OpenTable for Android

The "Pay with OpenTable" feature first rolled out to iPhone users in February of this year, and is now hitting the OpenTable Android app (after the service was acquired by Priceline last year). With the mobile payments feature you can now reserve your table before the meal and pay for it afterwards, all from one app.

The service integrates with the restaurant's ordering system, updating your bill in real time and making it available to you in the OpenTable app. When you're ready to pay, open the app, choose a tip, and the just swipe to pay. Your bill in the restaurant's system is updated that you've paid and you leave without having to flag down a waiter to get a check, hand over cash/your credit card, wait for them to make their way back to the register, process your payment, and return to your table with your receipt and/or change. Instead, you pay in the app, walk out, and get your receipt in the mail.

Of course, not all restaurants participate in OpenTable, and a small subset of those have integrated with Pay with OpenTable. But if it's an option at a restaurant at which you've reserved, why not?

Source: OpenTable