Best Buy - Verizon LTE

There's this leaked Best Buy document making the rounds today that mentions activation of Verizon LTE devices "coming into the market this fall." That's exciting stuff -- though it'd be a little more exciting if we definitely were talking about Android devices.

We've been saying on the Android Central Podcast for weeks now that we're expecting LTE data cards to roll out before we see LTE-capable smartphones. (That said, yes, Verizon started pimping 4G today.) Would we love to see LTE phones by the end of the year? Heck, yeah. Is it reasonable that we'll see them "this fall"? Probably not, folks. And that's what a trusted source is still telling us. Plain and simple, no Verizon LTE phones in 2010. We'll just have to make do with speedy data cards if and when they happen.


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Best Buy leak notwithstanding, don't expect LTE phones this year



It's interesting that the first article you posted says sprint aimed to have wimax phones out before the end of 2011. Unless I'm wrong Sprint has two 4G phones out before 2011. I wonder what else the article could possibly be wrong about. Here's hoping that it's wrong about some other things, lol. thanks for the good read!

4+ years as tech rep in the chandler call center...

vzw data (aircards and such) will get lte first... handsets in spring or later.

lte is a great step forward, and you will see why 4g is being hyped so much now ... they will not have a leg to stand on when lte rolls out.