Possible seamless integration of Chrome and Android was first seen with the Chrome to Phone app/extension. If you haven't heard of it, check out our demo, it's very cool! Now, the reverse process, dubbed Android2cloud, allows users to send information from their phones directly to Chrome.

After installing the app and the extension, give them both the appropriate permissions and start sharing! Video and download link after after the break [Lifehacker]


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Android2cloud sends info from Android to Chrome


I totally understand. The next release will address these security concerns.

Also, if you don't mind a bit of work, you can set up your own server, build your own extension, and build your own android client, so you have access to every line of code that's run. It's all open source:

I'd be happy to help you do any combination of these things. You can contact me on the Google Group and I'll help you do whatever you want. :)

I don't want to be responsible for your information any more than you want to trust it to a stranger. I just know there are a lot of people who would rather trust a stranger than set up their own server, so I have a default one for them.

Thanks for the reassurance, dev. Do you choose the URL on the Extensions listing? Or is it assigned? It just seems odd is all.

It was assigned to me, unfortunately.

As of last night, this has been fixed on both Android and Chrome. Both are secure connections, and display the app name now. :)

@EvanGMan Funny you said that... lmao... I was just about to use it then was like.... hmmmmm. I have a google account but the frist thing I thought of was SPAM and Stolen Gmail Account...

May work fine... but thats just the vibe I got

Look for the "Chrome to Phone" add-on for Firefox. Then download/install the ChromeToPhone.apk on your phone (requires Android 2.2). Setup account to link on first run from phone and you're good to go. Worked flawless this morning sending a google map with directions to my EVO. Best of Luck.

I'm sorry to hear that. I realise there are security concerns, and am addressing them as quickly as possible. This is just the 0.2 release, so it doesn't have a lot of polish. I wasn't expecting this much attention, to be honest.

The project is also open source, so you may build your own installs for every platform. The code is on the project page ( and I'm more than happy to help in the Google Group ( If the functionality is worth the trouble, that is. If not, just wait a few days for the next release, or forget about it entirely. Totally up to you. Thank you for even taking the time to give it a try.

thanks for the reply! glad to hear you're hard at work on this. I just don't like seeing security warnings when installing software or ext on anything!

I did try it out and it works great! I'll keep an eye out for the update!

The update rolled out last night. It now is registered with Google, and uses the app name in the auth request. :)

The extension link is perfectly fine, and on Google's official extension page. The hkelgkihphkegiaagbcgglfidabmgkgp at the end of the url is the unique identifier for that extension, they all have them.

There is nothing unregistered about the extension, or untrustworthy about the URL. Plus, the app is on the Android Market. The security on the app says it only has access to the Internet, none of your data or anything.

Don't see why everyone says it's malicious.

Its probably because the ID looks so funny. I'd be worried too. But its on which is the official site right? Unless someone is going a massive "man in the middle" attack I don't think they could be pulling the wool.

For some reason though I'd rather see this come from Google as a companion to their Cloud2Device. Not taking anything away from these devs. I just like symmetry.

I see now that it's on the oauth page for the browser extension, it says "This website has not registered with Google to establish a secure connection for authorization requests. We recommend that you deny access unless you trust the website."

That may or may not mean anything, so users in doubt are probably better off not allowing it.

It means I haven't registered in the Google OAuth database yet. This got a bit more attention a bit more quickly than I had anticipated, and so I pushed the functionality into users' hands without bothering to add a whole lot of polish. The next release is fixing that.

I'm struggling with the Google database right now, because it's intended for websites with callbacks, not mobile devices, but I'm hoping in the next day or two to have an adequate fix in place. :)

Users still in doubt are more than welcome to build from the source (the project is open source: code (dot) google (dot) com/p/android2cloud) and I am happy to help get servers and clients set up and configured (groups (dot) google (dot) com/group/android2cloud) for anyone who wants to take that route, as well.

Spam filter wouldn't let me through with links...

Thanks a lot. :) And no problem on the open source bit-- people are already contributing time and code to the project. Someone actually has a firefox plugin in the works. :)

I would just rather email the url to me than download an app that will essentially do the same thing.

It doesn't do the same thing, you can set chrometophone to automatically open the browser, or send directions to google maps, or open up the google market page on your phone for an app you've seen on your desktop.

I find it really, really useful.

II have chrome to phone on my Nexus one with stock froyo. Downloaded the app Android2clouds and got the download with no problems but when I opened it up it said there was an error with my account and remove and redownload. Did that twice and still says same thing. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be doing something with my chrome to phone app before I download the android2cloud app?? Any help would be welcomed.

Sorry you're having issues (and that it took me so long to notice!)

The message actually asks you to re-add your account. You do that by choosing the change account button on the bottom of the screen. From there, choose the add account selection, and just accept the default stuff. When it returns you to the account selection screen, make sure you select the account, instead of using the back button.

Hope that helps!

Dear Dev(s), Thank you soooo much for making this. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet as I am not at home but I have been waiting for this functionality ever since I heard about Chrome to Phone. While I would have preferred it come from Google (no offense) I am happy to see you have stepped up to the plate.

I even took the time to register on Android Central just to post this. Don't let some of these other posters get you down. Address the security concerns as you have stated you will and you will have an insanely popular app.

Obviously make sure you have a donate version, or provide a third party way of donating, as I will gladly pay what I am sure will be a small fee to enjoy this awesome product. Thank you so much again, keep on coding.

Thanks for your kind words. :) I would have preferred it come from Google, too. But it was fun to make, and I like having it, so it was worth doing. :)

So far, the responses have been overwhelmingly positive and understanding. The negative responses sting, mainly because I know I failed those users, which sucks, but it's usually my fault. I'm just going to provide the best app I can, and hopefully it'll be good enough.

I do have a donate version in the market, and there's a paypal link on the project page, but nobody should ever feel obligated to use either. I built this because I wanted to use it, and I released it because I thought other people might enjoy it. I'm not looking to make a quick buck.


Developer is having server problems. Can't keep up with the server demands. Already 1600 users. Server will be down until Midnight PDT 8/5/2010.

(He sent users an email)

Thanks for responding to me comment and have it working. Have it working on my Nexus One and I noticed in your video you get a small box on the page you are sending stating it is being sent, on my app it takes me back to the 1st page on the app and then at the bottom it tells you that the page was sent. Any way to change this to look like yours. Have it on my chrome browser.
Thanks, great app to go along with my chrome to phone app.

Never mind I figured it out, just had to check the box to skip this. Too early for me but thanks again and will donate to the cause. These are the kind of apps the platform can use, way too many useless apps in the market. This one is very useful along with chrome to phone.
Thanks again,

There is an application called SyncTab that can send links from Android to Chrome and vice versa from Chrome to Android. I use it also to send some links from one Chrome installation to another. Very helpful!