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    Subway Surfers

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    • Vendor: Kiloo
    • Version: Varies with device
    • Price: Free

    Subway Surfers, developed by Kiloo, is a popular endless runner game for Android and iOS. Like other games of this genre, Subway Surfers challenges players to progress as far as they can, collecting coins and power-ups as they go, while trying not to fall foul of obstacles like barriers, walls and the occasional subway train. Players start off with the main character, Jake, with more team members to unlock as you play. The game is free to play, but offers in-app purchases for items like coins, hoverboards and keys — which can be used to save you if you're caught out.

    In 2014, Subway Surfers set off on a world tour, taking players to major cities like Rome, SĂŁo Paulo, Paris and Los Angeles.


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    Subway Surfers

    Subway Surfers travel down under to Sydney in its latest update

    It's time once again for publisher Kiloo to update its popular endless running game Subway Surfers. This time, the team travels down under to Sydney, Australia in the next leg of its world tour. Here's a quick look at what's new in this 1.42.1 update to the game: The Subway Surfers World Tour...
    subway surfers Rio

    Subway Surfers runs its way to Rio de Janeiro

    The popular free-to-play endless runner game Subway Surfers keeps getting new content. The latest update brings Jake and his crew to the party city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil: Here's what you can expect when you download and play the new 1.41.0 version of the game: Travel to Brazil on the...
    Subway Surfers Venice

    Subway Surfers floats its way over to Venice in latest update

    Run over to the canals of Venice, Italy in the latest update for the Subway Surfers endless runner game. The popular free-to-play endless runner game Subway Surfers keeps getting new content. The latest update takes Jake and his crew to the romantic canals of Venice, Italy. Here's what you...
    Subway Surfers

    Join the Subway Surfers crew as they head to Hollywood in Los Angeles

    The latest update for Subway Surfers takes the crew to Los Angeles and the home of Hollywood. As well as a completely new area to traverse through, players will also be able to take Jake to the subway and movie sets. According to the store listing, here's what is new in version 1.39:...
    Subway Surfers

    Latest Subway Surfers update takes you on a tour of India

    Subway Surfers has picked up yet another update. By now you should be familiar with the cycle, and today we're being taken across to India. With the latest release installed, players will be able to tour the streets of Mumbai with Jay, the athletic champion. You'll be able to boost your...
    Subway Surfers

    Latest Subway Surfers update lands the team in Hawaii

    As part of the Subway Surfers World Tour, the gang have travelled to Hawaii in the game's latest release. Players are tasked with surfing the new tracks, avoiding obstacles including massive mountains and rivers of lava. Simply put, it's going to be a blast. Here's the full list of changes in...
    Subway Surfers

    Latest update to Subway Surfers takes you to Seoul

    While there are a variety of endless runners available today, Subway Surfers was one of the first games that got the genre going. The game is updated on a regular basis, with every update bringing a different location and a new theme. This time around, it's Seoul, and although the game...
    Subway Surfers

    Subway Surfers travel to Las Vegas in the game's latest update

    The popular endless-running game Subway Surfers received an update today in the Google Play Store that sees the World Tour heading to the lights and sounds of Las Vegas. That also means some new contests, themes and unlockable content to try out. Here's the changelog for version 1.33.0:...
    Subway Surfers London

    Subway Surfers heads to London in latest update

    Endless-running game Subway Surfers received an update today that sees the World Tour heading to England. As is the norm, the update brings new contests, themes and more unlockable content. Here's the changelog for version 1.32.0: Travel to England with the Subway Surfers World Tour Enjoy the...
    subway surfers

    Subway Surfers heads to Cairo in the game's latest update

    The popular endless runner game Subway Surfers has received yet another content update, and this time the gang are heading to the ancient land of Egypt and specifically the city of Cairo. Here's the change log for the new 1.29.0 update: The Subway Surfers World Tour continues in Egypt Explore...
    Subway Surfers

    Subway Surfers picks up another content update, taking the crew to Paris

    Subway Surfers is the popular endless runner available cross-platform. The developer has today released an update that takes the gang and players to Paris on the world tour. As well as the new location, there's a cool new sci-fi Teleporter board, enabling players to literally zap from side to...
    Subway Surfers Brazil

    Latest Subway Surfers update takes players to Brazil

    Subway Surfers has enjoyed a steady stream of updates with new content patches and today we're looking at the addition of SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil to celebrate the this year's World Cup. In the latest version of Subway Surfers, developer Kiloo has made it possible for players to traverse through SĂŁo...



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