You watched our liveblog. You've read our hands-on. You've pored over the specs. You've entered our giveaway. And now it's time for the full-on Amazon Fire Phone video.

Have at it. Enjoy. And there's lots more to come in the weeks ahead.


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The Amazon Fire Phone hands-on video!


If this thing had the play store I would be tempted to try it. unfortunately since i can't get my apps that i have purchased in the play store which are many, I can't justify re buying an app. If it was a all new platform I would be fine but amazon has completely built a wall in which you are stuck on one custom android platform over android as a whole. I feel it would have been better to build an entire skin and put there services front and center preloaded.

Couldn't you sideload the apps? I mean yeah, it's a giant pain in the ass. But FireOS should still allow you to install reguiar android apps right?

I think this phone is capable of standing on its own. The Kindle fire is a good device and really gives other tablets a run for their money. This is targeted at those people who want a device to consume media and play games. Amazon offers both. In fact they tend to give away a game every day. Mix that in with their Prime benefits and I can certainly see people looking at this phone

what I loved about the kindle fire was the next gen specs and EXCELANT screen, this, though it may have some '3d', is no kindle fire. It's got a 2013 era (nexus 5) processor AND very low res 720p screen. Now 3d is rather taxing on a screen so the 720p is forgivable (not like we need 4k screens @4.7"! 720p is fine) BUT that 2013 proc is unforgivable in such an expensive carrier locked package! No, problem is its nothing LIKE the Kindle Fire. I loved the Kindles speakers too, we'll see if this phone has speakers that compare... at this point I'm not about to bet on it. Nice camera though!

That phone should be free on contract. The price of admission is way too high and really the only selling point to me is the inclusion of the instant video app.

A year of free Prime is good, too. I'm a Prime subscriber anyway, so that'd be $100 right back in my pocket.

If they were to throw in like a $50 credit for the Amazon app store so that I could re-purchase the paid apps that I already have and depend on, I'd be tempted.

Not bad from what I've seen thus far, but I don't think that it's worth the price tag it has now.

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Wake me up when Amazon gets with the program and releases something more like the price of a Moto E or G. That's where the real price ought to be.

Yeah, I was honestly pretty surprised that they went the high-tech, feature-laden, high-price route. I really assumed they'd just go for a solid performer without too many frills at the lowest possible price point, like they did with the Kindle Fire tablets.

For me the lack of Google applications and the 'closed' nature of the software = fail but more choices for consumers is a good thing in general and I am sure for some this will be a great phone.

Like the gesture features, dedicated camera button. Firefly seems cool but yet another gimmick to generate more Amazon purchases.. Their music service is lame. I'll stick with my Roku and Galaxy S3 for now, but will be looking for something that's more vanilla Android than this Amazon stuff. My $.02 :)

I think they'll sell twice as many as the Facebook phone. ;) Sometimes it pays to be on T- mo and Verizon...they don't have to be sad.

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Very interested in this phone. I really like the touches of 3d instead of it blaring at you. Since its only on att I'm not getting it anytime soon, but I still really wanna play with it. Hope it does well for the competition in the mobile space it could provide.

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The Android world is such a crazy place of disjointed wonderful glimmers. This is a new and exciting example of that.

The physical design of the phone isn't far beyond a cleaned up prototype to be honest and for me is its worst feature followed by being exclusively in the Amazon ecosystem but I love the continuity with the three UI panels. I also love fire fly which has done visual search correctly before while Google Goggles development seems to have been trapped in the plate of glass with general ZOD and his crew. The four camera system seems a tad gimmick like but it reeks of the future where the content on the phone will truly benefit from knowing where are heads are in relation to the phone.

Its a strange one but it fills me with more hope and wonderment than S health or Sense 6.

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