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The Mobile Nations World Tour continues, and this time instead of asking Android Central readers for accessory advice I'm offering up a tried-and-true BlackBerry tip that also works for Android phone owners. Specifically, if you own an Android phone with a microUSB connection and are in the market for a spare charger, you may want to give the BlackBerry Premium Charger a try.


RIM released this charger last year with the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and to keep the juices flowing with the bigger battery they cranked up the charging rate to 1.8 amps (most phone chargers that ship in the box tend to be in the 750 mAh to 1 amp range). We quickly put it to the test on our BlackBerry Smartphones and found we could charge them almost twice as fast!

On Android Central Podcast 98 we found out that both AC's Jerry Hildenbrand and Chris Parsons have been using this same charger with their microUSB Android devices for a long time now with great success. If you're going to spend the money on a spare charger, you might as well invest in one that charges at a higher amperage rate. Not every phone will allow for rapid charging, but for the ones that do you'll be glad you have a charger that takes advantage of it (and no, you won't damage your phone even if it doesn't make use of the higher amperage). In the last two days I've already receiveda hand full of tweets and emails from Android Central podcast listeners who went out and bought the BlackBerry Premium Charger after listening to the show and they are loving it. Good stuff.

Win a Free Charger Courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin: The BlackBerry Premium Charger has a MSRP of $39.99 but you can get it for a lot less at But just to share some Mobile Nations World Tour love, I'm going to give a lucky Android Central member a chance to win one for free, on me. To enter, just leave a comment to this post and you're in. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PT. Good luck.

There are 348 comments

enigma350 says:

This would be great for work where I have poor signal and it kills my battery

svfd757 says:

Wish I had this when I had my Blackbery. I'll take it now though lol

lmr47 says:

Looking to use this with the Evo LTE or GSIII that's in my near future.

jeffwhite10 says:

Theres lots that I miss about my BB. Thanks Kev!

psych2l says:

I would love to have a super charged charger!

uubooker says:


Mike54321 says:

Thanks Kevin, I'd love to have one.

bartclan says:

Count me in for the contest. Thanks, AC!

patrickmaher says:

Thanks. Hope it can rapid charge the Galaxy Nexus.

yut says:

i'll take 1.

reevester says:

As Jeremy Clarkson would say,


P.S. - I wanna be the Jezza of Android phones! haha

pquirk777 says:

With the extended size battery on my GSII I could use some super-powered juice. Looks like RIM is good for something.


Anweir88 says:

Great tip! I could definitely use a faster charger!

ace8707 says:

I could really use one of these things. I stream so much music and video my gnex just down juice.

stin says:

I can't believe I want something made by RIM.

capn0 says:

Awesome... I could use this since my last rapid charger bit the dust 2 weeks ago

clownstrike says:

Please me! Hope it works with my new GSIII!!

mickeyab3 says:

Great contest...hope i win says:

Awesome! I need one!!

REC0GN1ZE says:

This is heresy! None the less I did not know that this was even possible. Kevin bring on the CHARGER. My charge cable has to be positioned at a certain angle to charge my phone, therefore it can't be touched at all while doing so, its maddening!

hawklet00 says:

i could always use a faster charger. im always on my phone.

rcalderaro says:

I'd love to get one of these. Thanks Kevin!

arcadelion says:

Send one to me Kev!

mpmtkd says:

I need a charger.. my phone is about to d

DrLouie says:

I would love to win one to quickly charge my SGII

Evil Hamster says:

Count me in :)

Philip600rr says:

Ordered 2 from Nice tip!

jdcastro84 says:

I'm needing one for my HOX!!! Thanks Kevin!!!

fahim90 says:

so want one

fahim90 says:

so want one

FNPonderous says:


allergy says:

I'm down for a rapid charger.. Perhaps I could even use it with my playbook ;)

m_leflore says:

I want one... Please?

Incubus123 says:

This would be pretty awesome !

NVM if the charger has american plugs.

Razgriz24 says:


kazulk says:

i need one of these, i hate how long my razr maxx takes to charge. but on the other hand I love how long the battery lasts, this would help ease how impatient i am with charging my phone

9TEN11 says:

why charge at a slower rate than you need to

This would be sweet for charging my large Razr MAXX battery. Loved having BBK on the podcast, it was lots of fun.

rporterfield says:

I would love to win one.

hellobarb says:

Haha, I knew my brother's Blackberry obsession was worth something (:

Gorilla says:

please phil :)

Free is good!

dancing-bass says:

I'm a member on 3 of the 4 Mobile Nations sites. Thus I like gadgets. And what gadget geek WOULDN'T want a spare charger on hand (especially one that charges stuff faster?)

So once you pick me I'll be happy to give you my shipping info. Of course I'm close enough to Wpg I should get Kevin to hand-deliver it :)

griff7774 says:

I am sure that I won't be the one, Hell why not.

UKJeeper says:

Been using this ( for a year as it charges my Tab7 from any USB port at a full 2.1amps.

UKJeeper says:

Should have mentioned, also charges other devices (using Micro USB cable) at a (perceived) fast rate.

edditnyc says:

Very curious to see if this works for a HTC ONE X. I had a ton of iOS chargers laying around and I found the smaller cube (5V-1A) charges it really quickly but if I'm plugged into the iPad's 10V charger it charges quite slowly in comparison.

Either way I'll take another free charger!