With the Note 7 consigned to the flaming dumpster of history, it seems Samsung is looking to new color options for the Galaxy S7 series to boost sales in the run up to the holidays. We've already seen the "blue coral" GS7 edge, and now it looks like it may be joined by a darker, glossier version of the "onyx black" color that's been available from launch.

The GS7 you already know, now with a darker, shinier metal trim.

The "glossy black" Galaxy S7, first reported by Korea-based rumormonger The Investor, will allegedly arrive in early December, in response to strong sales of the "blue coral" model — a reported 15,000 units daily — in Samsung's home market.

And yes, you'd have to be pretty naive to not believe the "jet black" iPhone 7 had something to do with that decision as well.

Today SamMobile has scooped up the first live photos of the "glossy black" GS7 edge, showing only small differences compared to the older "onyx black" variant. Basically, the outer trim is anodized with a darker paint job, and is also said to have a glossier finish. It's a far cry from the space age manufacturing process described in detail by Jony Ive, but hey, at least it shouldn't get dinged up as easily as notoriously scratch-prone black iPhone.

We should point out that Samsung still hasn't officially announced anything, so take this with a pinch of salt until it does. It's also not known whether this slightly tweaked black GS7 will be shipping internationally, or just within Samsung's home market of Korea.