Bitdefender announced a new update to its Android app that enables support for Android Wear devices as well, in an attempt to give owners of smartphones some extra help in preventing the possible theft of their product.

The new version will enable three new features if a person owns both an Android smartphone and an Android Wear product:

  • Phone Alert - Your smart watch will vibrate when you step too far away from your phone
  • Scream - Use your Android Wear device to locate your phone. Ping your smartphone from your smart watch, and it will scream for you even if you left it on silent.
  • Vocal Command - You can simply say, "Where's my phone?" to find the device.

Do you think this update to Bitdefender will be a help for people who own a smartphone and a smartwatch based on Android?


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Bitdefender adds Android Wear support to app to help stop smartphone theft


Sounds like a great idea. Would like to see something like this baked into Android Device Manager. Even better if you could setup geo fences for places like your home where you wouldn't want an alert you've gone too far from your phone. Sure Tasker could take care of that in the meantime.

Already using Find My phone-it basically does all this but has a nice bright UI to fit. Not too interested in all the antivirus stuff-it rarely works from testing. But for people who already have this it could be useful, I'll be sticking with Find My Phone for now.

How does it actually ping the phone or find the phone when the phone is far from the android device? As far as i know it's connected via bluetooth and those should only work if both are still connected...

It was meant to locate the phone if we misplaced it but we're actually near the phone?

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Same way that Samsung did it since the first Galaxy Gear. Many features in android wear have been on the Gear. I was leaving DSW last week and my Gear vibrated and I immediately went back and press the find my phone button, and it started going off. Left my Note 3 in a bench.

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