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    Pandora® internet radio

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    • Vendor: Pandora
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    Pandora is an extremely-popular music streaming service that is available on a variety of platforms, including Android.

    Taking the idea of a traditional radio service and bringing it to the internet, Pandora offers different tiers of service. It's primary revenue generator is its "free" service, which lets users listen to a set amount of hours per month of genre- or artist-based radio stations with audio ads interspersed every so often between tracks. For those who want to listen even more, Pandora One is the paid version of the service that removes advertisements, increases the audio quality, unlocks use of its desktop application and removes any limits to the amount of music you can listen to.

    Because Pandora technically classifies itself as a "radio" provider and doesn't let users choose specific songs or albums to listen to, it negotiates lower per-play rates that it has to pay to artists. This has caused a bit of turbulence between Pandora, artists and music labels, but has also let Pandora charge far less for its service than other on-demand streaming music providers like Spotify, Rdio and Google Play Music All Access.

    Pandora remains a great free radio option for those who don't take music too seriously and want to spend more time listening and less time managing playlists and searching for specific music.


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    Pandora's Day Pass will offer ad-free listening for a dollar a day

    Pandora's Day Pass will offer ad-free listening for a dollar a day

    Pandora has a new way for infrequent users to listen ad-free with the newly-announced Day Pass. With the feature, users will be able to subscribe to Pandora One, the service's typically subscription based option, for one day for 99 cents. A Pandora One monthly subscription runs $5, so it's...

    Pandora planning a day pass feature for ad-free listening without a subscription

    Pandora is preparing to implement a day pass service that will allow customers to buy short-term access to ad-free music streaming. The day pass will take the form of a limited, non-recurring subscription to Pandora One. The plan currently involves a 24-hour pass for 99 cents, though Pandora will...
    Pandora will soon let your favorite artists talk to you

    Pandora will soon let your favorite artists talk to you

    Pandora will soon let musicians get in touch with their fans directly. Artist Audio Messaging will let artists send "personalized" audio messages to their fans through the Pandora app, and will roll out to users later this week. Only a small number of artists are participating in the program...
    Pandora 2015

    Pandora's app redesign is now available to all streamers

    Pandora Radio announced an upcoming update late last year, which included a redesign of its mobile apps. The new design was available as a beta to just a fraction of Pandora users, but the update has hit supported Android hardware today. Following on from the iOS release, which hit the Apple...

    Marriott looking to bring Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora to your hotel room TV

    Marriott is about to make your hotel stay much more rewarding. The hotel chain has confirmed to Bloomberg that it is testing a TV service that allows its guests to access streaming content from their own Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora accounts. The service is currently being trialled in eight...
    Pandora announces mobile update with new design, rolling out in beta now

    Pandora announces mobile update with new design, rolling out in beta for some now

    Pandora has announced the latest update to their mobile app, which they are releasing in beta form today. The update emphasizes greater personalization to the service. This will be serviced by a new design that places an emphasis on station management and artist discovery. The new design for...
    google glass

    Pandora Google Glass app lets users stream music to their eyewear

    Google has added support for the Pandora Internet radio service to Google Glass, enabling current owners to access streaming music and listen to it on their eyewear via a newly released MyGlass app. A quick post on the Google+ account for Google Glass stated: "Jump to one of your favorite...
    Pandora on Pebble

    Pandora control for Pebble comes to Android

    Just a few weeks back, Pebble users with iOS devices landed support for Pandora control, and today Android users join the fun as well. Pebble has announced today that Android users can now view and change stations, thumb songs up and down, skip, play and pause tracks. We heard about Pandora...

    Pandora for Android update brings Alarm Clock feature

    Wake up to your favorite Pandora stations Pandora has updated its Android app to finally give us the much-anticipated Alarm Clock feature. Pandora first announced the feature back in December, but unfortunately it was only available to iOS users at launch. Today it has updated the Android app to...
    Chromecast on Pandora

    Pandora now officially supports Chromecast

    What a difference a day can make, apparently. Just 24 hours after Pandora unveiled a new tablet design for its Internet radio app, it's flipped the switch on Chromecast support. The sharing icon (which I swear wasn't there yesterday when I was kind of going off on a rant) is now live, and it...

    Pandora updates UI for proper Android tablet design

    Pandora today updated its Android application to finally bring about a proper design for tablets.  The revamp smartly covers both portrait and landscape orientations, though the latter looks a little weird until you get two or three album covers onto the screen. No matter, though, it's absolutely...

    Pandora update adds sleep timer, Nissan car integration

    Streaming service also announces it will remove 40 hour mobile listening cap Sept. 1 Find yourself drifting off to sleep listening to your classical music station on Pandora every night? Well the latest version of the Pandora app has you covered. A new, and apparently highly-requested, feature...
    Pandora Lockscreen controls

    Pandora update adds lockscreen controls and a few visual tweaks

    Startup times also improved, along with the requisite 'bugfixes' The latest update to Pandora brings a couple of new features that users have been wanting for some time now -- lockscreen controls and improved playback display. The former is a very simple (and standard by now) set of controls...

    Pandora now using Play Store to manage One monthly subscriptions

    Pandora users wishing to upgrade from a free to paid account via the Android app can now manage their subscription directly in Google Play. Following a link in the settings of the app now takes you to a Play Store in-app purchase page to start the subscription. A Pandora One account will still set...

    Pandora launches fully in Australia and New Zealand

    Pandora has been trialing its service in Australia and New Zealand via a web-only trial, and now it has launched the service fully in both countries. Users down under can now sign up and have fully-functional Pandora accounts, including the apps on both Android and iOS. Pandora says that 75-...

    Pandora rolls out version 4.0 update with a new feature set

    We got a look at the press images of a new update to Pandora -- version 4.0 -- a couple weeks ago, and now it has finally gone live for everyone to get their hands on. The app got a pretty substantial UI facelift in the previous update, and now this one brings extra features to fill out the entire...
    New Pandora UI

    Pandora hits version 4.0 with completely new UI

    Pandora has actually undergone quite a bit of change lately. After making notable changes to the app's UI just over two months ago, Pandora has gone back to the drawing board yet again. The new version 4.0 UI is coming to both Android and iOS with a whole host of changes, although curiously the...
    Android Central

    Pandora update brings new UI

    Pandora has just released a much-welcomed update to its popular music app in the Google Play Store today. The update brings a completely refreshed and refined UI experience, that thankfully now follows Android 4.x guidelines, getting rid of the menu button and adding an overflow button on the...
    Pandora for Android

    No, Pandora's latest update doesn't refer to Jelly Bean or Key Lime Pie

    Oh, my, folks sure got themselves into a tizzy this afternoon, didn't they? See, the Android Pandora application got itself a sizable update today. And the third item in the changelog was (and still is) "Compatibility support for upcoming Android OS." ZOMG! A new, unannounced version of Android...
    Android Central

    Cadillac unveils its Cadillac CUE infotainment system; we take it for a spin

    Youtube link for mobile viewing Cadillac took the wraps off of its new Cadillac CUE infotainment system on Tuesday in San Diego. We're not, strictly speaking, looking at an Android product here. (Though it does run Linux, so that's close enough, right?) But it absolutely concerns your Android...


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