HTC One X Sim Card.

This one's important for those of you looking to switch to the HTC One X (as well as a number of upcoming phones). You're going to need a micro-SIM, which as the name suggests is smaller than a larger (and more prevalent today) mini-SIM card. If you're rocking a GSM phone right this second, there's a good change you're using a mini-SIM. If you've got an iPhone 4/4S on AT&T, you've already got a micro-SIM. 

So, a couple of ways to go about getting a micro-SIM. One is to just ask. Head to AT&T or T-Mobile or whomever your carrier happens to be, and tell 'em you need a micro-SIM. (If they don't know what one is, it might be time to consider switching carriers. :p )

The other way is to cut your own. Sounds scary. Sounds dangerous. 

It is neither. 

Cutting your own micro-SIM isn't like performing surgery. It's not even like performing dinner. It's more like using a stapler.

  • Step 1: Acquire SIM cutter. Easy enough. Took about 2 minutes on Amazon to find one (should be less than $10). Most also come with mini-SIM card adapters, which is good.
  • Step 2: Insert card. (Make sure you line it up the right way.)
  • Step 3: Apply pressure to the SIM cutter in a squeezing motion. You'll feel a "pop" as the cutter cuts the card. The newly cut card will fall to the desk or table (we don't recommend doing this outside or in the snow or on a boat or in the desert, for obvious reasons), free of its oversized shackles.
  • Step 4: Have a beer.

See? Pretty simple. Getting it into the SIM card tray of the HTC One X was simple enough. (The flimsy plastic adapters that came with our cutting tool were a little more tricky, but not insurmountable.)

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