NVIDIA at Mobile World Congress

That NVIDIA is bringing quad-core smartphones to Mobile World Congress should surprise exactly no one. We saw the first quad-core tablet prototype a year ago, and in August NVIDIA told us we'd see phones in early 2012. And we're closing in on Mobile World Congress, just a few short weeks away. And there's a smartphone pictured in this invite. So, yeah. They're coming.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress We try not to read too much into these press invites, we really do. Who knows what agency made them. But we can't help but notice what looks like an HTC Incredible S (aka the Droid Incredible 2 on Verizon) in dude's hands there. (We've blown it up for posterity; note the plateaued battery cover and usual HTC positioning of the camera and flash.)

Now, what you see in this invite certainly looks different than the HTC Edge -- long rumored to be one of the first quad-core phones, never mind one of the first from HTC to use an NVIDIA system-on-a-chip -- render that leaked in November 2011. But stranger things have happened.

Will we indeed bear witness to the marriage of HTC and NVIDIA in Barcelona, Spain? Stay tuned, folks, and keep your eyes glued to our Mobile World Congress page for all the latest.