In last week's poll we asked where you charge your phone at night. The easiest time to charge your phone without needing to use it every few minutes is during the few hours of rest you get. It helps ensure that when you get up to start your day, your phone has a full battery. Not everybody likes to charge their phone in the same place though, and that's fine.

Poll results

In first place, with an overwhelming majority of 77.31 percent of votes, was charging your phone next to the bed. In second place, with only 9 percent of the vote was charging your phone anywhere but the bedroom. Charging your phone across the room managed to snag 7.21 percent of the overall vote to grab up third place. Charging your phone next to the computer came in last place, with only 6.48 percent of the vote.

Do you prefer to charge your phone right next to the bed? Do you not charge your phone at night? Pop into the comments and let us know about it!