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    Minecraft Pocket Edition

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    • Vendor: Mojang
    • Version: Varies with device
    • Price: Free

    Minecraft, the multiplayer block-building game by Mojang, started life as a niche PC title in 2009 before becoming a global phenomenon across computers, consoles and mobile devices. The Android version of Minecraft, dubbed Minecraft Pocket Edition, debuted in 2011 on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, before being opened up to all Android devices through the Google Play Store.

    Minecraft allows players to create structures out of procedurally-generated landscapes, creating more powerful tools and harvesting resources as they go. Much of the gameplay is focused on destroying and placing blocks from a first-person perspective, though players must also protect themselves (and their creations) from enemies which spawn at night.

    The open-ended nature of Minecraft has made it hugely successful across multiple platforms, and the mobile version of the game is being regularly updated with new features, blocks and creatures from the full version.


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    Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition updated with new survival mode additions and split touch controls

    It hasn't been all that long since we last heard from the folks at Mojang but that doesn't mean they took a break from what they do best. In fact, a new update to Minescraft: Pocket Edition is now available for download and it brings some nice updates to the game. This release, introduces pigs...
    Android Central

    Minecraft Pocket Edition updated, brings long awaited survival mode

    Mojang's Minecraft Pocket Edition got itself its first major update which has finally brought with it the long awaited survival mode. Survival mode also gets day and night modes, with night bringing about the appearance of monsters. Besides survival mode, there's a selection of new blocks to...
    Android Central

    Google's 10-cent app sale part of 10 billion downloads promo

    Looks like Google's taken the lid off of this 10-cent app thing. The Android Market's now promoting 10 days of offers -- top premium apps -- 10 cents per app. Dive into that Market page and you see the "10 billion promo" page. That 10 billion's got to refer to app downloads -- a milestone if we've...
    Android Central

    A slew of popular apps suddenly are 10 cents in the Android Market

    Something interesting is going on in the Android Market this morning. A bunch of our favorite apps are suddenly going for a dime, with no real rhyme or reason for the discount. @dirkyd3rlc and @Pat_Huey on Twitter alerted us to SwiftKey and Minecraft on sale for 10 cents, and we've found others. (...
    Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    Android Game Review: Minecraft - Pocket Edition

    YouTube link for mobile viewing When Minecraft: Pocket Edition was announced as an exclusive for the Xperia Play, block-builders the world round collectively wept. How long would it be before we could all run from Creepers, beat up sheep for their wool, or build giant structures to worship your...
    Minecraft Pocket Edition

    Minecraft Pocket Edition now available in the Android Market for the Xperia Play

    Its been a long time coming but it's finally here for Sony Ericsson Xperia Play owners at least. Yes, Minecraft Pocket Edition has gone live in the Android Market and is now available for download. As noted on the Mojang blog: The first version (Alpha 0.1) will focus on the creative aspects of...
    Limited Edition Minecraft Xperia Play

    Limited Edition Minecraft Xperia Play for sale on eBay

    Looking for a collectors item to show off both your love for Minecraft and Android? Well, Mojang has just the thing to fill that void posted up on eBay for you. That is, if you have at minimum US $1,250. That's what the current bid is for the Limited Edition Xperia Play they are offering. That may...
    Mojang brings us the first video look at Minecraft for the Xperia Play

    Mojang gives a first video look at Minecraft for the Xperia Play

    Just the other day it was confirmed Mojang studios would be bringing its mobile version of Minecraft exclusively to the Xperia Play. Now, they've gone ahead an unleashed just a small taste of what is to be fully unveiled at this years E3 Expo taking place June 7-9, at the Los Angeles Convention...
    Minecraft on Android

    Xperia Play to see Minecraft before any other Android devices

    Big news for both the Xperia Play and its game lineup today, as Mojang studios unveiled that its  mobile version of Minecraft for Android devices will be heading exclusively to the Xperia Play. There's no timetable for how long Minecraft will only be on the Xperia Play, but the fact it landed such...
    Minecraft Lloyd

    Lloyd does Minecraft

    Is that not the coolest thing you've ever seen?Souce: @Enzofall

    Minecraft coming to Android devices

     Game developer Mojang recently revealed that Minecraft, its insanely popular sandbox building game, will be coming to mobile devices running Android and iOS. Mojang's Danial Kaplan said that the developer had considered delegating the mobile version of Minecraft to a third-party developer but...

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    Minecraft Pocket Edition