The Mobile Nations World Tour continues, and this time instead of asking Android Central readers for accessory advice I'm offering up a tried-and-true BlackBerry tip that also works for Android phone owners. Specifically, if you own an Android phone with a microUSB connection and are in the market for a spare charger, you may want to give the BlackBerry Premium Charger a try.


RIM released this charger last year with the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and to keep the juices flowing with the bigger battery they cranked up the charging rate to 1.8 amps (most phone chargers that ship in the box tend to be in the 750 mAh to 1 amp range). We quickly put it to the test on our BlackBerry Smartphones and found we could charge them almost twice as fast!

On Android Central Podcast 98 we found out that both AC's Jerry Hildenbrand and Chris Parsons have been using this same charger with their microUSB Android devices for a long time now with great success. If you're going to spend the money on a spare charger, you might as well invest in one that charges at a higher amperage rate. Not every phone will allow for rapid charging, but for the ones that do you'll be glad you have a charger that takes advantage of it (and no, you won't damage your phone even if it doesn't make use of the higher amperage). In the last two days I've already receiveda hand full of tweets and emails from Android Central podcast listeners who went out and bought the BlackBerry Premium Charger after listening to the show and they are loving it. Good stuff.

Win a Free Charger Courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin: The BlackBerry Premium Charger has a MSRP of $39.99 but you can get it for a lot less at But just to share some Mobile Nations World Tour love, I'm going to give a lucky Android Central member a chance to win one for free, on me. To enter, just leave a comment to this post and you're in. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PT. Good luck.


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Accessory Tip: BlackBerry Premium Charger rapid-charges Android phones, too



With the extended size battery on my GSII I could use some super-powered juice. Looks like RIM is good for something.

This is heresy! None the less I did not know that this was even possible. Kevin bring on the CHARGER. My charge cable has to be positioned at a certain angle to charge my phone, therefore it can't be touched at all while doing so, its maddening!

i need one of these, i hate how long my razr maxx takes to charge. but on the other hand I love how long the battery lasts, this would help ease how impatient i am with charging my phone

I'm a member on 3 of the 4 Mobile Nations sites. Thus I like gadgets. And what gadget geek WOULDN'T want a spare charger on hand (especially one that charges stuff faster?)

So once you pick me I'll be happy to give you my shipping info. Of course I'm close enough to Wpg I should get Kevin to hand-deliver it :)

Very curious to see if this works for a HTC ONE X. I had a ton of iOS chargers laying around and I found the smaller cube (5V-1A) charges it really quickly but if I'm plugged into the iPad's 10V charger it charges quite slowly in comparison.

Either way I'll take another free charger!

I'll have to agree to disagree that it won't damage your Android phone, I got one of these chargers from a friend and at first I thought it was great, it charges quite a bit faster than the stock charger but now that charger is the only one that my phone will recognize. My gf used it a few times now the same thing has happened to her phone. I tried charging my portable vape and it hasn't worked since. While it charges faster the charges don't last as long and I'm sure the battery won't either, the stock charger which comes with your phone is slower but it was meant for the battery in your phone and your battery will last much longer if you don't over amp it. Unless your phone has a massive battery and it came with a 1.8 amp charger chances are it will damage the battery.