sized iphone if they can wow me this time around. But just making it bigger isn't enough. Either way why can't I like both??


Yeah, but the thing is, it's not just a change in screen size this time. iOS 8 represents some changes in a few of the things that really turned a lot of people off of Apple in the first place. It's not enough to pull me away from the system that I've come to know well and be very comfortable with, but I'm happy with, but I appreciate the changes they're making.

Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies

iMessage is the one thing I wish Google had a comparable version of and please don't mention Hangouts.

Posted via Android Central App

Hangouts isn't THAT bad... They tried and didn't completely fail. Just fell off the mark by a couple miles. However, I agree, I'd like to see something better.

I don't like either of them. I've sworn to never buy a Samsung device again. Nexus and Moto FTW.

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Oh hell NO! There is absolutely nothing appealing to me about Apple products. In fact the thought of using one makes me cringe.

After having to return an earlier generation iPhone SIX times to get one with a battery that would last more than a couple of weeks, NO THANK YOU. I'll stick with my GS3 for now, while I hunt for a Nexus or Moto that does everything by voice.

Or any phone now if you install the Google Now Launcher. Screen off voice recognition is the only thing missing.

Posted via Android Central App

Wouldn't have either, but I know how Crapple loves to bash Android at every opportunity. So I can just hear them now....."we finally invented the large screen phone, and just look how fragmented Android is....I mean these are a horde of Android devices at all screen sizes....soooo fragmented. We at Crapple are anti fragmentation, so we're going to only offer one, maybe two new screen sizes, you know, so there's less fragmentation. We're really doing you a favor offering you fewer choices, trust us." And iSheep will go nuts, guaranteed!

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk ATT

The one thing that bothers me is the fanboys who hated larger screens until precious Apple decided to do it. Now some have changed their tune and decided that they've wanted a larger screen all along.

We all know it's the pie part of it that's delicious. The apples are just there to show how great the pie crust is in comparison to fruit. We can't tell how great chocolate is unless we've got broccoli to compare, right? :P

I switched from iPhone 5 to galaxy s4 to htc one m8 to oneplus one. Galaxy s4 was horrible and always got hot, after I got the m8 I forgot about iPhone. But now my m8 is in repair because of Camera lens issue. Going to sell it once I get it back. Love my oneplus one. Battery life was horrible but after draining it to 0 yesterday, battery life is much better. 3 hours on screen time and at 40%, was usually dead by 2 hours. Apparent people get 2 days out of it, on Pacman rom and thinking that I might switch back to cm because of new Ota update... Well apple is dead to me. I still use my old MacBook pro sometimes but mainly use my dell venue 11 pro and 1+ as main drivers.

Posted via Android Central App on OnePlus One

Since most of my tech is not ingrained with Apple ecosystem.. - NO. Since I have never owned Apple devices and prefer to use devices best suited for MY needs.. - NO.

I love my Galaxy S5. Best phone out there right now in my opinion...

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No. Perfectly happy with my Note 3.

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What a ridiculous question.....all android enthusiasts should be insulted just suggesting that the iphone 5s, or any other iphone for that matter ( 6 included ) even belong in the same conversation with any high end android device. regardless of whether or not you're a samsung fan, android is vastly superior, and has evolved into the monopoly of the mobile market share. All we need now is to take the last measly 13 % that apple has left.......lolololololol

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I've owned the blackberry 8800, bold 9000 and Bold 9900 before I finally gave in and purchased an S4. I've enjoyed every last aspect of he S4. I chose e S4 after much research of the reason I should get an S4 instead of an iPhone.

I don't believe in the pion he to this point, but time will tell if iPhone really does a good job that no other phone can respond to.

So at this point, I will NOT ditch android for any iPhone that apple put out there so long as my android keeps innovating and keeps up to date and not fall to the side like what blackberry did.

My last phones before going to iPhone 5 were ONE X+ and then the Note 2. Loved the cohesive and refined Sense (but had battery life & overheating issues). Not to offend, but hated touchwiz (almost an blocky feel with jumbled intuitiveness? Hard to describe, just didn't like it).

An Andriod lover, I thought I'd hate "boring restrictive ios." But, I discovered it does by default everything I need and it does it in a very refined and intuitive way. It executes tasks very well and it's fun to use. Also, although not natively integrated, Goolge Now, voice search, Google Maps work great on ios.

I may go back to the newest flagship HTC someday. But, unless touchwiz has gotten better since I used it last, the iPhone 6 would pull me away.

I have to agree with you. I was all over this "I hate everything apple..." until a friend reminded me to know your enemy before you judge them (can't remember exactly how he worded it). So I took the plunge and ordered an iPhone. The intuition that the software has is what makes people like iOS. It's scary accurate and well built. Battery life is extremely good because it's efficient. Kinda like people owning a MacBook instead of Windows for actual use. I believe that Mr. Martonik had stated on another article that a LOT of editors on this site use them. Call me crazy but I get automatically hated as soon as someone sees my iPhone or my MacBook. Seriously? "EEEwww! I hate apple..." is usually the first thing I hear. But this is coming from those who have a "galaxy phone" or they're on the Droid Network. Hahahaha...

Definitely yes. Cause I am now using my HTC phone and I do not think Samsung is better than HTC.

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The "Samsung" name pulls me away from the g5. Actually, it's not even Samsung really, it's TouchWiz. I'm sorry but it's just horrible. Spoiled by HTC sense I suppose.


Touchwiz isnt as bad as it used to be.....check out the GS5 and compare it to previous versions such as the note 3....they've overhauled it quite a bit and for the first time I actually like touchwiz (not talking about the launcher, just touchwiz as a whole) samsungs done a good job

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Hell no. But I am waiting for the Note 4. I have had every S branded phone except the S5. I sold my S4 GPE and got a Note 3 and love it. Looking forward to the Note 4. I also had an iPhone 4S and 5.. Couldn't stand it and had to send them back. But my husband still has an iPhone 5 and I'll be upgrading him to a 6 if it has a larger screen.

You know, everybody seems to love to hate the S5 and Touchwiz, but it has little refinements that I really love and use all the time. Sure, there's bloat, the gallery sucks, and the camera takes too long to come up.

But I love the little icon in the corner when I am on a call and switch to email. I use the PIP video while watching podcasts and browsing. The popup for text messages is great. I like multitasking, and Samsung gets that.

Tried to use the iPhone recently and it nearly killed me how Apple tries to lock you into doing things their way. Barely lasted a week.

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I'm not anti iPhone but no it could not pull me away from my current nexus 5. I won't pretend I'm not happy to have the iPhone inch closer to a viable alternative though. It makes me nervous when I am completely dependent upon the product strategy of one company. If Android stops meeting my needs I'd like to have a backup.

But for now the flexibility of android even without root is way better. If that flexibility ever leaves though...

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Crapple sucks wet hairy ass!! I will never ever downgrade to a crapple phone!! I would rather get a dumb phone then use a crapple phone!!

Just ditched my 4th iPhone a month ago for Android. I just gave my ipad 2 to my mom. Keeping my JR ipad air for movies for now. Son had ipad 4, ipad mini and ipad touch. Also have apple TV. Just bought an surface pro 3 and a Note 3 which I love. Done with Apple. Still in the eco system for now but I prefer android. IPhone about to be posted on Craigslist.

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Amen to that!!!! God, I'm feel glued to this thread, just waiting for some apple troll to to come over and talk their usual nonsense

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I am interested in the synthetic sapphire screen material (I may be remembering the name wrong). One thing that irks me about smart phones in general, is that the OEMS spend so much effort on design when the end product is far too fragile to show it off. Sure you can be REALLY careful with your device but eventually you're going to have a mishap. I don't care how many days you go without an incident.

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I just don't see it happening. It's not that the iPhone isn't a nice phone. It's just that my life is in Google. I have mail dating back to 2006 in there. My whole family calendar is there. I use GMail, GDocs, Google Voice, Google+, Google Music, etc.

All of that, plus Google Now, is integrated so well with Android. There's really nothing broken with my experience with Android phones so I just don't see a reason to fix it, especially at iPhone prices.

You can get most of those apps on makes most of their apps available on iOS.

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Most != all and Google Now just isn't integrated as well. I have an iPad and that's pretty easy to see.

As I said, for me, Android's not broke. Why fix it?

Yep. Have not had a iPhone since I was holding it wrong, But I am interested. I will not leave android, but I like what I am seeing and may pick up an iPhone 6 if all the rumors pan out.

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I know I'm going to get burned big time for saying this on an Android Central forum, but oh well...

I absolutely love Android for what it offers in terms of customization, but I tell you, the update cycle Google offers to fix bugs is way too slow.

Last year, I had terrible problems on my N4 using my bluetooth jaybirds earbuds due to bluetooth bugs inherent with 4.4.3, and now with 4.4.4, my mobile networks drop pretty much every day. Due to the fact that we only see on average 2-3 bug fix updates per year with Android, I'm moving to the iPhone 6.

iOS is constantly being updated to fix bugs whereas Google doesn't really seem to care as much.

A lot of that has to do with the carriers. Google is addressing this with Android L by bypassing the carrier and sending it directly to your phone the way Apple does. This is a big step.

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I'm talking about updates for an N4. Has nothing to do with carriers.


Oh, I see what you mean. So with Android L, updates will be more frequent?

I'm happy with my Moto X but I can't deny that I'm very interested in the iPhone 6. From what they are doing this is going to be a fascinating time. Last phone was Galaxy Nexus and that was more than reason to get the X. First near stock ui. Second, getting away from Samsung's crappy radios. Now all works well. Still will look at 6 when it comes out. Always leave your options open.

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If the iPhone would allow me to email a PDF and Word document in the same email, or allow me to reply to an email with a work attachment without changing apps, I MIGHT would consider switching. Until that basic functionality is there, iPhone is a no go for me.

No, mainly because I don't have a S5 to begin with. If someone offered one of these phones to me for free, I'd take the iPhone, sell it, and then but the next Nexus with the money. The next Nexus, or something like the OnePlus One, will be the only things that can lure me away from my Nexus 5.

Wait dont forget the iPhone retna display isn't even HD ohh now that they are launching an HD display because the screen real estate is larger. After how many years apple? Much less the shitty battery life for a none HD screen the battery life should of been much better. Apple has taken the smart of of smart phone lol. Bash Samsung all you want keep keep over paying for features that have been previously released by the competition isheepers

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People are talking about the GS5 as if it's a Blackberry... I mean I really don't use a Samsung as a daily driver but I've tested it out before and it's way better than a iPhone. No matter how big the iPhone gets I'm sticking with Android. Just put CM on the GS5 and I'm good!

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Considering I never owned a Samsung device I tried out my friend's S4 for a few days and I developed nausea seriously.Its so freaking bloated and the font was all ugly and I couldn't change it without flashing and EVERY aspect of the phone was laggy.Even opening the settings menu was a tad slower than my N5.If this was Android on all phones I would have jumped to the iPhone without hesitation

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Ya, the s4 sucked man...lagging down something as strong as even the SD 600 is unacceptable.....but samsung pretty much got their shit straight with the s5. it's a beast, and touchwiz doesn't look so much like shit anymore

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It's possible. Android is starting to lose its luster. Locked down phones, and Google is tightening the grip on the OS.

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The iPhone is small and uninspired.
The only thing that makes the screen different from every other iPhone out there is what page you put your icons on and what folders you create.
I'll pass and just keep rearranging my screen to what fits for the way I use my phone.

I have a Motorola Droid HD Maxx and I will stay with it, I just got it set up the way I want, and I don't want to train a new phone.

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I'd ditch android for iOS because of continuity. I have a MBPr and if the 3rd party sharing is good enough then I'm switching.

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Who gives a damn.... Get what ever phone you like.. I have a Sony I like it. Wife has a s5. She likes it. My stepson has a Sony he likes it. Showed his father how he could download a movie straight from his phone, while swimming under water in the pool with his z1s.. His dad started searching iOS for the torrent app. Stepson said, dad give up. Go pull out your pc dude. he tucked his tail, dusted his laptop off, and opened it up.. Lol
I personally still like Samsung over Sony.. So can't wait till the note4 comes out.. Sony screen sucks. I bought 5 all at once. 4 have broken screens. All use less. Even a tiny Crack makes the phone usless.. You can run over a Samsung or iPhone screen and crack into a million pieces and still use it if you don't mind cutting you fingers up to pieces... Lol.. I'm trading mine in as soon as possible on the note4.

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Also. Extra batteries on Samsung phones rule. My wife has 3 batteries. She burns through 2 a day.. She never plugs her phone into a charger. Just switches batteries and plugs dead battery into the cradle.. All her Co workers keep there iphone plugged in all day so they can hopefully make it home from work to plug it in again... Lol.

Apple could pull out all the stops and make the best phone in the world (which, they say they do, anyway) and I still wouldn't buy it. Why? iOS and the way they force you to do everything their way. They take all the thought and creativity out of owning a phone. Your iPhone is exactly like everyone else's. My Note 3 is unique to me. Anything I don't like about my phone, I can and do change.

iOS is great for my mom. It holds her hand and guides her through the dumbed-down functions. Then again, she needs that. She has, like, 7 toolbars on her IE browser.

Apple will sell a ton of the 4.7" phones. Personally I think they should also keep the 4" and do the 5.5".

There's nothing they can do though that will make me switch. I'm vested in Android, I prefer the customization that it offers and I like having many options of phones to choose from compared to 1 a year (though apple seems to be addressing that slightly).

I like apple products, they're just not for me. Apple should get smart and open iTunes cross platform though. Easy money for them Imo. Would help people like my friend who just converted from her iPhone to the G3.

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I'm considering the iPhone 6. Two things I really disliked about it were the phone is too small and that horrible keyboard. They're fixing both, so it definitely peaks my interest. I also want to see if there will be an updated Droid Maxx...I have this phone and the battery life, touchless control, and smoothness is pretty impressive.

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Gees those times are over.. Stop crying about lag since its hardly ever possible now with the hardware we get!

Im not a fan of samsung, but if they bring something i like on the table than im sold.

Currently rocking my g3 which i prefered over the s5.

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No. Their widgets aren't widgets in the true sense. The home screen is still going to be nothing but useless app icons. Waste of space. Bland, blah, boring. Plus I use the G3 so really the OPO (if I ever get an invite) and the new x-1 or N6 are what I am interested in. Plus Apple can't help themselves to oversized bezels.

As opposed to icons and maybe a widget or two on Android? They aren't that different. The experience is where you go beyond the home screen.

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Android home screens aren't too different from those app trays. Once you go beyond the home screen, you see the real differences.

I would never use an S5. Too much bloat for me. I am primarily a Nexus user and while the new iPhone looks nice, it still can't pull me away from stock Android. I would be more likely to use an iPhone over a Galaxy however... I hate Galaxy phones.

My Wife Bitches about her iPhone 5S constantly. Why they helll would I want to subject myself to that kind of headache? I have an old Note 2 and have had none of the issues she struggles when they do updates and losing all her media and data. WTF Apple???
Releasing a larger version of the iPhone is nothing more than Apple trying to ride in on the coat tails of the big Android MFG successful trends. I would actually find a flagship phone that is not enormous and didn't require a ridiculous stylus to navigate full websites for mouseover links a winner. The S5 with airview is not this....

Me personally I would never have a GS5, I think they are laggy, well it is compared to my nexus 5. But iPhones are just not cool anymore. And everyone I know who has one just moans about them. And I can't see the iPhone 6 being any different. Get a G3 or a HTC m8 or if you are on a budget to nexus 5.

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Leave Samsung for an iPhone? ... 1. I don't do iOS, though I hope that the i6 lives up to the hype. That way Android will have competition outside of its own market. This pushes the tech war to give us newer and greater devices.Imagine a device even more glorious than the LGG3 running stock Android. 2. No real freedom loving Android fan would make that move. For what? To be controlled by Apple and live limited. I watch my coworkers suffer through that daily. No thank you. Finally.... Who uses TW anyway. I mean my wife does and is fine with it on her devices but I personally use the Google launcher . Kit Kat made my Note 2 even more awesome. Yes I stayed with my N2. The N3 wasn't a big enough jump to make me upgrade. Plus I still love this thing. Looking forward to the N4 or maybe wait to see what else pops up. Android. .. Root The World! !

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I came from the M8 to the S5 and haven't looked back, ignore what people say, it doesn't lag anywhere apart from the Gallery, the S5 has pretty much everything you could want in a phone, great display, stellar performance, great camera, good battery life, removable battery and storage, water resistance and a fingerprint scanner that WORKS if you know how to use it. P.S. this is not coming from a fanboy as this is my first Samsung device since the S3. Most high end devices will please most people in 2014 :D

I'd seriously consider the iPhone 6 if it came out in a 5.5 inch size. Currently own a Note 3, but I'll probably never buy a Samsung phone again.

I might have to rethink if the iPhone were in some ways so much clearly superior that I couldn't stand keeping my puny S5. However, hardware-wise, the two phones are close enough and infra-structure-wise iOS has too many "you can't do that here"s for me to really consider switching operating systems.

Tell you what. Android Central was genius in this one.

Let's take to two things that everyone hates and make them choose. They will eat each other alive and page views will soar

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