Acer's next Liquid smartphone dropping into Spain

Mobile World Congress

We're just 7 days removed from the official start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and Acer is the latest OEM to tease its new products. Posting this image to its Google+ page, Acer is tagging this as a new smartphone in its Liquid line without giving any further details. Beneath the camera is some kind of sensor, possibly an IR blaster? Something else, perhaps?

Acer's last big release was the Liquid S2 which we saw first hand at IFA 2013 in Berlin. Overall it wasn't a bad device, and was probably one of the nicer Android phones we saw there that sadly few were probably going to buy. Whatever Acer is taking to Spain next week, we'll be on the ground throughout to take a look.

Source: Acer (Google+)


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Acer teases new Mobile World Congress bound smartphone


Scanner most likely for scrolling up and down pages kind of like how a mouse works I'm guessing. LG provides physical buttons for this.

Could be. I just don't see the growing need for that myself. I am a "thumb scroller" myself. My money is on a fingerprint scanner

I'm seriously liking the finish and camera housing.

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This part of the phone looks almost exactly like a Lumia 1620

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