Root of all evil.

If you ever find your Android dream-phone, what is it worth to you?

The phones we carry around aren't cheap. Even the so-called budget models like the Moto G cost about $200 US, and that's more than pocket change for most of us. The flip-side is that for many of us, our Android phone is our secretary, our address book, our calendar, and of course our telephone. You need a pocket computer that can do the things you need it to do, and those cost money to make. Real money.

Having said that, and having used the Moto G for a while, a person probably can get by spending just $200 on a phone that will help manage their lives. But most of us want more. We want games and entertainment, or a portal to the Internet. We want it all, and have an idea in our head about the "perfect" Android phone. 

So what is that worth to you? For some, the budget phone does it all and they're not interested in spending hundreds of unnecessary dollars for the extras. For others, no amount of features is enough and the more things their Android can do, the better. Or maybe the perfect balance is the Nexus 5. None of these choices are wrong, they are just different.

Tell us what you would pay for your Android dream phone. Be realistic, as I tried to be with the choices. You'll find the poll in its usual spot — the sidebar to the right, or after the break to make things easy on mobile. Make a choice, then dive into the comments to discuss what your perfect phone is, and how much it should cost.