Dayum! Kinda surprised this hasn't happened before now, but there you go. Android on a first-generation iPhone. What you see here isn't quite something you'd want to use every day (though it's further along than we thought it might be). And you know how these ports go: Once the water starts flowing over the damn, there's very little that can stop it. We're gonna watch this one like a hawk. [linuxoniphone.blogspot.comThanks to everyone who sent this in.


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Android on the iPhone? Finally, a compelling OS on an Apple device


Haha I Just posted this in the Hacking Section... Epicness... Cant wait to see this thing working fully

Awesome! Does it multitask? Oh wait. Steve Jobs said that's not possible on the iPhone 2G. Err maybe that was just because of the crappy OS. :-)

Don't we all love how android is actually an OS desired by all devices, whereas nobody even cares to put Iphone OS on an Android device. I'd love for these guys to get ahold of the new Iphone 4G that was "lost" and drop android on it. that would really get Jobs fired up. Just imagine Iphone 4G Android 2.2 before the Iphone 4G even comes out.

Running Android on another device is such old news. Apple is just now getting it? Haha. Losers.