The Vava E-Touch car phone holder is down to $10.47 on Amazon. Get that price by clipping the 8% off on-page coupon and then using the code P523JC4I during checkout. The two discounts stack together, bringing the overall total down 48% off its $19 street price.

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Vava E-Touch electric auto lock dashboard and windshield car phone holder

Stack the code with the 8% off on-page coupon for max savings. The holder will automatically secure your phone when you place it, and it only takes a single touch with your finger to release it. Has a 360-degree ball head to find the perfect angle.

$10.47 $19.00 $9 off

With coupon: P523JC4I

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Vava's phone holder will work with any smartphone that has a screen size between 2.2 inches and 3.5 inches. That means you'll most likely need a smaller phone to use with this one, but that also means you can turn one of your older phones into a more permanent car display.

The phone holder uses a strong suction cup to attach to your dashboard or windshield. It's a foolproof installation. Adjust the suction cup by rotating it clockwise to securely lock the mount in place. Once the mount is secure, you can use the 360-degree ball head and extensive telescopic arm to find the perfect viewing angle. Rotate, adjust, and move it all around until you're perfectly satisfied.

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The automatic lock and release makes it really easy to use, too. Just place your phone in the holder and it will automatically grip and support your phone. Just use your finger and a simple one-touch button to release it. In and out with no problems.

The mount doesn't support wireless charging, so you'll need to get a USB cable and a car charger if you want to power your phone while you're driving. You can save 10% on this 2-port charger from Anker. Then you just need a Lightning cable or USB-C cable depending on the phone you use.

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