Eve Online demoed on Android

CCP Games, makers of the popular sci-fi MMO Eve Online, showed of parts of the game running on an unnamed Android Tegra 2-powered phone and tablet this weekend at the annual Eve Fanfest. While playing the full game (POS bashing shown above) is probably out of the question thanks to hardware limitations, CCP did show off a tech demo of the game's ship fitter interface running. Other features that could be supported if the project ends up getting released include market trading and managing skill queues. Importantly, CCP stated that any mobile version of Eve would exist side-by-side with the full game so additional features like being able to access in-game chat and mail wouldn't be out of the question. 

As a current player of Eve Online (bonus points if you can find my Hyperion in the image above!), this news has me excited perhaps a bit more than many of our readers. But having having a game like Eve running on Android helps prove the gaming strength of the platform as powerful gaming chips like the Tegra 2 become ever more common. And it is also worth noting that CCP appears to have no plans to bring this app to iOS - perhaps due to Apple's somewhat unclear stance on in-app subscription services.

Before anyone gets too excited about touching their internet spaceships, it should be noted that CCP has a nebulous-at-best record with regards to delivering on promised new features. Walking-in-stations was announced back in 2006 and still has yet to hit New Eden's massive server, so it is possible this tech demo will never see a general release. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go get my gate camp on. [Gamasutra via Massively]