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    Minecraft, the multiplayer block-building game by Mojang, started life as a niche PC title in 2009 before becoming a global phenomenon across computers, consoles and mobile devices. The Android version of Minecraft, dubbed Minecraft Pocket Edition, debuted in 2011 on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, before being opened up to all Android devices through the Google Play Store.

    Minecraft allows players to create structures out of procedurally-generated landscapes, creating more powerful tools and harvesting resources as they go. Much of the gameplay is focused on destroying and placing blocks from a first-person perspective, though players must also protect themselves (and their creations) from enemies which spawn at night.

    The open-ended nature of Minecraft has made it hugely successful across multiple platforms, and the mobile version of the game is being regularly updated with new features, blocks and creatures from the full version.


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    Minecraft in VR

    Minecraft jumps into virtual reality on Samsung's Gear VR

    Microsoft-owned developer Mojang has released a version of its hit sandbox game Minecraft for the Samsung Gear VR headset. The game is now available to download from the headset's version of the Oculus Store. Mojang states: It has all the features of Pocket Edition, costs the same and...

    Realms support coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition, test it now on Android

    Mojang has revealed that one of the most popular features of the PC version of Minecraft, Realms, will soon be available for the Pocket and Windows 10 versions of the popular sandbox games. What is Realms? Mojang says: Minecraft Realms is the easiest way to play Minecraft together with your...
    Minecraft: Pocket Edition update heralds the arrival of Redstone, bunnies and more

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition update heralds the arrival of Redstone, bunnies and more

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition got a pretty substantial update today, bringing along the pretty major addition of Redstone, which lets you create complex, powered devices. The update also heralds the arrival of bunnies, desert temples, and much more. The full changelog is a bit long, but here are...
    Minecraft Story Mode

    The first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is out for Android

    One of the most popular games in the world, the sandbox game Minecraft, finally has a spin-off title. Developers Mojang and Telltale Games have released the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode for Android for $4.99. The game offers up a narrative set in the blocky and retro-graphics world...
    Minecraft: Pocket Edition picks up cross-platform play with Windows 10 version

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition picks up cross-platform play with Windows 10 version

    Mojang has released a pretty big update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition that brings some new features to the game, including cross-platform multiplayer with the Windows 10 Beta Edition and more. According to Mojang, here's what's new in Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android: Our latest free...

    First Minecraft: Story Mode details released, coming to Android later this year

    Alongside debuting the first trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode, Mojang has also used its Minecon 2015 showcase in London to detail what the game is actually all about. And it's certainly a half Minecraft, half Telltale sort of experience. The game will be coming to Android alongside Xbox One,...

    Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android uncovers infinite worlds in latest update

    Mojang has released a fairly substantial update for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, available for iOS and Android. This release focuses on adding more mobs, features and extended functionality, while also addressing the size of worlds and squashing any known bugs affecting the immersive...
    Minecraft creator sued for patent infringement in Android game

    Minecraft creator sued for patent infringement in Android game

    Uniloc, a patent protection company specializing in anti-piracy technologies, is suing Mojang, developer of Minecraft, for infringing on an Android-related patent called "System and Method for preventing unauthorized access to electronic data". It's basically a system for authenticating license...
    Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition updated with new survival mode additions and split touch controls

    It hasn't been all that long since we last heard from the folks at Mojang but that doesn't mean they took a break from what they do best. In fact, a new update to Minescraft: Pocket Edition is now available for download and it brings some nice updates to the game. This release, introduces pigs...
    Android Central

    Minecraft Pocket Edition updated, brings long awaited survival mode

    Mojang's Minecraft Pocket Edition got itself its first major update which has finally brought with it the long awaited survival mode. Survival mode also gets day and night modes, with night bringing about the appearance of monsters. Besides survival mode, there's a selection of new blocks to...
    Android Central

    Google's 10-cent app sale part of 10 billion downloads promo

    Looks like Google's taken the lid off of this 10-cent app thing. The Android Market's now promoting 10 days of offers -- top premium apps -- 10 cents per app. Dive into that Market page and you see the "10 billion promo" page. That 10 billion's got to refer to app downloads -- a milestone if we've...
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    A slew of popular apps suddenly are 10 cents in the Android Market

    Something interesting is going on in the Android Market this morning. A bunch of our favorite apps are suddenly going for a dime, with no real rhyme or reason for the discount. @dirkyd3rlc and @Pat_Huey on Twitter alerted us to SwiftKey and Minecraft on sale for 10 cents, and we've found others. (...



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