Commodore is launching an Android phone in Europe

Commodore, the leader in personal computers back in the 1980s,will be releasing an Android smartphone in Europe later this week. The Commodore PET will be the company's first smartphone, it will run a custom variant of Android 5.0 and will come preloaded with two emulators for some retro-style gaming. As for the specs, the PET will feature a 5.5-inch IPS display, along with a 1.7 GHz Mediatek 64-bit octa-core processor. Commodore is packing a 3,000mAh battery inside, along with a 13MP rear facing camera, and an 8MP front facing camera, both of which can be operated by a dedicated shutter button on the side of the phone.

Commodore will be launching two different versions of the PET, one with 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM, and one with 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM. The 16GB model will run for around $300, while the 32GB model will go for around $365. Both models will come with a 32GB microSD card included, and will come in white, black, or a classic beige color. Initially, the Commodore PET will be available in Italy, France, Germany, and Poland, with plans to expand to the US and other European countries in the near future.

Source: Wired