Android CentralAnd AT&T's branding rears its head in promo shots once again...

As Sony's always keen to point out, the Xperia T is the official phone of upcoming 007 flick Skyfall, and now UK network O2 has secured exclusivity over a limited edition Skyfall-branded version of the phone, dubbed "The Bond Phone." By contrast, Vodafone and Three will offer the regular, less Bondier version of the Xperia T.

The Bond Phone looks virtually identical to the vanilla Xperia T, but comes pre-loaded with Skyfall-based content, including "the 007 ringtone, themes, screensavers and SKYFALL images geo-tagged to the film's locations plus exclusive James Bond packaging." (Who doesn't appreciate a good promotional geotag?) Early adopters will also get the chance to pick up the 007 Legends game on Xbox 360, PC or PS3.

Eagle-eyed readers may also notice that the promotional images for O2's bond phone actually bears AT&T's branding, adding further fuel to speculation that the U.S. carrier will eventually get Sony's latest flagship phone. Retailer Phones4U previously outed the AT&T Xperia T, as we reported last week.

Meanwhile, XperiaBlog reports via a tipster that O2 will also offer the Xperia T in white, though it's unclear whether this will be tied into the Bond Phone promotion. Whatever the case, expect a torrent of 007-based promotions as retailers and carriers start selling the Xperia T later this month.

Source: O2, XperiaBlog

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