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With the announcement of the Amazon Fire Phone comes the questions of what it's running. It isn't a great surprise to hear that it's running the latest version of Amazon's own Android based Fire OS. And on the whole, if you've ever looked at a Kindle Fire then you'll be pretty familiar with what you're seeing on the Fire Phone.

You've got a pretty standard looking grid of icons as well as the trademark Fire OS recent content carousel. You can pin apps, books, music, and other content to the carousel either in a permanent spot or it'll add automatically when you open things. The carousel also show a preview widget of apps for both first and third party applications as you flip through it.

Amazon's own applications follow a three panel design, and the event demonstrated how this works in the music app. For example you've got the main interface to the application, but a gesture right with a flick of the wrist will show you synchronized lyrics for the song you're listening to. There's no need to actually touch the screen.

There are lots of what Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, called "small touches." For example, in the Calendar application you can instantly message all members of it from the right hand panel. When you hit the volume button, you can hit "turn to silent for 3 hours." In Messages, the right hand panel will display all of your pictures, right there, ready to share. On the lockscreen you can either have your own photo, one of the 3D ones Amazon will give you and a swipe to the side and you can have your own custom photo library.

We'll have much more on the Amazon Fire Phone so keep it locked to Android Central!

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A895 says:

I like it and would get it if it was on Verizon.
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Duffin says:

I'm sure this will be great for people who are fully invested in the Amazon bubble. Me, I personally can't stand how Fire OS works and looks, so it's a huge pass for me. And I've spent too much money in Google's store to fully move over to Amazon anyway.

Not too sure says:

The Amazon OS sucks, and so does AT&T. I was curious about this phone (hoping for more good competition/innovation in the industry), now I'm just waiting for my One Plus invite.

Careful..speaking positively about the OnePlus might get you killed around here..

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JasW says:

The Kindle Fire was OK for my kids (although my daughter recently moved to the vastly superior Nexus 7 2013). It would suck as a phone for an adult. Really, who wants to be locked down in Amazon's proprietary, forked version of Android?

baldypal says:

There isn't any talk of them putting ads on the lockscreen is there? Like they did with the Kindle Fire and made you pay $25 to get rid of the ads.

Jamookie says:

It will be completely reasonable once we get cm on it. My Kindle Fire HD isn't all that bad once I rooted, put Google services on it and a launcher. Since the kindle is sold at cost, it's reasonably priced once you un Amazon it.

crxssi says:

Unix based Linux based Android based FireOS based. Hmm

arunkrt says:


Biga173rd says:

This thing looks like it's going to drain major battery life. And also the fact that an tech is always connected to the phone. Very creepy and no respect for privacy.

Cant wait till this comes out, already pre-ordered, however it would be
very nice to win one:). Android Central is Awesome!!

Cant wait till this comes out, already pre-ordered, however it would be
very nice to win one:).
<a href="">Android central dot com is awesome!</a>

Jamookie says:

Might not be to bad if it's like the Kindle Fire pricing. Amazon prices the Kindle almost at cost. If they do the same for the phone you could probably pick one up cheap off contract. Then like the Kindle Fire, all you need is a little modding and CM and you can have a real phone/tablet.

Besides cost Fire phone by Amazon is ready to set fire. All the features like 3D-Like Display and all the specs are just fantastic. I just checked out the full features and specs here,
Hope for the best.

trellis55 says:

Cases for the Amazon Fire Phone is lacking on the market for now. If you want more see