Your phone is where you store tons of photos, communicate with friends, play games and even check the news and weather. With all of that information saved to your device, it means that after a while you'll probably want to clean out the storage. Whether that means backing your photos up to Google Photos or just deleting old apps that you no longer have the use for.

While we might use our phones for just about everything, there is a limited amount of space available. Which brings us to this week's poll. We want to know how often you clean out the storage on your phone. We've given you six options for this week's poll: "I like to clean out my phone once a month or so", "When I realize I have apps installed that I don't use", "When performance starts to suffer", "When I run out of room", "I only clean out my phone when it becomes necessary" and "I don't really clean out the storage on my phone if I can help it."

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Do you keep your phone cleaned out, or do you have to delete old apps when you find that awesome new game to download? Pop into the comments and let us know how often you clean out the storage on your phone.

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