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    Evernote is the note-taking application that features everything you might want when jotting down a quick list or preparing a digital folder of documents. Unlike other note taking apps, Evernote allows you to create notes with your handwriting, camera, attachments, simple text, and much more.

    One of the benefits of Evernote is that it not only syncs between your phones and tablets, but also Evernote apps on other mobile and desktop platforms. The Evernote team have also built versions of the mobile note-taking application for Android Wear and Google Glass — making it easier than ever to access notes on the go.

    One of the best aspects of Evernote is just how easy it is to organize, sort, and search through your notes. Simply add your notes to a notebook and add custom tags so that you will be able to visually look through your different notes based on how you have organized them. When you can't seem to find the correct note, simply use the advanced Evernote search to find keywords that might be included in the note you are looking for. The Evernote search is powerful enough to also scan and analyse your written notes and should be able to locate any wanted notes.

    When creating and organizing simple notes is not enough, you can also use Evernote to scan business cards and convert the image into a contact on your device. Additionally, you will be able to upload and attach different file types (such as photos and PDFs) and annotate directly on top of them. When you are done working on your different types of notes, you can share individual notes or even entire notebooks with other Evernote users so that they can view and collaborate on your work.

    Since its arrival on Android, Evernote has continued to grow and adapt to the always changing app environment. Since the release of Material Design, Evernote has redesigned their mobile applications to fit the guidelines and make an elegantly designed note-taking application.

    There are premium and business versions of Evernote that unlocks the ability to add as many notes, business cards, shared notebooks, and much more. For the standard user that might be taking notes in meetings or lectures, the standard account that is created when setting up Evernote is normally more than enough.


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    Evernote makes it easy to add your Google Drive files to notes

    Evernote makes it easy to add your Google Drive files to notes

    Popular note-taking, and all-around productivity app Evernote has received a bit of a boost today with tighter Google Drive integration. Instead of simply linking to the files, the new integration allows users to easily drag and drop linked thumbnails for images and documents into their notes...

    Outlook on Android adds Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist support for calendar events

    Microsoft is adding support for third-party apps to its calendar feature in Outlook for Android. The feature is launching with the ability to add content from apps like Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist to an Outlook calendar. Microsoft says: With Calendar Apps, you can connect your apps—...
    Evernote discontinues Evernote for Pebble, Skitch and Clearly

    Evernote discontinues Evernote for Pebble, Skitch and Clearly

    Evernote has announced that it will be discontinuing a few of its apps. Specifically, the company will be shuttering Skitch on multiple platforms, as well as its Evernote Clearly browser extension, along with Evernote for Pebble smartwatches. Skitch, which allows users to mark up images with...
    Evernote gets new widgets in latest update

    Evernote picks up new widgets to make capturing your thoughts even easier

    Evernote has received a sizable update, bumping it up to version 7.2. Included in the update are a number of new widgets to make capturing your thoughts and notes easier right from the home screen. While Evernote has always had a widget, these new widget options expand upon the functionality, and...
    Evernote nabs Chris O'Neill from Google as new CEO

    Evernote nabs Chris O'Neill from Google as new CEO

    Evernote has announced that it has appointed a new CEO, Chris O'Neill, who will step into the job on July 27. Co-founder and current CEO, Phill Libin, will step down from the position to become the Executive Chairman. Evernote says that Libin will stay "actively involved with the company," though...
    Evernote on Android Wear

    Organization isn't a hassle with Evernote for Android Wear

    Evernote for Android Wear — as in the Android Wear companion to the Evernote mobile app — has been around for just over a year now. You really can't understate just how handy this app can be for helping to keep your life organized, all with a swipe or a voice command. Yes, even on a watch. So...
    Evernote introduces new pricing structure with three tiers

    Evernote introduces new pricing structure with three tiers

    Popular note-taking service Evernote announced a new pricing structure today, splitting the service into three tiers: one free and two paid. While Evernote previously had only a single paid tier, the company says that they were driven to split the service into two paid tiers, Evernote Plus and...
    The Productivity Pack

    Subscribe to Pocket, Evernote, Wunderlist, and LastPass for just $60

    There are a number of popular productivity subscriptions many take advantage of, but for a limited time only, you'll be able to gain access to a bunch for just $60. Evernote, LastPass, Pocket, Wunderlist and the New York Times have teamed up to launch the Productivity Pack, a promotional bundle...
    Context is Evernote's premium augmented intelligence feature

    Evernote Context automatically adds augmented intelligence to your notes

    Evernote is adding what it calls "augmented intelligence" to its Android app with a feature called Context. Available to Evernote premium subscribers, Context essentially adds relevant contextual information as you're typing in your notes. These tidbits of information could be culled from...
    chrome os android

    Evernote, Vine and other Android apps now available for Chrome OS and Chromebooks

    Google is taking a big step in offering Android features on its Chrome OS by allowing a few Android apps to run on Chromebooks for the first time. Google announced that four Android apps are the first to run on Chrome OS and can be downloaded from the Chrome Store. They include the note taking...

    Latest Evernote update brings a new look and more efficient features

    Evernote has never been far behind when it comes to updates, and the latest does not disappoint. In line with Google's new Material design, Evernote has received an overhauled UI that makes things more streamlined and easer to access than past versions. Don't worry though, things are still green...
    Evernote Wear brings your notes to Android Wear

    Evernote Wear brings your notes to Android Wear

    Evernote has just released a standalone companion app to its Android app for users who use an Android Wear smartwatch. Dubbed Evernote Wear, the app allows you access notes, checklists, and search for note using voice using your Android Wear smartwatch. In addition to retrieving notes, you can...



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